The Great Falling Away Today by Milton Green – Truth Teller

Milton only wrote one book – “The Great Falling Away Today” – which is available as a free download from the link at the foot of this page, or here:

The Great Falling Away Today

Also available on Youtube:

The Great Falling Away Today Audio

“A probing look at the spiritual condition of the body of Christ, examining the fortresses of Satan in believers’ own lives (greed, pride, selfishness and lust of the flesh) and shows the scriptural path to rejuvenation through repentance and holiness.”

Milton Green’s prophetic sermons are available on Sermonindex and Youtube, as are those of his wife, Joyce Green.  What Milton said in the early and mid-1980s, we need to hear today.  Then there were over 400 Christian denominations, now there are over 40,000.  Read the truth about why in “The Great Falling Away Today”.

Introduction to the Great Falling Away Today – by Mrs Milton (Joyce) Green

My husband, Milton Green, was very suddenly taken to be with the Lord on 14th October 1987. It was just over a year after he had completed the book, The Great Falling Away Today. So in a sense, this book is Milt’s last will and testament for the church of Jesus Christ, which he loved so very much.

We were all surprised by Milt’s death. He was so vibrantly alive! All those of us who knew and loved him thought he would always be part of our lives. But our loving Father had other plans, and He spoke a part of those plans to me the day after He took Milt home. He said, “I am going to use Milt to a far greater degree in his death than I used him during his life!” And this is certainly proving to be true.

The word that God gave Milt was so very controversial, just as it was to religion when Jesus spoke it. While Milt was here, men of religion and renown made him the object of the controversy. But now with Milt gone, they have to deal with the word that he spoke, instead of with him.

Another reason why I feel the Lord took him was this: Milt was so full of Jesus and so lovable, it was easy to make him the very thing he taught so vigorously against—a flesh king. He said over and over, “Don’t try to make me your king! I don’t want you!” And he truly didn’t want people to follow him—he had too much fear of God to willingly let that happen. So God protected him by taking him, and I have tried to protect him by not letting him be enshrined in any way, nor by letting yet another denomination be formed based upon his teachings. We esteem him for the Word’s sake, but only Lord Jesus Christ has the right to be King. He is the only One who died for us.

Milton never wanted to write a book. The president of the publishing house wrote Milton in 1985 and asked him if he would write a book. Milt’s response was, “As far as I am concerned, the Book has already been written! What do we need another one for?” He always felt that people read too many books, and didn’t spend enough time in the Bible. Then in 1986 as he was writing a Bible study, he realized he had more to say than for a Bible Study. Milt contacted the publisher again and asked him if he still wanted him to write a book. The publisher replied “All I know is that I was riding down the freeway and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to ask you to write a book.”

So in every sense, The Great Falling Away Today is a very supernatural book. God told the publisher it should be written; the Holy Spirit wrote it through Milt. Testimonies abound of the awesome works of repentance and enlightenment that God has done in thousands through this book.

So once again we present The Great Falling Away Today to you. It is, obviously, about how the church has fallen away from faith in God to many other things. One doesn’t have to be a deep theologian to discern that something is radically wrong with the church today. This was brought home to me in a thundering way recently. A ministry moved from one city to another a few months ago and eagerly sought out a church with which to be affiliated. They found the one that appeared most successful in their denomination, a large and growing church, that seemed to be alive.

After a very short time, they were shocked because the pastor was discovered to be having an affair— but he was having an affair with his associate pastor, a homosexual affair! That pretty well describes the condition of much of the so called church today—filled with adultery, perversion, love for the world and the things in the world— having a form of godliness, but denying the power that is inherent in true salvation to walk in holiness and righteousness.

People who truly love the Lord know that something is dreadfully wrong with today’s church! People who love religion will continue to defend what they call the church and will continue to persecute those who dare speak out against the perversion that is called “church.”

Meanwhile, Jesus Christ continues to build His church, and He continues to choose to use meek and humble vessels like Milt Green. Milt could have made some small changes in his message, just a little watering down of the Word, and he would have been accepted as part of a “big” ministry. But, like his Master, he chose to make himself of no reputation for the sake of presenting a pure, uncompromised word from God, which the true bride of Christ so desperately needs today.

I revised the book into the King James Version of the Bible in obedience to God. Dr. Frank Logsdon, Co-founder of the New American Standard Version, has renounced all attachment to it. I too have seen the many deletions and changes, and have found for my own personal study and teaching, there is a strong anointing on the King James Version, which gives understanding even to difficult words and passages.

So, just as Milton Green laid this book at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ, I do the same today with these revisions. I have made very minor changes, only to help the flow of words, never to change the content. I respect too much the way Milt was able to hear the Holy Spirit to make other changes.

Sometimes the book seems to move slowly, and there is much seeming redundancy, but I know the Holy Spirit was speaking the same message over and over to His Church in this manner. I know if you will persevere with The Great Falling Away Today, letting the Holy Spirit bring repentance as you go along, you will come to the end of it with a heart that has been cleansed, with greater spiritual understanding, and a heart determined to “FOLLOW THE LAMB WHEREVER HE GOES!”

Mrs. Milton (Joyce) Green

Milton Green Video Testimony


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  1. dk stanley says:

    Thank you for helping introduce Milton Green to others. I bought his book on Amazon today, but would like to have the e-version. Will you post the download link, please?

  2. John says:


    I was hoping that you would consider posting or emailing your thoughts on how our bibles, concordances, our bodies, geography, and more…are changing in real time and ostensibly on a molecular level.

    A phenomenon known as the Mandela effect, which seems to be realized though technology i.e. Cern, AI, block chain, and Dwave computers. Lying signs and wonders and the strong delusion.

    Thank you

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