Blessings and Curses

New Testament writers definitely state the Old Testament does have value.  Jesus Himself said:  “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” (Matthew 5:17-18)

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” (2 Timothy 3:16)

After God brought the children out of Egypt they wandered in the wilderness for forty years He led them to two mountains Mt Gerizim the mountain of ‘Blessings’ and Mt Ebal the mountain of ‘Curses’.

Moses commanded six leaders from six tribes to stand on Mt Gerizim to pronounce the ‘Blessings’ that would come upon the people ‘if’ they obeyed the commandments of God.

The other six leaders from the remaining six tribes stood upon Mt Ebal and pronounced the Curses ‘if’ they did not obey the commandments of God.

Deuteronomy 28 lists the ‘Blessings’ & ‘Curses’.

21 ‘Blessings’ for Obeying the Commandments

1.       God will set you on high above all the other nations of the earth and all these ‘blessings’ shall come upon you (Deut 28:1-2)

2.       You will be ‘blessed’ in the city (Deut 28:3)

3.       You will be ‘blessed’ in the field

4.       You will have perfect offspring (Deut 28:4)

5.       Your crops will be ‘blessed’ (prosperity provision)

6.       Your cattle will be ‘blessed’ (prosperity provision)

7.       Your flocks will increase

8.       Your baskets and storehouses will be full of good things(Deut 28:58)

9.       You will be ‘blessed’ in all you undertake Deut 28:68

10.   You will have complete victory over all your enemies (poverty sickness disease etc) (Deut 28:7)

11.   Your land will be abundantly fertile and productive

12.   You will be established as a holy people unto God (Deut 28:9)

13.   You will be a witness and an example to all people on earth vs 10

14.   All nations will be afraid of you

15.   You will be prosperous in goods in children in stock and in crops in all the land vs 11

16.   The Lord will open to you all His good treasure vs 12

17.   The heavens will give you rain in due season in all your land

18.   The Lord will ‘bless’ the work of your hands

19.   You will be prosperous enough to lend to many nations and you will ‘not’ need to borrow from them

20.   The Lord shall make you the head and ‘not’ the tail vs 13

21.  You shall be above and never beneath

5 Conditions for these ‘Blessings’

1.      ‘If’ you hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord (Deut 28:1-2 9 1315)

2.      ‘If’ you observe and ‘do’ all His commandments (Deut 1 13 15)

3.      ’If’ you walk in His ways (Deut 28:9)

4.      ’If’ you do ‘not’ go aside from any of the words of God to the right hand or to the left (Deut 28:13 14)

5.      ’If’ you do ‘not’ go after other gods to serve them (Deut 28:14)

15 ‘Curses’ for Disobedience

1.    You will be ‘cursed’ in the city (Deut 28:16)

2.    You will be ‘cursed’ in the field

3.    Your baskets and storehouses will be ‘cursed’ vs 17

4.    Your children will be ‘cursed’ vs 18

5.    Your crops will be ‘cursed’

6.    Your herds will ‘not’ increase

7.    Your flocks will ‘not’ increase

8.    You will be ‘cursed’ when you come in vs 19

9.    You will be ‘cursed’ when you go out

10.  Jehovah will send ‘cursings’ upon you vs 20

11.  He will send vexation

12.  He will send rebukes

13.  You will fail in all you do

14.  You will be destroyed

15.  You will quickly perish

30 Additional ‘Curses’ for Disobedience

1.    Pestilence cleaving unto you (Something that brings a slow death) vs 21

2.    Death emaciation (To grow thin to waste away)

3.    Consumption vs 22

4.    Fever (a burning fever inflammation inflamed persecutor This probably refers to a rapidly consuming cancer or ulcer) vs 22

5.    Extreme burning (This refers not only to inflammation of the body but to agony of mind and torture of soul because there would be no help) vs 22

6.    Sword (wars and civil strife) vs 22

7.    Inflammation (Burning) vs 22

8.    Blasting (This refers to blighting east wind ruining crops and suffocating men and beasts) vs 22

9.     Mildew (paleness of persons from fright or of plants from drought) vs 22

10.   Heaven as brass (Could refer to unanswered prayers as well as no rain and fruitful seasons) vs 23

11.   Earth as iron (Failure of crops) vs 24

12.   Drought dust-no rain( A way of saying there will be no rain from heaven and the land will turn to dust from a lack of rain) vs 24

