Ecumenism and New World Order

Let us first consider what is meant by the word “Ecumenical” or “Ecumenism.”  Few examine its true meaning; most assume that it is about mutual love and union amongst professing Christian churches and believers.  Yet the word is derived from the Greek word “oikoumene” which means “world” or “earth” in English.  Thus we see that the Ecumenical Movement is a “world” movement.  It is about creating a one-world government and religion, and is another version of the New World Order of the Occult.  Just like with Freemasonry, and the New Age, the ordinary followers of the Ecumenical Movement have no idea of the movement’s true aims and sinister connections.  It is dressed up in a façade of Christianity, so as to deceive.

The Ecumenical Movement in reality seeks the union of all religions, and not only Christian denominations.  A current example of this is the European Union’s “Soul for Europe” project.  The idea that all religions, including Christianity each have an element of the truth, originated with Gnosticism, and has since been carried forward by Freemasonry.  Like all of the most insidious errors, they are based on a half-truth.  As we have shown, in previous chapters the occult religions, Paganism, Islam, Romanism, and Eastern Mysticism are all ultimately derived from the religion of Babylon.  They therefore have a spiritual basis for unity, but this is to be found in the false religion of Nimrod and the Mysteries.  The union spoken of by the Ecumenical Movement is not one in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Globalism in the USA

A number of authors trace the current movement for a global government and a single world religion to illuminated Freemasonry.  We have looked at how European and American Freemasonry united under Pike and Mazzini in 1870.  Since this time illuminized Freemasonry has grown considerably in influence within the USA.  Its control is not open, for that would alarm the population at large, but is exercised behind the scenes.  One method is through Masonic connections; for example, most US presidents or their vice-presidents have been Freemasons.  Another powerful method is through endowed formulations, which have been set up by wealthy industrialists who were key figures in the Occult.  These foundations have shaped much of US education and social policies [social programming/mind control] and have consistently provided the advisors and key officials to the US administration.  The foremost of these is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Another key organisation is the Federal Reserve System founded in 1913, contrary to popular opinion it is not a state owned bank that controls the US dollar.  It is in fact a privately owned bank, largely controlled by illuminated Freemasonry.

Thus the heart of the US economy and administration is linked to the Occult and Freemasonry.  These measures have been brought in step by step.  Those congressmen who have sought to expose the undermining of US democracy have been shut out of the media; for indeed these same interests have also gained control of the media.  A number of key campaigners within Congress against globalism have also died in strange circumstances, just as they were exposing the power and influence of the secret societies.

The US people elect presidents and congressmen, but behind the scenes the policies of globalism are subtly advanced, regardless of who is in power.  However, the main hindrance to their purposes is the US constitution; which the globalists would dearly love to amend to their advantage.

It is of note that the Masonic promoters of globalism at the end of the 19th Century were linked to associates of Westcott, Hort and Blavatsky.  There was a network of occultists in high places, including senior Anglicans and Balfour, the British prime minister.  After the major success for the Occult in the formation of the Federal Reserve, the next enterprise was too ambitious. This was the formation of the League of Nations in New York after the First World War, as a prototype world government. However, the US Congress rejected membership; the absence of the USA and the growing contempt shown by Fascist regimes in Europe led to the downfall of the League of Nations.  This is another example of how the different proponents of the New World Order have opposed and fought each other.  In this we can trace the Lord’s sovereign hand.  He has in mercy set bounds upon Satan and his agents.  The Lord often preserves his people and the cause of the Gospel by turning the counsels of the ungodly into confusion.  However we shall say more of this at the end of the next chapter.

Following the defeat of Hitler in 1945, a further attempt at a prototype world government, in the form of the United Nations.  Finance and support for the creation of the United Nations in New York was provided by leading Masonic figures.  The United Nations has ever since been significantly influenced by globalism and the Occult.

Kah exposes a series of interlinked organisations, such as the Club of Rome and the Bilderbergers, that stem from illuminized Freemasonry.  These span many nations, and each has its specific world region in which to pursue the globalist agenda.  Through the power of international banks, multinational corporations and non-government organisations, the sovereignty of nations has been weakened and their leaders constrained to follow the globalist agenda.  The overall plan involves dividing the world into ten regions.  This exactly reflects the ancient plan stemming from the Mysteries to recreate the system of ten kingdoms of the legendary Atlantis.  As we noted, it is an attempt to recreate that evil society that the Lord destroyed in the Flood recorded in Genesis.

