Prayer of Release from the Prosperity Gospel (seeker-friendly churches)

Almighty Father, I come before You in repentance of heart.  I lift up my prayer to You and I will look up and direct my prayer to You.  I will kneel before my Maker and spread out My hands to You.  Forgive me for allowing myself yet again to be deceived, and for having been corrupted from the simplicity that is in Your Son, to another gospel.  And for following the foolishness of my heart in being drawn away to another gospel, and returning to an Old Testament Blessings gospel making the cross of Christ of none effect.

Forgive me for breaking your commandments, where I have envied and coveted what others had, and been led into subtle forms of idolatry which have blinded me to the fact that my life does not consist of the abundance of things that I possess.  Nor should we lay up treasures on Earth, but that true treasure in Heaven.  I rebuke and reject with all my heart the ‘name it and claim it’ and ‘believe it and receive it’ basis of praying, setting my hope on uncertain riches and not on you, who richly provides according to your will.

Forgive me for walking in unrighteousness and misleading others by setting a bad example and forgetting that it is the poor in spirit who are blessed, and the grace of Your Son that, though he was rich, yet for my sake he became poor, that I through his poverty and suffering might be made truly rich.

Father, if I have thee, I have everything!  Help me to know You more, the Maker of All, through Thy Son, and not the things of or in the world, which are not of you.  I acknowledge that no man can serve two masters, I cannot serve the prosperity gospel and you, because of the love of prosperity is the love of the world and the root of all kinds of evil.

Thank you for delivering me, in the name of Jesus.



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