Prayer to Renounce The Possession of Cursed Objects

Lord, I come to you about cursed objects and any demon infestation in my possessions and home.  I ask your forgiveness for having any such items in the precious name of Jesus.  I  understand that this is idolatry.

I forgive my ancestors, descendants and others who have had spiritual influence over me.   I ask you to forgive and bless them, especially with salvation in the name of Jesus. Please forgive me and I forgive myself for spiritual adultery.

I forgive those who have cursed me; forgive me for cursing others. I break the curses and demonic soul ties including spiritism, and psychic and Catholic prayers, in the name of Jesus.

I commit to cleaning out my home and workplace of any cursed objects or symbols.  I will drive the evil spirits out of the house in the name of Jesus.  Please show me cursed objects, or symbols, or demon infestation and spirits that need to be cast out.  In the precious name of your son, Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for delivering me.


Go through your home, garden, garage, workplace, and car, carefully checking for items and symbols against a comprehensive cursed objects list such as the one available on this blog. Generally it’s a good idea to go through this list on several separate occasions, as it is easy to miss things and usually more will be found each time as knowledge and perception has increased.

Please note: demons will try in various ways to stop you doing this as they are well aware that this will remove licence rights and close demonic doorways.

The Occult and Cursed Objects List

Cursed objects ought to be disposed of but never sold or given away as any curse would be passed on.

It is best to go through your home, office, garden, garage and transport with the list several times to finally remove every last item. Include jewellery, clothes and literature, and search for patterns and symbols in home decor and storage items such as tins, kitchen items, etc.

For example, paisley patterns (the swirly shape is representative of the eye of horus) and fleur de lys symbols (an ancient symbol used in black magic and freemasonry) in patterns on fabric or elsewhere, like hidden hexagrams and skulls, a hidden 666. This can be very cleverly done and the writer had a tradecraft type lamp given as a present for years not realizing that the pattern was 666.

It doesn’t make any difference whether you know the cursed objects are there or not, if they are in your home, office, garage, garden or vehicle. they can and will be used as demonic doorways.

Also common today are images of owls which are mentioned in the Bible as being a creature that inhabits unclean places. Owls are frequently used in satanic symbolism due its association with Athena and for other reasons. An owl is used as the logo for Bohemian Grove which is a 27,000 acre private Satanist holiday camp in the USA where there is also a 40ft figure of on owl used as an sacrificial altarpiece.  There are images of owls hidden everywhere these days including on dollar bills and in building layouts only visible aerially. To find out more, there is a great deal of information on the internet including Youtube on the subject of occult symbolism. Dragons are also an occult symbol, as are any other fantasy figures.

Such symbols and others such as skulls and crossbones and ‘666’ are often hidden in patterns and not immediately noticeable but it does not mean they have any less effect. We can pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show us any cursed objects or symbols, visible or hidden, in our possession.  If you have a feeling about something, check it out carefully. There could be an association with an unholy soul tie, or some other reason that an item is a cursed object.

Symbols are important in occultism and are powerfully used as demonic doorways.  Occult objects and symbols do not give less licence grounds or legal rights for demons to operate because the owner does not know they are cursed objects or symbols, or does not know that they are there at all.

Witchcraft and wizardry are an abomination to God, so anything, a story or an ornament, a movie, anything containing a witch or wizard (including, say, Lord of the Rings, or Narnia) needs to be disposed of.  This does not include black cats, who are not – according to the Bible – connected to witches, or good or even bad luck.  In fact cats are not even mentioned in the Bible at all That is a false belief founded in fantasy and superstition which is cursed and ought to be renounced.  In fact, ‘luck’ is derived from the word ‘Lucifer’ and either good luck or bad luck is superstition and anything to do with luck or superstition needs to be renounced as not of God.  

There are many references to curses and cursed objects in the Bible particularly in Deuteronomy 28 and blessings and curses are in fact mentioned a total of 630 times. “Blessings and Curses” is the title of an excellent book by Derek Prince, excerpts from which can be read here:

Also see: Blessings and Curses

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12 Responses to Prayer to Renounce The Possession of Cursed Objects

  1. Iris says:

    The apartment building I live in has a couple of owls on the roof!! Should I move or what can I do about it??

    • It’s more about having figures or images of owls in your home – whatever your personal attitude is to those figures – as they are used in Satanism. Some are of the opinion that as they don’t venerate the figures or images at all, they can’t do any harm. That is due to a lack of understanding about demonic doorways and how they work. It is not simply a case of what anyone thinks, or even what God thinks about something, or anything like that. It is just a simple fact that these things do act as demonic doorways which the devil and his demons can and do use, as with other occult symbols which provide demonic doorways, and they will not miss an opportunity. That’s apart from what anyone thinks or believes.

      If occult symbols did not work why would they use them all the time, everywhere? That might seem crazy but anyone researching the subject would find that it is in fact a true statement to say that occult symbolism is used extensively everywhere, especially in building layouts and films, but really everywhere. Horror films often show someone drawing a chalk circle of a pentagram within a circle or something similar used for occult ‘protection’ or to summon up demons. There are numerous articles on the internet and vids on Youtube which open one’s eyes to what is going on all around us, ‘hidden in plain sight’.

