A Course in Miracles and MK-Ultra Mind Control

A Course in Miracles has an interesting history and it all started when Dr. Helen Schucman, a non-religious Jew began working with Dr. William Thetford in 1958.

It seems Dr. Thetford had ties with the CIA and was working on Project Bluebird, which was later rolled over into the MK-Ultra Project.  MK-Ultra was a program focused on mind control created in the 1950s by the CIA with the goal to learn ways to manipulate people’s mental states, alter brain function and create Manchurian Candidates often through the use of drugs and hypnosis.

Under the MK-Ultra umbrella there were purported to be over a hundred sub projects from the 1950s well into the 1970s and Thetford purportedly worked on Personality Theory, subproject 130.

Schucman was employed at Columbia University with Thetford as a research psychologist for seven years without incident, but then one night on the subway she had a vision. A beautiful light filled the subway car and upon arriving home, the quiet voice, claiming to be Jesus, spoke to her for the first time. Soon, she and Thetford, a relationship that had always been strained according to reports, developed a close partnership while transcribing what this voice relayed. It’s an interesting coincidence that while working with Thetford, Schucman, a spiritual sceptic and scientist, had such an amazing transformation of spirit and mind.

Father Groeschel met Schucman at Columbia University while she was scribing the Course and he was writing his dissertation on the relationship between science and theology, he found her to be witty, engaging and a stimulating conversationalist. “Helen was a very scientific lady,” he recalled, “a Jewish intellectual who considered herself to be an extreme agnostic, though not quite an atheist, and very sceptical about everything having to do with religion or spirituality.” Groeschel also found Schucman to be an enigma, while writing the Course, she spent a lot of time in the Catholic Church, but refused to join, stating that as a Jew and a former Catholic “you Gentiles came along and made all these rules.” He was confused by her reactions to writing A Course in Miracles, as she would often state, “I hate that damn book.” The Making Of A Course In Miracles

Groeschel also knew Thetford during his time at Columbia University and described him as “probably the most sinister person I ever met” and “the most religious atheist I have ever known.” Groeschel stated that Thetford was very excited about A Course in Miracles and personally arranged for its publication. It seems Thetford was quite a mystery at the University and none of his colleagues knew, until after he retired, that he had also been working for the CIA during his employment.

Although a friend of Schucman, Thetford, and Wapnik, Benedict J. Groeschel has since criticized ACIM and the related organizations. Finding some elements of the Course to be what he called, “severe and potentially dangerous distortions of Christian theology”, he wrote that the Course is “a good example of a false revelation” and that “it has . . . become a spiritual menace to many.”

Although Father Groeschel felt that A Course in Miracles undermined authentic Christianity, he and Dr. Schucman maintained a friendship until her death. Most disturbing to him was the “black hole of rage and depression that Schucman fell into during the last two years of her life.” According to Groeschel, who sat with Schucman while she was dying, “she cursed, in the coarsest bar-room language you could imagine, `that book, that goddamn book.’ She said it was the worst thing that ever happened to her. I mean, she raised the hair on the back of my neck. It was truly terrible to witness.”

Other Christian authors, such as evangelical Bob Larson, have similarly criticized A Course In Miracles, saying it contradicts basic tenets of Christianity, twisting its core teachings and “deceiving people who are sincerely looking for God.” Larson also criticizes ACIM populariser Marianne Williamson personally, saying that her work on behalf of ACIM denies “essential qualities of faith” such as guilt and forgiveness, and necessitates the Biblically forbidden practice of transpossession mediumship.

Evangelical editor Elliot Miller says that Christian terminology employed in ACIM is “thoroughly redefined” to resemble New Age  teachings. Other Christian critics say ACIM is “intensely anti-Biblical” and incompatible with Christianity, blurring the distinction between creator and created and forcefully supporting the occult and New Age world view.