The New Age

Alongside the growth in political and financial power of globalism, there was a steady promotion of occult teaching.  Key organisations in this were Freemasonry and Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society.  In about 1920, Alice Bailey, one of Blavatsky’s successors, established the “Lucifer Press” to promote the blasphemous worship of Lucifer, the supposed enlightener of mankind.  In the wake of public scandal, it was later renamed to the less obvious “Lucis Trust”.  Kah reveals that the Lucis Trust has now achieved significant influence within the US government and the United Nations.

It is from the interlinked occult organisations of Theosophy and Freemasonry that the New Age movement appeared in the late 1970s.  Despite the name there is nothing new in its teaching, but it is a relaunching of the Occult, witchcraft and Eastern mysticism under an appealing name.  The concept of the New Age comes from Freemasonry.  This is best exemplified by the 33rd Degree Masons’ publication entitled the “New Age Magazine.”  Again, the name of this publication has since been changed, so as to conceal the connection between Freemasonry and the New Age.

A key feature of the movement is the belief that the coming of the new millennium would usher in the “New Age.”   Much of the current pressure to change the established order of the new millennium is a device to make people believe that change must be for the better, and thereby be willing to accept the New World Order.

The god of the New Age (i.e. Lucifer) is the supposed illuminator of mankind, and is taught to be a “force” that can be used for good or evil.  Lucifer is regarded as having a dark and a light side.  Therefore, the contrast of black and white forms a common theme for secret symbols of the New Age.

Within the New Age Movement it is believed that man can communicate and draw power from the spirit world, and step outside the limitations of the human body.  The New Age is seen as a step in man’s evolutionary development towards mastering the spiritual dimension.  The greatest spiritual power is seen as being available when mankind around the world is united and one with nature.  New Age teaching denies a personal and sovereign God.  Man is not accountable, and there is no ultimate arbiter of what is right or wrong, apart from oneself; for it is believed, like in Freemasonry, that man can become god.

Altered States of Consciousness

The New Age Movement displays one of the prime features of the Occult, namely, entering into what are termed “altered states of consciousness.”  This is the means by which communication is made with the spirit world and the full power of the “force” becomes available.  It goes without saying that this is witchcraft and necromancy (dealing with the dead), a terrible sin in God’s sight.  We must briefly, yet carefully, consider how these altered states of consciousness are attained to.  It is shocking to find that these methods appear in everyday life today, disguised as supposedly innocent activities.

Firstly, there are various forms of meditation.  In these the mind is emptied and made pliable to receive communication from seducing spirits.  In Transcendental Meditation a mantra may be repeated in Sanskrit to “the shining one” or Lucifer.  Many of these and other forms of meditation, such as Yoga, are put forward as harmless and not religious.  However, one only has to read Hunt to find terrifying accounts of demonic possessions that has arisen from Transcendental Meditation.  Many have been led by seducing spirits into committing suicide, who have suggested to their victims that it is time for them to enter into the next stage of their evolution upwards into a higher plain of development.  This is the basis for the famous mass suicides of various cults.  The prevalence of the occult form of meditation, rather than the Christian meditation on the Lord Jesus Christ and the blessed works of God, is alarmingly common today.

Another method of entering an altered state of consciousness is hypnosis.  Both hypnosis and meditation in different guises are used in alternative medicine.  Hypnosis is very dangerous, as it is a technique by which others can be influenced and made susceptible to the power of seducing spirits.  We have mentioned on several occasions the connection between the Jesuits and this type of occult practice; Loyola being a master in these black arts.  There is evidence that these techniques were used by Hitler to gain the remarkable influence he held over people.  The hand of the Jesuits in spiritism, Voodoo, hypnosis and psychology is a frightening example of the powers of darkness in positions of authority within the Church of Rome.

Rhythmic drumming, a feature of many tribal acts of occult worship and witchcraft, is another means of entering an altered state of consciousness.  Rock music has widely introduced this to countless millions of people today.  Closely related to this are the use of drugs to achieve an altered state of consciousness.  Pop music, drugs and meditation are an everyday feature of our evil generation, and are linked to the New Age Movement.

Let us consider the remarkable effect and hold that the television has over people.  The combination of colour pictures, sounds and background music all combine to transfix the view.  The television essentially uses the principles of hypnosis.  It also bears more than a passing resemblance to the use of sound and lights in the ceremonies of the Mysteries and the Jesuit initiation of the Spiritual Exercises.  It is therefore no surprise to find that Rome and the Jesuits have extensive influence over the media and television.  Likewise, Kah reports extensive control of the media by the Masonic advocates of the New World Order.  Therefore, Christians are strongly advised to rid their homes of the television.  It brings spiritual deadness into the soul and is a means of subtly introducing into the family error and a delight for sin.  Likewise, the greatest caution is needed when permitting computers or the internet into the home.  Many, both young and old, are snared with fruitless time-wasting searches, whilst others are caught up with the unspeakable filth that is readily available on the internet at the click of a button.


