Billy Graham His Secret Life

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4 Responses to Billy Graham His Secret Life

  1. Nancy says:

    There is no big money in division with the world. I hope Graham repented before death. I did not listen to him, I did hear his many ways to salvation, but I realize now, it was not just being senile.

  2. Stephen Sponsler says:

    The irony is it sounds like his support for the Soviet Union sounds like Donald Trump. “I see nothing new here’ all. yet, he is ‘not left wing”. The left wing/ right wing argument falls flat on it’s face because it’s always been a lie. Political sides have nothing to do with it. Sadly, it is Billy Graham that helped enabled Left Wingers to be as self-righteous as they are today (not even going to mention the ‘Left Wing’…Billy was correct , however in his statement, concerning being NEITHER. ‘Look neither to the left nor to the right’. I haven’t listened on yet, though to imply that somehow the LEFT justifies the Right is correct doesn’t work.

    • Stephen Sponsler says:

      meant to right, Graham enabled RIGHT WINGERS to be what they are (!). At the TIME of Graham’s ‘reign’ most people did not realize what was going on. Hind sight is always 20/20 , so they say, it made the Right Wing what it is today…fundamentalist right wing literalists, going by the letter of the law rather than the heart of the law. On the other hand, Left has it’s own faults. Let God be True and everyone a liar, and do not attempt to imply that because the LEFT is off base that somehow makes the Right justified. But again, will keep on listening. Thanks for the work done on this video. (I was never a follower of Graham, I thought he was too ‘fundamentalist’..but who could know? You said it yourself, he was double-minded in all his ways (James).

  3. cctechm777 says:

    Greetings, thank you for posting this “video” however, the man who narrated this video, forgot to mention that Billy Graham was mentored and lived in Henrietta’s Mears home in Hollywood California, and that her connections with the Mason’s was well founded. For she attended and was supported by the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.
    Nothing that has come out of Hollywood under the guise of Christianity has represented anything that is of the One True Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ! It has ALL been a Masonic planned agenda to push a “Political Jesus” in order to bring forth the Son of Perdition, the Anti-Christ to the forefront. And Mr. Billy Graham was NOT the only one to assist in this satanic plan. MOST of today’s well known Main-Stream so-called Christian Pastor’s/teachers, and ALL Bible teaching institution’s be it College’s, Universities and Seminaries are ALL contributing to preparing the way for the Anti-Christ to come forward.
    As for this man narrating this story, he is wrong in naming Wesley as a Godly man, for he was not truly born again, his action’s and his “Methodist” Church planning surely proves he was a works based salvation preacher, and he also had no problem accepting money from Mason’s to assist in his ministry.
    The Lord bless you….
    In His Love….

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