WARNING! Greatest Attack on Christianity Since Apostolic Times!

What on earth is going on in the Christian church?  To begin with, I would like to recount an experience I had.  One evening I was walking past a church meeting.  My attention was drawn by a strange singing. I looked in through a large window, and saw the room inside was darkened and the lights had been turned down.

I saw many people holding hands in circles, their faces turned upwards, and the singing sounded like a form of chanting yet I could not discern any words.  They seemed to be in a kind of meditation or trance.  The experience was such that it left me shaken and disturbed for many weeks afterwards.

I could not understand how such radical changes in Christian worship could have occurred in so short a space of time.  Later on, it suddenly hit me.  I had seen all of this before.  What I had witnessed was a new form of spiritisma kind of New Age Christian séance meeting.  Now I understood why the participants seemed to be under the influence of a kind of possession producing forms of altered states of consciousness.

The realisation of this was a great shock to me.  In a flash, I saw the means by which the Enemy was deceiving so many, many people.  And this Enemy was alive and thriving in so-called Christian churches.  A horrific conspiracy had been revealed.  The wolves in sheep’s clothing had been welcomed inside.  Woe to the flock!

The False Revival in the Churches is the Great Falling Away in Disguise!

To protect yourself:

(1)    Do not enter into any churches which are under the influence of these spirits of deception, putting yourself in great danger.

(2)    Do not join in, in any way, to these proceedings, opening yourself up to forms of demonic attack.

(3)   Do not allow anyone to lay hands on you or to hold hands, or any other physical contact.  Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.” (1 Tim 5:22)

(4)    Have no one pray with you or for you.  I have felt these occult powers reaching out for me, even when at home, but the spirit of God shielded me.

(5)   Do not join in with wordly or occultic New Wave/New Age (including Hillsong) so-called Christian worship music.  Much of which has nothing to do with the worship of the Father but is to do with the worship of another god.

(6)    Do not buy or read any of their literature or listen to the repackaged lies of the poisonous forked-tongue serpent of Genesis 3 – god of the New Age apostasy.

(7)   Do witness to them and against them.  Remember, one Christian soldier armed with truth is stronger than a thousand deceived apostates.

The flock was purchased with the precious blood of the Lamb.  He alone is Lord of All.  By His blood and the word of our testimony, we can overcome the deceptions of the Deceiver, and the deadly delusions of the doctrines of demons.

Keep close to the Cross.  Stay in the light of His Word.  Pray in the spirit always.  More and even greater deceptions than the one described above are coming.  Beware of the coming of the great miracles which will tempt even the strongest in faith.


Richard Jon
The Christian Underground 

About Truth in Reality

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5 Responses to WARNING! Greatest Attack on Christianity Since Apostolic Times!

  1. Denise Rittler says:

    Wow, what a great and very helpful article! I have a loved one in IHOP, and she seems like she’s in a trance often. She’s into “prophetic worship”. This article confirmed what God was telling my heart, that this is a false gospel. They play songs and sing the same words over and over for 15 minutes. I said “Worship is a form of prayer and Jesus said not to pray in repetition”. She is locked in to this strange, weird group, very controlling. Thanks for this insightful article.

  2. I agree that this is an excellent article! Is it no wonder that more people have not commented here? The majority of people CHOOSE to follow the sensual, make me happy and feel good tell me a lie teachings. I find it so discouraging and depressing that more people are not seeking the truth.

    If anyone knows how I can get connected with a underground Christian group for fellowship, especially a group where I live, then please contact me.

    • Jayane says:

      Ask the Lord to lead and direct you to the Christian group that He has chosen for you. Wait upon Him and He will renew your strength. Trust in Him and lean not on your own understanding. He will lead you to all truths.

  3. seashores says:

    Prophesies of Revelation; Maybe your spirit is not in tune with His Spirit. If you are a true christian, and you had asked the Lord to guide you in a certain area of your life, I’m absolutey sure He answered you, He may have wanted you to wait, maybe He knew what you asked Him was not His plan for you at that time or anytime. Or maybe He wants to use you, just where you are. You are not wiped out of existance because didn’t you write this comment? So you are alive, thank God for life, it is a gift. He gave you God Bless you!

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