The New Age principle of striving to attain a new higher spiritual development is connected to the Theory of Evolution.  Both are derived from the doctrine of reincarnation of Eastern Mysticism.  The advancement of the scientifically absurd Theory of Evolution, and the systematic silencing of almost all reasoned objections against it, are signs of the power of the New Age, and indeed before it, of illuminated Freemasonry.  Thus we see this God-dishonouring theory is straight from the Occult; it is another attack on the Genesis account of creation and the fall of man.  It is also no coincidence that the Pope likewise advocates the Theory of Evolution.

One of the proponents of Evolution in the 20th century is also regarded as a key figure in setting forth New Age thinking.  This man was Teilhard de Chardin.  His methods were far from honest, as he was closely associated with the fraudulent discovery and promotion of the Piltdown Man, a supposed ancestor of man.  This faked set of bones was instrumental in advancing Evolution to an almost unassailable position in public education and science.  Nevertheless, a generation later it was revealed as a hoax, yet the theory it supported has remained a dogma within society.  Yet who was Teilhard de Chardin, a philosopher much beloved of the New Age?  Let the reader note that Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit priest!

Another aspect of New Age teaching is the belief in the oneness of nature, of which humans are part.  This concept of unity with nature is expressed in the worship of Gaia, who is the “Mother Goddess” or “Mother Earth”.  Gaia is yet another form of Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod.  From this stems a worship of the creation, rather than the Creator, and a religious zeal to preserve nature.  Hence, it is no surprise to find that the Green Movement is linked to the New Age.  Although many of the environmental causes are just, the connections with the Occult mean that Christians are well advised to avoid the Green Movement.

Alternative Medicine and the Occult

A further belief of the New Age and the Occult is that mysterious and non-physical forces can be manipulated to effect healing.  This is seen today is holistic medicine (“holistic” refers to the treatment of the whole person: mind, body and spirit).  Examples of holistic medicine are homeopathy, reflexology and crystal healing.  Hunt says, “We can only recommend the trend towards better nutrition and away from the over-subscription of drugs.  However, through its reliance upon the mysterious, non-physical forces for holistic purposes, Western health care has been invaded by the Occult.

The author has no objection to traditional and well-tested herbal remedies, when used under medical direction and advice.  However, the reader should be warned that behind many branches of alternative medicine lie the principles of Transcendental Meditation and reliance on the spirit world for healing.  Hunt quotes advocates of holistic medicine, who openly state that it is a modern form of witchcraft.

Many readers may be shocked by the reference above to the popular practice of homeopathy.  Despite the belief by many Christians that homeopathy is benign, an examination of its origins show it to be yet another example of how the Occult puts forward a pleasing façade to deceive the unwary.  The founder of homeopathy was the German mystic physician Hahnemann.  Hahnemann was a Freemason and deeply influenced by the Occult, including the techniques of Mesmer, the founder of mesmerism and hypnosis.  Hahnemann lived between 1755 and 1843; thus making him a contemporary of Weishaupt.

Let us be clear, homeopathy is quite distinct from herbal medicine.  In homeopathy the ingredient is repeatedly diluted, until no molecule of the original agent remains.  The process of dilution and shaking of homeopathic medicines is referred to by Hahnemann as the “ritual of potentiation”.  Hahnemann said of this: “The healing power is coming from cosmic power transferred to the remedy through the ritual of potentiation.”  This “power” is also called the “vital force,” which is a supposedly divine and living force existing in all creation.  This manipulation of the “force” is straight from occult philosophy.  Therefore, it is no surprise that homeopathy forms part of the New Age movement.

It is important to realise that the promotion of “Heath Foods” and natural remedies is frequently used as an entry point for the Occult and the New Age Movement.  The unsuspecting Christian or unbeliever may be lured into something plausible and seemingly harmless.  Many are justifiably unhappy with the abuses of modern medicine and the unhealthy aspects of modern eating habits.  However, behind the pleasing façade lies the Luciferian doctrine of the Occult.  Step by step people are led deeper into these dark teachings.  Christians are solemnly warned to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

Destruction of the Family

From the earliest days, the Biblical principle of marriage and the family established in the Garden of Eden has been under attack from the Babylonian Mysteries.  The gross immorality of the Mysteries and the Occult strike at the sanctity of marriage.  New Age teaching has introduced countless young people into immoral and unseemly relationships.  Kah and others have traced the perversion and manipulation of the education system, so as to influence children and teachers, back to the forces of globalism and Freemasonry.