Dr. Colin Ross, a psychiatrist specializing in dissociative disorders, has written a summary about Project Bluebird based on documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Ross states that many prisoners and mental patients were subjected to unethical mind control experiments by leading psychiatrists and medical schools and that academic psychiatry has never acknowledged the truth of these events. Dr. Ross believes that the “network” of mind control doctors utilized in the Bluebird Project has done great harm to the field of psychiatry and to psychiatric patients.

He states, “The participation of psychiatrists and medical schools in mind control research was not a matter of a few scattered doctors pursuing questionable lines of investigation. Rather, the mind control experimentation was systematic, organized, and involved many leading psychiatrists and medical schools. The mind control experiments were interwoven with radiation experiments, and research on chemical and biological weapons. They were funded by the CIA, Army, Navy, Air Force, and by other agencies including the Public Health Service and the Scottish Rite Foundation. The psychiatrists, psychologists, neurosurgeons, and other contractors conducting the work were imbedded in a broad network of doctors, and much of the research was published in medical journals. The climate was permissive, supportive, and approving of mind control experimentation.”

Dr. Ross continues to list a disturbing number of experimentations and manipulations done on ill-informed and innocent American citizens, including the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, where illiterate, poor, rural black men with syphilis were recruited as subjects, told they had bad blood and were deliberately not treated. He states that unethical radiations experiments were performed on about 600 people beginning in the 1940s and ending in the 1970s, including injecting patients with plutonium, without their informed consent. And in Washington and Oregon state prisoners were offered five dollars a month to have their testicles irradiated.

But besides the frightening evil of the physical experimentations done on innocents, Project Bluebird was focused on the mind and how to manipulation and control through the use of drugs and hypnosis. The goal was to create Manchurian Candidates by causing amnesic barriers, by shattering the old personality to birth new and efficient ones and implanting hypnotic codes and triggers so that the person being manipulated would never understand his role. And according to the documents obtained by Ross, they were actually quite successful.

Interestingly enough, this was the world in which Dr. Thetford was involved when his research assistant suddenly began hearing the voice of Jesus in her head and A Course in Miracles was born.

A Course in Miracles was published in 1975 and Dr. Schucman signed over the copyright to the Foundation of Inner Peace, later FIP assigned the copyright and trademark to the Foundation for A Course in Miracles. The same year Gerald Ford instructed the Rockefeller Commission to investigate the CIA’s activities in the US and MK-Ultra briefly became known to the world, before drifting back out of the minds of most Americans. Dr. Schucman left Columbia University in 1976, never claiming financial rewards or celebrity status for the book that has been sold around the globe and translated into 17 different languages. Schucman often lamented to Father Groeschel that she was afraid that the book would gain a cult following and it seems she was correct.

According to The Miracle Times website, in January, Marianne Williams will begin teaching the 365 day Course on Oprah and Friends XM Satellite Radio. The site states, “A Course In Miracles is a masterpiece of mind training, impeccably crafted to catalyse within the individual an experience of thought not bound by the constraints of time, space, or human organizational principles. Through our practical application of lessons in the art of forgiveness and in the psychology of self-responsibility, we are awakened to the memory of our Divine Inheritance.” The Miracle Times

I wonder if the black despair and hatred for all things spiritual Dr. Schucman felt at the end of her life had anything to do with the dawning realization that she may have been brutally manipulated? I wonder if the people pushing this book and “mind training” have any idea of the dark place this New Age Jesus was hatched? If intention is everything, what was the intent of this book? To relieve suffering or to instill it? To point us in the right direction or trap us in a web of deceit? Perhaps to many how A Course in Miracles was crafted does not matter, but to me, to adopt a spiritual “truth” developed on a foundation littered with dark deeds, suffering, government intrusions and deceptions seems like the ultimate manipulation.

Victoria Hardy, American Chronicle, Dec 2007

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50 Responses to A Course in Miracles and MK-Ultra Mind Control

  1. I remember hearing things like that before (when I was in the occult) – that she hated the book and wished she’d never written it. It was supposed to be some kind of validation of the “fact” that we are all “reluctant messiahs.” This makes a lot more sense.

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  3. Isra says:

    Hi, Because of your writting I can see that you are very smart.

