Deliverance Prayer To Break Witchcraft and Mind Control Programming

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13 Responses to Deliverance Prayer To Break Witchcraft and Mind Control Programming

  1. HUW THOMAS says:

    I clicked on the link and was met with dozens of “glamour” photos of a woman. I’m sure there is nothing that she has to say that I would need or want to hear. There would also be nothing that I would say that she could hear.

    • We found this deliverance prayer worked well. Any believer (even some who believe in false doctrine) can say deliverance prayers for themselves and others, even glamorous women….

    • Han says:

      What photos? I only see one video. Or are you against the fact a woman is praying? Please remember Christ Himself told Mary to go tell the others (including the brothers!) He was risen and He commissioned the woman at the well to preach to her village about Him. He even honoured her preaching by visiting her village.

  2. Annette says:

    This is a powerful prayer. I could feel God’s power increase in me as I received this prayer. Thank you.

  3. Rosie says:

    Hello, I need help, how can I contact the woman giving this prayer? thank you

    • Truth in Reality says:

      Melodie had a Youtube channel called “Unforgettable Love” but doesn’t seem to be there anymore or she may have changed the identity of her channel. If you need help with deliverance, you could use the contact form on this page.

    • farida says:

      hellow .i need help .my son has gone mad he is possed with demons

      • Firstly, go to God in prayer and ask him for help in the name of Jesus.

        Renunciation prayers are excellent in a situation like this. Start with the prayer against generational iniquity which can be found here.

        If you know that there is some particular form of idolatry in your family, such as freemasonry, or catholicism, you could say the specific prayer for that. However most everyone has this in their family line going back ten generations, so you could say the prayers anyway. They can’t hurt and they may even help a lot. They are long but as they are a form of repentance, only need to be said once. Also, for a woman these prayers are more effective with the head covered.

        As mother and as a believer, you can take authority to command the demons to leave in the name of Jesus. However depending on how they got there and what ‘rights’ they have to be there, whether generational or whatever, it is not necessarily or even likely to be so easy and more measures will be necessary. Remember demons are bullies and may be there just because they can.

        If you study the Bible and learn about spiritual warfare you will be able to build a hedge of protection around your family and the demons will eventually be forced to leave – which they are loathe to do unless they have to – because it will be impossible for them to say. Ephesians 6 which talks about the armour of God is a good place to start.

        Check your home, garden, garage and business for cursed objects against the occult and cursed objects list on this site and remove anything which appears on the list and anything else you believe may be providing a portal for them or a demonic doorway. Computer games and films can be quite bad in this respect.

        Please contact us again if there is anything else you need to know.

      • sarah hodgins says:

        Farida, are you Christian?

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  5. Alexis Bell says:

    Thank you so much for this. I have been searching for months for something like this. I thank God I came across this. God Bless you in the great works and prayer for others. I hope to be able to help someone get through this like others have helped me. God bless you sister in Christ. Hallelujah praise God, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Amen Shalom

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