The destruction of the family was proposed by Plato in his Communist Republic of ancient Greece.  Generally there have been few in recent generations who have been so bold as Plato.  However, in the 20th century there has been remorseless underhand pressure to separate parents from their children, so as to replace the scriptural responsibility of married parents with the responsibility of the state for bringing up children.  This is primarily achieved through pressuring mothers into work, which in turn is assisted by enticing young people into debt and expensive lifestyles before they have children.  Thus many married couples are unprepared to bring up children on the father’s income alone.  This is backed up by the state encouraging parents to give up children at an ever earlier age for pre-school groups and nurseries.  Thus the child’s bond to its parents is weakened in its formative years.

At the other end of schooling, young people are increasingly pushed into extended periods of further education, rather than going into work.  The temptation for loose living and getting into debt then ensnare many students. Let us note the similarity with the Jesuits of Poland, who kept children in education as long as possible, so they could best mould their young minds.  May Christians search their Bibles and seek to find grace to walk in God’s commands, rather than bowing to the fashions and pressures of this present evil generation.

Rome’s Links to the New Age

We now come towards the end of this chapter and would seek to conclude with the common thread that runs through the Ecumenical Movement and the New Age; namely, the links with the Church of Rome and the Jesuits.  We will firstly note that many leading figures in the USA connected with illuminized Freemasonry and the New Age mentioned by Kah and Still, are also named quite independently by Manhattan in his investigation into the enormous influence of the Vatican.  This should come as no surprise given the role of the Jesuits behind the Illuminati.  Secondly we will briefly mention another common denominator, namely the Charismatic Movement.

One of the principal bridges in the last 40 years between the Church of Rome and Protestant denominations has been the Charismatic Movement.  This is because the same supposed gifts of the Spirit have appeared across the religious divide.  Many have seen this as a sign that God is working in both, and is calling for union.  However, Rivera states that the Charismatic Movement has been a device of the Jesuits to undermine Protestant churches and to bring about union with Rome.  Rivera also concludes that the power of the Charismatic healers in the Church of Rome are using the “force” of the Occult.  One prime example is Kathryn Kuhlman, who has been widely revered by professing Christians.  However, she was both a hypnotist and a secret agent of the Church of Rome.

Hunt provides independent evidence of the similarities between the teaching and practices of many of the current American Charismatic leaders and the New Age.  De Semlyen and Riplinger also show that the Church of Rome has common links to the Ecumenical, New Age and Charismatic Movements.  Apart from direct claims of infiltration by Rome and the Jesuits, there are many signs that these movements have a common direction, which is to raise the Pope to be the head of a world religion.

Further independent confirmation is provided by Cathy O’Brien, who gives an eyewitness testimony of the Jesuits’ hand in attempts to implement the evil principles of the New World Order in the USA.  Having been brought up as a Romanist, she gives an extremely disturbing account of how she was manipulated by techniques of mind control for the vile gratification of those in positions of power.  She gives numerous references to the influence of the Jesuits.

In response to this tide of evil, let us turn to the word of God in the Bible as our infallible guide.  The errors of the New Age and the Charismatic Movement involve trusting in experiences of mysterious spiritual forces, without trying the spirits against the testimony of God.  However, we must beware which “Bible” we turn to.  Riplinger concludes that all the modern versions are biased (to a greater or lesser degree) towards New Age teaching, being corrupted with the leaven of Westcott and Hort.  They systematically undermine the doctrine of the Trinity and the deity of Jesus Christ.  Rome likewise has its hand in these Ecumenical versions of the Bible.

The ultimate aim is a “Bible” for the New Age, so that when professed Christians read these perverted Bibles, they will be led to think they are being faithful to God; whereas in reality they are led to follow the Pope and the New Age religion of Lucifer.  As with the Babylonian Mysteries, Satan and God will have been subtly and blasphemously interchanged.  Let us therefore hold fast to the faithful Authorised Version of the Bible, which makes plain the destruction of Lucifer and truly glorifies Jesus Christ as the eternal son of God.

Excerpts from the book “Mystery, Babylon The Great” by I.A. Sadler

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