Prayer of Repentance

Heavenly Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, You are the great and awesome God Who keeps His covenant and mercy with those who love and keep your commandments.

Heavenly Father, I have sinned and committed iniquity, and I have done wickedly and rebelled even departed from your precepts and your commandments.

I have out of ignorance, willful disobedience and curiosity defiled my body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, by coming into contact with unclean things and demons.

I repent of my sins and ask for your forgiveness.  Cast me not away from your presence.

Heavenly father, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I am truly, truly sorry and ask that you create in me a clean heart.

Please forgive me and wash me and cleanse me with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Deliver me completely from the influence of demonic forces, in the name of Jesus.

Fill me afresh with the Holy Spirit.

Restore unto me the joy of your salvation and renew a right spirit within me.

In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you Father.


Alternative or Additional Prayer

Dear Jesus, I confess with my mouth that I am a sinner and I am in need of a Savior, I repent of all my sins and I ask you to save me now. I ask for forgiveness of my sins I believe that you are the Son of God and you came to earth died for me and was raised from the dead, you sit now at the right hand throne of the Father forever making intercession for me. I believe it with my heart therefore I confess it with my mouth. So, I ask you to come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior!

Now, Jesus I thank you for forgiving me of all my sins and I thank you for being my Lord and Savior. Jesus, I thank you for making intercession for me and saving me from the wrath of God that is coming upon the children of disobedience. Thank you Jesus!

Now, Satan I renounce you and all of your cohorts. I serve notice to you that you are no longer my master, Jesus has now become Master of my soul! I evict you from my life from this day forward. Every door that had been opened because of sin in my life I close it and and seal it closed with the Blood of Jesus and His Holy Spirit.  Every door that had been closed, Jesus I ask you to open, never to be shut ever again. I declare victory is my portion and the joy of the Lord has now become my strength in Jesus name.


Alternative or Additional Prayer

Jesus Christ, I affirm that You are the Son of God and the only door to eternal life.

I acknowledge that You died for my sins on the cross and rose from the dead by the power of Your Holy Spirit.

Jesus, I renounce all arrogance, self-sufficiency and pride, which was the downfall of Satan.

I have nothing and am nothing, except in You my hiding place. Jesus, I confess all my sins, especially ______________________________

I confess all my omissions, especially ______________________________

I confess the sins of my ancestors, especially ______________________________

Jesus, I am sorry for all the sins and omissions which I have just now stated.

I promise to do my best, with Your help and the help of others, not to repeat these sins.

If I slip and fall, I will try to confess immediately, and turn to You for help.

With Your help I will refuse temptation and negative attitudes, especially rejection.

With Your help I will obey my doctor/mate/pastor/employer and not my negative feelings/thoughts.

With Your help I will be the friend that I need/want in my life.

With Your help I will take a shower, brush my teeth, make my bed, do my laundry, avoid damaging my body with junk food, and eat fruit and vegetables.

Jesus, I forgive everyone whether they deserve it or not, because You forgave me and held nothing back. I now especially forgive ______________________________

I forgive everyone whether they deserve it or not, because You forgave me and held nothing back. I now especially forgive ______________________________

Jesus, as you bring to my attention any occult activity, situation, or object that displeases you, I will repent and sever my relationship with it, even if it seems very valuable to me.

Jesus, thank you for becoming a curse on the cross for me, so that I may be freed of all curses that are due to my own sins or the sins of my ancestors. Jesus,

I take my stand, in Your name, Jesus, against all Satan’s demons.

I have faith that You will take care of the demons and also take care of me.

I resist the devil.

In Your name, Jesus.

Jesus, Bless you Lord and thank you Lord.

Help me to stay full of joy and gratitude.

Praise the Lord.


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1 Response to Prayer of Repentance

  1. Carrie says:

    My brother committed murder ten years ago, and is now out if jail. The life he took is very hard for him to deal with. Also he has a hard time accepting Christ died for our sins. Is there anyway that you can send him the prayers he need to his phone. Thanking you in advance.

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