13.   Destruction because of long drought

14.   Smitten before enemies vs 25

15.   Going out 1 way fleeing seven ways vs 25

16.   Removed into all kingdoms of the earth vs 25

17.   Bodies eaten by fowls and beasts

18.   No help in driving away your enemies

19.   Botch of Egypt (Inflammation botch ulcer boil) vs 27 35

20.   Emerods ( to swell these were bleeding piles) vs 27

21.   Scab (to scratch scurvy scab) vs 27

22.   Itch (to scrape itch) vs 27

23.   No healing (there will be no remedy)

24.   Madness (craziness madness You will be confused and not know what to do) vs 28

25.   Blindness (physical mental and spiritual) vs 28

26.  Astonishment of heart (stupefy and amazement) vs 28

27.  Groping at noonday

28.  No prosperity

29.  Oppressed and spoiled forever

30.  No man to save you

41 Additional Curses for Disobedience

1.   Betroth a wife and an enemy shall capture and ravish her vs 30

2.   Build a house and an enemy will take it for his own

3.   Plant a vineyard and an enemy shall take it

4.   Your stock will be slain and eaten before your eyes vs 31

5.   No restoration

6.  You will have no man to deliver you

7.   Your sons and daughters will be given to other people as slaves vs 32

8.   You will long for deliverance for your children and it will not come

9.   You will be powerless to help them

10. Enemies will eat your crop vs 33

11.  You will be crushed always

12.  You will be mad when you see your own helplessness vs 34

13.  You will serve other gods idols

14.  You will not enjoy your sons and daughters because they will become slaves vs 41

15.  Strangers among you will be exalted and you will be humbled vs 43

16.  Strangers will lend to you vs 44

17.  You will serve your enemies vs 48

18.  Robbery of all possessions

19.  Nakedness

20.  Want of all things

21.  Bondage

22.  Destruction of lives vs 48-51

23.  War with foreign nations vs 49

24.  Unmerciful treatment from enemies vs 50

25.  Cannibalism vs 53-57

26.  Famine and distress vs 53-57

27.  Men murdering closest relative – brothers wives and even children

28.  Women murdering closest relatives – husbands sons daughters even babies vs 56-57

29.  Great plagues of long endurance vs 58-59

30.  Sore sickness of long continuance vs 59

31.  All the diseases of Egypt shall cleave to you vs 60

32.  Service to other gods

33.  No peace

34.  No rest fearful and trembling hearts

35.  Eye failures

36.  Sorrow of mind

37.  Fears day and night

38.  No assurance of life

39.  Fretting and worry because of the constant dangers of life vs 67

40.  Slavery again as in Egypt vs 68

41.  The woman among who has been so delicate and refined will become so vile and coarse that she will murder her husband sons daughters and even her babies