    The course is not about changing your life as those teachers explain, listen to a couple of Kenneth wapnick tapes and then read the course again.
    You will be surprised, good luck

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  5. Charisse says:

    I grew up in a very Catholic and went to a Catholic school so I some sense of what Christ and the Bible is about. I graduated from USC so I’d like to say I’m not someone gullible and easily manipulated. I can understand your fears and apprehension about A Course In Miracles. I tried to keep an open mind with reading ACIM. The only thing I can tell you is that 3 years later I continue to be a student of ACIM. It has transformed my life in miraculous ways. I am more loving, kind, and feel liberated from many of the resentments, anger, fears, and bitterness I held to from having grown up with a difficult childhood surrounded with dysfunctional relationships. So much love and goodness has resulted from it.

    I’d like to quote a passage from ACIM:
    “Be still, and lay aside all thoughts of what you are and what God is; all concepts you have learned about the world; all images you hold about yourself. Empty your mind of everything it think is either true or false, or good or bad….Hold onto nothing. Do not bring with you one thought the past has taught, nor one belief you ever learned before anything. Forget this world…and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.” ACIM lesson 189

    Good luck and God Bless You!

    • andrew720 says:

      but Christ didn’t say to come with empty hands, He said to come with all my burdens and lay them at His feet. I’ve known someone whom is a huge advocate of ACIM and Marianne Williams and she seems so uncertain and at odds with the world, who even commented on how ‘at peace’ my energy appeared to her.
      My question to people following ACIM is this……how do you know the Holy Spirit personally to yourself?

    • Carol says:

      I believe that if people who study the ACIM spent as much time and effort studying the Bible, they would have a different opinion of it (the Bible). Real love and goodness results from study of the Bible, not something written by an atheist.

      • jeremy lee says:

        if it is teaching love and peace and wisdom – it is from God or the source and if it is teaching judgemental, unkind, discrimination, hate, fear the this is not the real God and ACIM – I had read some of and it is very loving unlike the bible and the old testament which is not the word of God but the word of man – thinking they are inspired

  6. The writer (of this comment) read “A Course in Miracles” and believed in it for some years and there is no doubt it is very convincing. An author who has written books about New Age deceptions, Warren B. Smith and he and his wife followed ACIM for years too until he realized – like the writer did – it is indeed “another gospel and another Jesus”. There cannot be two Jesus’s each saying contradicting things, one of them is lying.

    Warren B. Smith

  7. sg marguerite says:

    Don’t forget that Helen Shukman died of a brain tumor which could of course contributed to the darkness and depression she felt at the end because her brain was diseased. Now, who really wants to accept channeled writings that have come thorugh a diseased brain! Not me.

    • Nevada Sykes says:

      Maybe her brain tumor was the physical manifestation of ACIM. It’s hardly a miraculous ending to one who authored the work.

  8. Brittany says:

    This is a stupid ignorant article.
    Know why religion SUCKS? Because each religion thinks that their way is the ONLY way to God. Guess what ? There are many paths that lead to God and this is just one of the many. Why is it that so many religious people are hateful and most of these “new agers” are happy and kind to others ? Hmmmm.

    • This is a (KJV) Bible site. Christians generally believe that there is only one way to God, and that is through his Son, Jesus Christ, our Messiah.

      It is not difficult to see how people may form a valid opinion from their experiences that many religious people – presumably you mean Christians? – are hateful and most New Agers are happy, peace-loving and kind to others.

      To some, it may seem that way, but undoubtedly others will have had completely different experiences, and have come to very different conclusions that are every bit as valid to them.

      This is because the New Age is about clever facades – illusions – created by the demonic, and one needs to have experiences that enable one to see behind the facade.

      Until one has seen behind the facade, it would be easy to believe that the New Age is about good things such as love, light and freedom, etc. because on the face of it, it looks like that.

      The real truth about the New Age is something else entirely.

