Prayer to Surrender Burdens (Short)

“Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Wash me in your blood. Please forgive me of my sins. Give me eternal life. Fill me with your presence and your love. I acknowledge that you died for the sins of the world and that you arose from the dead. I accept you now as Lord of my life.”

Father, You are my God!  I was not created for the load that I carry!  I cannot make one hair white or black.  I am not god; You are my God.  I surrender all that I carry to You this day.  I give it to you believing You have taken it.  Not because I feel it, but because I believe it.

I surrender to you:

My worries

My past hurts

My vocation

My family

My future

My marriage

My relationships

My control of others

My lies

My idols

My losses

My finances

My bitterness

My past failures

My excuse making

My disappointments

My old identity messages

My sickness

My insanity

My addictions

My depression

My obsessions

My false pride

My lying emotions

My fear of the unknown

My false concepts of God

Thank You Father!


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