Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Man in The Sky (1989)

A vision appeared to me and I saw a man in the sky, like unto a sun veiled by the clouds that were about him.  The Light from the man was whiter than any snow, so milky white, so perfectly pure.  And the purity of that Light wounded my heart.  And the purity of that Light pierced my heart.  And the purity of that Light seemed to cleanse my heart.  And my whole spirit and soul cried out for that purity in the Light.  And would not cease until there was nothing left in me.  And it was given to me to know that I was a man greatly beloved and I would be helped.

After this, I felt a wall of power, softer than feathers and stronger than any steel.  And I knew I could not go beyond that which was spoken.  And when I pressed forward, I felt the power of that word.  And I knew the power of that word was far stronger than anything else.

Shortly after this I was visited by a strange old man.  The look in his eyes made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  He asked to stay the night and in the morning, his walk as he left me was so fast that he disappeared into the distance in just a few seconds.  He had promised he would pray to the one above for deliverance from my troubles (which happened shortly afterwards).

I never saw the angel man again. 

Richard Jon

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