      Inside the New Age Nightmare by Randall Baer

    • Robert says:

      This is a stupid ignorant comment.
      Know why open minded people SUCKS? Because each open minded person thinks that their way is the ONLY way to open mindedness. Guess what ? There are many paths that lead to open mindedness and this is just one of the many. Why is it that so many open minded people are hateful and most of these “Christians” are happy and kind to others ? Hmmmm?

      • Carol says:

        If you want to see hatefulness, just try to express your Christian beliefs to an ACIM person. Their “happiness and kindness” completely disappears and their close-mindedness takes over. It’s their way or no way!

        • Thomas says:

          Thats true, it is THEIR WAY OR NO WAY. I used to be heavily involved. At the meetings, i was told not to bring up anything that did not have to do with acim and when i would bring up concerns about the materials, i was told to “substitute it for whatever makes me confortable.”. Hmm thats not what the book says

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  16. alysia says:

    I support ACIM. You must test it. you must prove it to yourself. It takes a lifetime. You do it with the same comforter that is spoken of in the bible. Every single new age material will come under attack by the different religions because it’s human nature to attack even something like the light bulb, or dancing, etc and so forth. One must separate Helen, the scribe from what came through her hand. It is ironic how such well written and intelligent people can knock the Course when it will say to you to teach only love, for that is what you are. The length at which it tells us to forgive over and over those who trespass against us, that is undeniably like Christianity and something you would expect from Jesus. Yet people love to deny it’s message just as they will deny traditional Christianity. I say the similarities are there. It is Jesus’ voice but now he speaks to modern man. And just as then, some will never hear for many lives. Find another path then. There is plenty of reading material which can help people. I like ACIM as I believe in miracles and I have many reasons to affirm it. Many stories to tell. God bless. please support one another not bad mouth their studies.

  17. jesus sanchez says:

    This article is rooted in a place of ignorance and fear. For someone who hasn’t put any time into reading the course and understanding it, Ms. Hardy is in no place to make any judgment about the course at all. And who are you to judge? If the course was channeled by the CIA or some dark entity as you say, then why is its sole message to make known that evil doesn’t exist and that only in believing in it does it seem real. “Nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists”. The entire purpose of the book is to get to your true nature, which is love. Unconditional love, for everyone and everything. Thats hardly an idea a negative entity would want being made known. Heads up for y’all bible loving people, if you watch the news, scroll thru social media, read the newspaper, or even read the bible for that matter you are being subjected to mind control. The bible is not authentic, nor is it Gods word. God is not vengeful, there is no need to be afraid of him. You will not be sent to hell for making errors. Sin doesn’t exist. Hell is the world you create thats rooted in fear. Heres a tip, stop creating hell.

    • Thomas says:

      The course takes a truth (we are love, which Christ preached) and mixes in some questionable assertions (all pain is a “choice”). “Nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists” is a non-sequitur, it is meaningless (as the course teaches most things are). Here is where i have a problem (not to mention the CIA and Oprah connection) . It is clearly a form of brainwashing (much like the cult-religious group for addiction, AA). I used to practice both so i would know a little bit.

    • B.D. says:

      You are so very close to the truth and don’t realize it. When you say:

      “then why is its (ACIM) sole message to make known that evil doesn’t exist and that only in believing in it does it seem real.”

      Who benefits from people thinking that there isn’t evil, and that the only evil is the one a person believes in?

      New Age Christians are being deceived to follow darkness. The scripture quote from Galatians is accurate. The New Age cults all revolve around the Occult, mainly Freemasonry, and are directed and funded by mega-zillionaires. This statement is fully backed by many sources, especially Jay Dyer’s YouTube channel, where he lectures on Carroll Quigley’s “Tragedy and Hope”, and his playlist “Writings of the Elite”. The New Age has been fully backed and bankrolled for a very long time, at least since the late 1800s.

      Finding The Church Jesus Built – Seminar 1 : History of the Church

  18. So who then is creating hell? Anyone who wants to can choose to ignore the fact that we are presently living in a world which is a type of very real hell for the majority of people living in it.

    It is said that one-quarter of the world’s population do not have a roof over their head and perhaps as many as half do not have enough to eat, and who knows how many do not feel safe.