      Nazi swastikas are a more obvious example of occult symbolism, and swastikas have been used in dark oriental cults and religions since ancient times and are still used today, in various forms. A broken cross is an interesting example of a powerful occult symbol used in black magic. The Pope has one on his crook and there is an inverted crucifix on the back of this throne. Occult symbols are also around us in less obvious forms such as in the ‘ban the bomb’ or peace symbol which is in fact a broken cross and therefore a cursed object.

      Owls are wonderful creatures and it is doubtful that the owls themselves are cursed. The Bible does say though that owls live in unclean places.

      There are some interesting articles on the subject of owls as Satanic, witchcraft or Illiuminati symbols.

      While we were meant to love and take care of God’s creation – many times we surely do fail in that and often miserably – it is not right to venerate any animal or any created thing rather than God the Creator. Whether it is owls, or wolves, or bears, or cats, or anything.

      This site is eye-opening and shows pictures every month about different signs and symbols use on clothing and media:

      “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.” (Other translations say “…worshiped and served created things more than He who created them”. (Romans 1:25)

      The Bible tells us that frogs are like unclean spirits and deliverance ministers have found that having a figure or image of a frog or frogs in your home or garden can provide a demonic doorway. That doesn’t mean anyone ought not to have a live frog in their garden, but rather an image or figure of one.

      There is probably no need to worry about the owls being there but it would not harm to examine the place. Is it good for those living there, or not? Do they feel at peace? Is their life working out for them – health, finance, relationships, general well-being, concentration, etc. – and how do they sleep and such? It could be fine – or not.

  2. ravenblack44 says:


  3. Mmommy5JAZ says:

    I took the first question about the apartment with the owls on the roof to mean that it was symbolic owls and not live owls as your answer suggested. Maybe the question should have been written more clearly. I doubt anyone has live owls living on their apartment rooftops. It was my conclusion that it was not a live owl the Poster was asking about, but an owl, either in a graven image form or some symbolic form. In that case, would you suggest the person to move or would your answer remain the same?

  4. Sally Mc Fadden Carroll says:

    Hi, why do you have a problem with catholic prayers? I was born and raised catholic, I accept JESUS CHRIST as my Lord and Saviour as do the majority of catholics. Remember what JESUS said to HIS desciples when they forbade the people who were casting out demons in JESUS
    ‘ Name but were not part of their group to stop doing that. He said “forbid them not….. whoever is not against us is for us.” I suggest that you try to behave with a more Christian attitude toward your fellow believers. Thank you, Sally

  5. Merdynes says:

    A friend whose house was foreclosed on gave me his African sculptures and figurines and OMG I had a big problem! I had demonic infestation in my apartment! I live alone. Furniture was thrown around, things were being slammed around and furniture was moving by itself. I had a big problem!

  6. Odelia says:


    Am referred from Pastor Robert Clancy youtube video on house cleansing.

    As I looked through my clutter I still have very far to go.

    I got stuck here & need your advise on disposing of the 14 inch Eiffel Tower I am not able to destroy the Eiffel Tower. Its made of steel or strong metal. Can I just throw it away? What happen if someone picks it up to sell it or bring the accursed item home? Is there a prayer b4 throwing anything away or bringing anything home?

    I read on the internet that incense is on the list of accursed item. It is burnt near dustbin point to get rid of smell not as offering. So I need to dispose of it?

    What about cute aromatherapy humidifier or aromatherapy burner with slow burning paraffin wax candle? With it is essential oil.

    So what essential oil can keep in the house which need to get rid off? This is for skin care.

    Do you have a quick guide or checklist to hasten the process?

  7. frank says:

    i have an image that i believe is a hidden triple six, can i send it to someone for inspection? this image is a logo of a supermarket which is on all there food there bags there trucks all over the store there recipts there everywhere with in the store and spread out into the community tbrough the sales ,
    if you view woolworths australia logo, theres a few things about it that i get a bad taste from , fiest you see it looks like a apple shape , image of the first sin. next if you turn the image on the side you can get a 33 out if it , relation to freemasonry , but the harder image to find but i can see using there own tactics to hide things is the triple 6 , simular to the disney style , the swirls make up the numbers , the first number is clear the 2 is broken or seperated but joining it up makes it very clear, the third can be a reverse 6 or can also be a broken one also , i would like to get others view in this because this is a major food brand in australia and there image is through out the countrys homes

  8. Anne P. says:

    If you have a picture of your mom, you can have pictures of the saints too. Since Jesus started the Catholic Church I don’t think we should speak against it.

  9. I have a painted that was gifted it’s quite eerie and unsettling it looks like a face or well faceless head of sticks. It was hanging in the hallway upside down because it looked less creepy that way and about a month ago it fell and the frame broke. Ever since other glass items in the hall and house have been breaking. One item was the light cover in the hall which is near the ceiling. What should I do?

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