Prayer to Restore a Fragmented Soul

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I break all bondages over my conscious and unconscious mind. I send out God’s angels to gather all portions of my mind that have been affected by witchcraft, Communism, Masonry, any occult or witchcraft practices, false religions, demonic music, drugs and by any other means, to be restored to me now. (Ps 23:3; 7:1;35:15; Job 33:10; Eze 13:17).

Heavenly Father, I break and renounce all evil soul ties I have ever had or may have had. [Name any Masonic lodges, adulterers, close friends, ex-spouses, cults, binding agreements between buddies, etc.]. I renounce all evil soul ties, break them and declare them destroyed by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus Christ I now renounce, break and loose myself from all demonic subjection to my mother, father, grandparents or any other human being, living or dead, who has dominated me in any way which is contrary to the will of God. I thank you Lord Jesus, for setting me free.

I command all demons to be bound and cast out. I ask you, Heavenly Father to send angels to uncoil, untangle, dig out, break, sever off and remove all demons and demonic roots. Also all fetters, bands, ties, bonds, coils, tangles, serpents, cords in Jesus name.

Father I ask that the angels gather and restore the fragments of my soul (mind, will and emotions) to their rightful place in me. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I ask for angels to unearth and break all earthen vessels, cut bonds, bands and bindings that have been put upon my soul, willingly or without my knowledge.

I ask that the angels free my soul from all bondages by whatever means is required. I agree and declare, Father, that the power of the Lord Jesus Christ is all powerful and effective to do this. I ask this that my soul might fully magnify and glorify the Lord.

Alternative or Additional Prayer

“Father, I ask You in the Name of Jesus Christ to send out angels to gather up the fragments of my soul and restore them to their rightful place in me (Psalm 7:2, 23:3).

With the full power and authority of the Lord Jesus, I ask that angels unearth and break all earthen vessels, bonds, bands or bindings which have been put upon my soul by any means.

Restore all the pieces of my fragmented mind, will, emotions, appetite, intellect, heart, and personality. Bring them all into proper and original positions where they belong. In Jesus’ Name.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command Satan and all of his demons to loose my mind completely. I ask You, Father to send Your angels to break, cut and sever all fetters, bands, chains, ties and bonds of whatever sort the enemy has managed to place on my mind by word or deed.

I ask You to loose into me and my family the spirits of the Lord: Wisdom, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, Fear of the Lord, Power, Love, Sound Mind, Grace, Peace and the Spirit of the Lord.

Thank You, Father, for delivering me.


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16 Responses to Prayer to Restore a Fragmented Soul

  1. bron says:

    powerful prayer.i felt a brick dislodge in my inward glad Our Lord is gentle with me because the world certainly isn’t….thankyou

  2. James says:

    I would like to ask a question. I have been praying and calling unto angels to remove dark entities. I have a feeling of an opening on my forehead and something pulling some of energy from it. What would make of it.

    • Donna Logan says:

      Dear lord take this pain of of love I feel for Erik natnz. Please help me if you have guided us together for a purpose and a reason then please guide both of us to be together if he my soul mate please protect my children from all evil and if my marriage is meant to end help me end it but if I am meant to wile it put help me. Forgive me for all my sins oon. Gen name if Jesus Christ. Amen amen Come to me angels and guide me

    • BuckWild says:

      Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t ask anyone but Jesus Christ or our Father for their assistance. And allow them to delegate their authority as they see fit. There is only one name that holds all the power in the universe and you have direct access to Him.

      way, truth and life = Jesus Christ

    • Marianne says:

      It is your spiritual eye opening up the connection to God

    • Katherine says:

      Sounds like witchcraft (new age) if you ever participated in any witchcraft or new age stuff you may have opened what they call shakras and it’s said to be 3rd eye in the forhead.
      Do not call upon angels to help u. Call upon Jesus. If he wants to send angels he will. We aren’t supposed to to.
      Repent for allowing in witch craft in ur life and then bind, break and cast out the spirit of witchcraft. Ask the Lord to cut off all access to ur mind or any shakras and to close and seal the 3rd eye.

  3. Thinta says:

    I receive the powerful prayer in jesus name amen

  4. Tammy says:

    Beautiful!!! Peace,love and joy to all. May we rid of all evil on this earth with the divine love of God amen.

  5. Sidney says:

    God is so good i pray that we all be free and rid of any and all dark entities. Any thing that is not of God the father. God is Love and he made us in his image so to truly love is to know him and I love you all and pray that your bodies, mind, will, and emotions are restored and healed in the name of Jesus Christ. I plead the blood Jesus over all of you who’s reading this and just know whatever giant your facing stay still and let the fight your battle and know that it will pass and you will smile and laugh again. Joy comes in the morning! Its always darkest before the dawn.

  6. Bongi says:

    Thank you. This helped a lot

  7. chibuike bethel o says:

    Lord deliver me from witchcraft manipulation, and I was deceive by a false prophet who lad an evil and Dominic foundation on my behalf ignorantly to me I have been subjected, fragmented I can’t sleep in the night my business is falling every day. Oh lord of host deliver my soul and give me directions I want serve you JESUS FOREVER

  8. Marc says:

    Perhaps you should give the credits to whom it belongs. This is from Win Worley. Its not oke to use this without crediting the one who fought for it.

    • If we knew this prayer was by Win Worley, we would have put his name on it as we have other prayers and such. We have no shortage of original material and no interest in acclaim or cash. Likely it was posted somewhere without its credit, as it was here.

      Win Worley is long gone and when good Christians do things, surely they do them to help others, to the glory of God and to lift the name of Jesus on high, not to exalt their own name.

      Seriously, in this world where the most terrible things are happening right now, do you really have nothing more important to complain about?

  9. Joy Yireh Hul'dah says:

    Can I get it on pdf, please.

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