    That is undoubtedly a form of hell for them, especially when children are involved.

    The Bible and ACIM do not say the same thing and therefore one of them is lying.

    For the many who know with 100% certainty that the Bible is the word of God and is true, then it follows that ACIM must be a lie.

    • David P. says:

      Would you agree that it is possible that the Bible has been changed, omissions made and manipulated through the centuries in order to control the masses. The Bible contains Truth, but it is not the rest of the story as the late Paul Harvey once reiterated. ACIM represents one aspect of the perception of God just as Buddhism, the Jewish faith and Christianity. Condemnation gets us nowhere as we see so much evil in many religions (eg. Catholic child molestation). Let us practice our beliefs in peace and respect the Good in each.

      • cody says:

        buddah didnt belive in god it says , google it , when i heard that i stopped reading buddhist things even thought it helped me not be attached to life and outcome, just trust gods wind, dont grasp for the wind because you will be blown away by what you were even unable to grasp.

      • Thomas says:

        The jewish faith is condemning and also very racist by its very nature. Jews do not get to choose whether or not to be racist, their theology tells them they are. Don’t be fooled, their gods are in their country’s name: Is-Ra-El (Isis, Amen-Ra, and Elohim). FYI the god of OT is NOT the true father in NT, hence their discrepancy in disposition.

    • Donna Suthard says:

      The Bible was written by disturbed individuals who changed even the commandments! Do not kill.. Do not steal, do not bear false witness or judgement of others. Any one in their sane mind knows that God is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, would never order up the the murder, incest, and lots of fornication in the bible!! Jews are not chosen people, everyone is chosen! God do not punish nor demands! Women do not have to bathe and sit in water for days on end because they are unclean! God is not murderous! Those are the lies in the Bible.. God is not limited by the so called Holy BIBLE! People have used their Bible to murder their own children, abuse and rape them.. not to mention to abuse children, women and children.. Jesus in the Course would say forgive your brother your sister! He taught we would do even more than Jesus did! Love and Forgiveness is all that is needed and honoring and respecting each others beliefs.
      Love and Blessings, Give me your Blessing Oh Holy Child of God!! Reach out with LOVE

    • Thomas says:

      Did Yeshua use the scribes, kings, preachers and scholars to spread the go-spel (good-spell) ??? NO… he used people that we would consider of questionable moral character. By the way, the Bible only makes sense if you read it through occult lenses. To say that Yeshua made his message comprehendible to everyone is just not true; He purposefully hid truths in metaphor and allegory

  19. al says:

    goddam you are one stupid, paranoid bitch and obviously utterly incapable of putting together a coherent argument.

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  24. Jerry Harner says:

    Why would the God of Christianity provide to the world only one Superstar son? and so long ago too.

    • Robert says:

      Part 2. Why so long ago?
      My answer: “Long” from whose perspective?
      We live under the law of growth. Each of us has a beginning and moves toward an end. So does our universe, world, the things we create, our civilization and societies. They all live under the law of growth with a beginning and end. God condescends to this state to interact with us.

      We are not born with full knowledge. We don’t come into the world knowing the ABC’s. We don’t know how to communicate and have to be instructed and taught. After we learn and use the alphabet we then inject something back into society whether good or evil. Society then either grows and develops or devolves and dies.

      What society is today is not what it was yesterday for the same reason what you are today is not what you were yesterday. It is conceivable then that at some point in the past mankind did not know the basics, the ABC’s of life, and therefore civilization as a whole was incapable of understanding what God wanted to reveal to it.

      Gal 4:4 But when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law…

      There was a point in time and space (the fulness of time) when mankind was able to comprehend what God was about to do. Prior to that, they could not. Before the fullness of time He had been teaching them the ABC’s of life – the form and substance of what He breathed into that first man Adam.

      Part of that instruction on the basics of life included God arbitrarily picking a sinful rebel out of sinful civilization and making a nation out of him. He gave that nation of rebels a law to give to the rest of the world. That Law would allow man to progress beyond the confines of his imagination which had been held in bondage to sin within and Satan without. It introduced principles that governed societies in line with God’s purposes. It helped man to a degree to manage the chaos created by their depravity. Its intent was never to perfect the imperfect and impure, but to instruct a people under a law of growth.

