An Honest Discussion on Prayer

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Renunciation Prayers can help to give deliverance and break curses. These prayers are said to renounce personal and generational inquity (sin and the results of sin). They are widely accepted by Christian deliverance ministries as a helpful form of repentance (godly sorrow and grief) and asking God for forgiveness.

Some of the prayers are long but they only need to be said once. It is usually nor possible to know all the details of generational iniquity in a family line going back four, or some say ten generations (some say back to Adam and Eve) which extends to all immediate family, even uncles and aunts. It can do no harm to say any or all of the prayers even when it is not known whether they apply or not. In particular, it can be helpful to say the prayers for Freemasonry, Catholicism, the Occult, etc. whether they are known to apply or not, as these were common practices often kept secret even from immediate family.

Feedback from people’s experiences with these prayers is almost exclusively positive. People have said things like reciting the words of the prayer has helped to bring it home to them what they have done wrong and why it was wrong. As the prayers are Bible based, are said in the name of Jesus, and are only said once, it seems highly unlikely they would do any harm. Whereas they can help in sometimes dire situations, to break curses and get deliverance from the demonic.

Renunciation prayers can be found on this site or elsewhere on the internet for just about anything. For example, any mistakes we have made, such as having believed in false Christian doctrine or having followed false teachers. Following the basic formula, prayers can easily be written or adapted to suit.

Pray everything addressed to God, our Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus. The Lord’s Prayer was given to us in scripture by Jesus as an example of a form of prayer that can be said daily. What the Bible Says about Prayer

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2 Responses to An Honest Discussion on Prayer

  1. Ian Maw says:

    Praying against the above issues specially to do with ancestral curses is simpler than the article describes. The article leans on forms and tradition a little bit.
    The pursuit of the victory over sin is the right attitude to seeking our Lord who answers prayer. If the prayer is not a form and is in line with the will of God`s law then it is then that we practise the believing bit and actually have faith in the Lord`s unseen moves or works and give thanks and praise for what he is about to do is most pleasing to Him. Especially for healing of demonic activity. Curses should not carry any credibility to any Bible believing Christian unless forms and tradition play a role in ones faith. If not then fasting combined is more potent. The prayers of the righteous will avail much in support of the prayer issue. Tradition and forms also put our God in a box and it is impossible to please Him this way. Also steer well away from tradition or techniques which are a form, or go into contemplative exercises which is worse.

    • Lucia says:

      Shalom, some new believers need guidance and support, having written prayers just helps and encourage. It has helped me and I am sure that The Lord Jesus Christ understands when we pray with our heart. I have been to many deliverance meetings and witnessed the power of prayer and believers set free from demons. It is not tradition it is praying in the Spirit, blessings to all.

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