      Gal 3:24 Therefore the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we may be justified by faith.

      When the Perfect man now had a new and better means to progress further along that line of growth and moral excellence.

      This single point in time and space, this “so long ago” you mention, this time when “God sent forth His Son, BORN of a woman…” was an important part of God’s plan to abolish all evil once and for all. God intersected with our universe and became a man to stand in his place to receive the just penalty for their sin. He suffered and died at the hand of the Judge when He received the punishment of the penalty for sin. He rose again to declare to the world of that Judge’s acceptance of that payment. He rose again to declare His triumph over sin and death. Like His birth, this could only happen once and it happened from our perspective “so long ago” in time past.

      • Barnabas The Encourager says:

        The Mosiac Laws of the Old Covenant were designed so that we would become aware of our inability, through self-effort, to satisfy the pristine standard that God required of us, in order to stand blameless before His throne. It was a system built on a psyop subterfuge, setting mankind up for utter failure, through which God’s love for us is revealed, by Him accomplishing for us, what we could have never done ourselves.

        God gave that “nation of rebels a law”, a mechanism that served to govern chaos and disorder; but those Mosaic Laws only applied to Israel. At no point were they intended to be given to the “rest of the world”, or the “many” other nations that were birthed through that first rebel. God also promised Ishmael that He would build his 12 tribes into a mighty nation, a promise which has since come to pass. (modern day Arabs/Muslims),

        The New Covenant came through the finished work of Jesus Christ, and I don’t believe it’s accurate to say that “Mr. Perfect” came to “abolish evil”. In fact, he forewarned His disciples of the inevitable evil that they would surely suffer should they choose to “take up there cross and follow” Him (execution by crucifixion and burning at the stake=evil)

        The fundamental tenets of the New Covenant (Jeremiah 31, Hebrews 8) firstly describe the Jews returning to God, from all corners of the world, followed by a great celebration of dancing and singing in response to God’s grace for them; the re-establishment of Israel and Judah. God points out that the New Covenant He will make with Israel, will not be impossible to keep, like the Old Covenant. He will write His Laws on their hearts, rather than on stone, so they wont have to instruct each other to “know the Lord” (meaning: study and meditate obsessively on His laws and precepts so that you may hope to “know the Lord”, and be found in right-standing with Him). And this is the main tenant- that ‘He will forgive our transgressions, and our lawless deeds He will remember no more.’ He didn’t abolish acts of evil and lawlessness from human behavior, He has simply chosen, according to His great love and compassion, to abolish the repressive requirements and religious duties of the old covenant; and the harsh punishments for falling short. He’s chosen to forget our sins, and granted us permanent right-standing in His courts, abolishing the curse of shame from failures, that only drives us further away from our Father, in the moments that we need to be running to Him for help. Shame loses its strength when we become aware that we are the apple of God’s eye, who is never disappointed in us, and loves us with an everlasting love, even in the hour of our darkest immorality…He’s always a proud Papa!

        The Laws of Moses did introduce governing principles to Jewish society, but they were only established 300 years after the Hammurabian Code’s were written on stone tablets in Babylon. Many historians believe that Moses Laws were heavily influenced, or even copied, from King Hammurabi who built the worlds first global empire, through the conquest and consolidation of Mesopotamian city-states. “Eye for an eye” was Hammurabi’s concept.

        And let’s not forget the historical significance, and global influence of another complex society from around the same time, Egyptologist Rosalie David comments on this:
        “Compared with other ancient civilizations, Egyptian law has yielded little evidence for its institutions. It was, however, clearly governed by religious principles: Law was believed to have been handed down to mankind by the gods on the First Occasion (the moment of creation), and the gods were held responsible for establishing and perpetuating the law. Inscriptions in tombs and on stelae and papyri, which provide the earliest extant legal transactions, can be dated to the Old Kingdom. They indicate that the legal system was well developed by this date and suggest that there must have been a long period of experimentation beforehand. Egyptian law ranks with Sumerian as the world’s oldest surviving legal system and its complexity and state of development are on a level with ancient Greek and medieval law. Precedent in deciding legal cases was set by the time of the Early Dynastic Period (c. 3150- c. 2613 BCE) as evidenced by their established use in the early years of the Old Kingdom (c. 2613-2181 BCE).

    • The Bible gives us the answer: “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9)

  25. mj says:

    neither the bible nor a course in miracles are truth. they are both lies of a sort created by dark powers in this world which almost nothing is free from.

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  27. I. A. Mallone says:

    Right now you, me, everyone are Everywhere. We always were.

    We are not bodies living on planet Earth. We never were.

    We were never separate minds and separated organic beings. In reality we were always Everywhere as the conscious Awareness of our singular Mind and Presence that is the only thing that is. There simply is nothing else. There never was.

    The Presence and Being of this singular Mind, of this Singularity, will always be our Presence and Being. We are Everywhere because It is Everywhere. It is Everywhere because Mind is the only entity that can conceive of “everywhere” and “everything” within “everywhere”. Conceived only within Mind, “everywhere” and “everything” can never leave this Mind and are all simply “made” of mental ideas be they bodies, concepts, relationships, planets, matter, forms, separations, colors, places, perceptions, emotions, etc.

    And it is here where most people will argue about questioning the “reality” of the physical nature of the universe, their lives and their bodies. As an example, they will go on to “demonstrate” how can this table or chair be just an idea when I can bang my fist or my head on both and “really” see, feel and hear it?! The only thing that is “demonstrated” with this close-minded argument is our unfamiliarity with the infinite power of the only creative agent there ever was or ever will be – Mind, the Infinite, Celestial Mainframe of Everything and Everywhere. We do not realize that conceiving all the necessary and intricate ideas together to make a table and a chair and a banging fist and head to seem to be solid material things and substances is merely child’s play to this 900 pound creative gorilla that is the Singular, Mainframe Creator being revealed here.

    In fact, this failure to detect this creative Mainframe of Life is quite surprising in our day and age considering how entrenched our culture presently is in the realm of virtual realities being ingested as movies, games and other computer-created entities. There was a very insightful quote by the character Joe Macmillan in an episode of the ACM TV series about early computer development called, Halt and Catch Fire. He said, “Computers are not the thing. They are the thing that gets us to the thing.” We are finally NOW getting to THE THING!!

    “Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars’ hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious. For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you. That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: for in him we live, and move, and have our being;” – Apostle Paul at Athens – Acts 17:22, 23,27,28

  28. Thomas says:

    If by the real definition of occult you mean “hidden or known for a select few” then did u know that the meaning of Yeshua’s teachings are “occult” as well? If by “occult” you mean black majick, then yes ACIM may be black majick; its def a form of mind control or conditioning. For those with the eyes to see and ears to hear….

  29. Rezső Garab says:

    I just love to read this kind of comment sections, everybody has his ONLY way to see faith, yet none of you were enlightened (unless it means to just sit there at home, typing to a glowing screen).

    Dear random people who found this blog, just like I did, there is nothing meaningful in this comment section. If you really want to find God, I can help you with that, it’s 100% sure that the internet is not the place where you want to find Him, and of course not shady blog posts where random people using random conspiracy theories, write these stories just to scare people.

    If you concerned that you will choose the wrong thing to believe in, let me remind you that, any religion you choose, the rest of the religions will condemn you for it. Everybody is right in their on way, yet nobody demonstrated any evidence.

    Everybody wants to convert you to their own ‘truth’, because if you accept their truth, it means that their ‘truth’ is more true than everybody elses.

    I would really love to live in a world, where people would let go of their ego and for once, just hug each other and say: ‘Okey brother lets try your way first, if it doesn’t work we’ll try mine, and if it’s still not the way, then we will find a 3rd person. Someone has to be right, or we are just here experience and there is no truth at all’.

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