Sins Which Can Bring Curses

1.      Those who curse/mistreat Jews (Gen 27:29 12:3 Num 24:9)

2.      Those willing deceivers (Jos 9:22-23 Jer 48:10 Mal 1:14)

3.      An adulterous woman (Numbers 5:27)

4.      Disobedience of the Lord’s commandments (Deut 11:28 Dan 9:11 Jer 11:3)

5.      Idolatry (Jer 44:8 Deut 29:18-19 Ex 20:5 Deut 5:8-9)

6.      Those who keep or own cursed objects (Deut 7:25 Jos 6:18)

7.      Those who refuse to come to the Lord’s help (Judges 5:23)

8.      House of the wicked (Prov 3:33)

9.      He who gives not to the poor (Prov 28:27)

10.    The earth by reason of man’s disobedience (Isa 24:3-6)

11.    Jerusalem is a curse to all nations if Jews rebel against God (Jer 26:6)

12.    Thieves and those who swear falsely by the Lord’s Name (Zech 5:4)

13.    Ministers who fail to give the glory to God (Mal 2:2)

14.    Those who rob God of tithes and offerings (Mal 3:9 Haggai 1:6-9)

15.    Those who hearken unto their wives rather than God (Gen 3:17)

16.    Those who lightly esteem their parents (Deut 27:16)

17.    Those who make graven images (Deut 5:8 27:15)

18.   Those who willfully cheat people out of their property (Deut 27:17)

19.   Those who take advantage of the blind (Deut 27:18)

20.   Those oppressing strangers widows fatherless (Deut 27:19)

21.   He who lies with his father’s wife (Deut 27:20)

22.   He who lies with his sister (Deut 27:22)

23.   Those who smite their neighbors secretly (Deut 27:24)

24.   Those who take money to slay the innocent (Deut 27:25)

25.   Him who lies with any beast (Deut 27:21 Ex 22:19)

26.   Adulterers (Job 24:15-18)

27.   Those who crossdress (Deut 22:5)

28.   The proud (Psalm 119:21)

29.   Those who trust in man and not the Lord (Jer 48:10)

30.   Those who do the work of the Lord deceitfully (Jer 48:10)

31.   Him who keeps back his sword from blood (Jer 48:10 I Kings 20:35-42)

32.   Those who reward evil for good (Prov 17:13)

33.   Illegitimate children (Deut 23:2)

34.   Murderers (Exodus 21:12)

35.   To murder indirectly (Exodus 21:14)

36.   Children who strike their parents (Exodus 21:15)

37.   Kidnappers (Exodus 21:16)

38.   Those who curse their parents (Exodus 21:17)

39.   Those who cause the unborn to die (Exodus 21:22-23)

40.   Those who do not prevent death (Exodus 21:29)

41.   Those involved in witchcraft (Exodus 22:18)

42.   Those who sacrifice to false gods (Exodus 22:20)

43.   Those who attempt to turn anyone away from the Lord (Deut 13:6-9)

44.   Those who follow horoscopes (Deut 17:2-5)

45.   Those who rebel against pastors (Deut 17:12)

46.   Those involved in pagan witchcraft and satanic practices (Deut 18:10-12)

47.   False prophets (Deut 18:19-22)

48.   Women who keep not their virginity until they are married (Deut 22:13-21)

49.   Adulterers (Deut 22:22-27)

50.   Parents who do not discipline children but honor them above God (I Sam 2:27-36)

51.   Those who teach rebellion against the Lord (Jer 28:16-17)

52.   Those who refuse to warn of sin (Ezek 3:18-21)

53.   Those who sacrifice human beings (Lev 20:2)

54.   Participants in seances and fortune telling (Lev 20:6)

55.   Homosexual and lesbian relationships (Lev 20:13)

56.   Sexual intercourse during menstruation (Lev 20:18)

57.   Necromancers and fortune tellers (Lev 20:27)

58.   Those who blaspheme the Lord’s name (Lev 24:15-16)

59.   Those who are carnally minded (Romans 8:6)

60.   Sodomy (oral and anal sex) (Gen 19:13 24-25)

61.   Rebellious children (Deut 21:18-21)

62.   Curse upon improper family structure – destruction of family priesthood (Mal 4:6) with special attention given to the relationship between father and children

63.   Curse of idol worship extends to fourth generation of great grandchildren (Exodus 20:1-5)

64.   Idol worship (Deut 5:9-10)

65.   Rebellious children (Deut 21:18-21)

66.   Curse of the bastard extends to tenth generation of descendants (Deut 23:2)

In certain circumstances, both [the above-mentioned and other] blessings and curses can be transmitted through physical objects.  On the other side, if we turn our attention from biblical practices to all the various forms of false religion and the occult, there is virtually no limit to the ways in which physical objects can become vehicles of curses.

Words are not the only channels through which the spiritual power of blessings and curses may be transmitted.  There are various ways in which, at times, physical objects may become vehicles for this kind of power and in certain circumstances, both blessings and curses can be transmitted through physical objects.

Check your home, garden, garage, transport and workplace using the “The Occult and Cursed Objects List” on this site to see if you have any cursed objects which give licence rights or legal grounds for demons to harass you.

For further information:

The Occult and Cursed Objects List

The Provision of God’s Mercy


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  2. ding valte says:

    the things i want to know is that the concept of the blessing and curses in the book of deuteronomy please can you saw me

    • There is a book available on Amazon or Ebay (check both for cheapest price as sometimes this book is available very cheaply and other times not) called “Blessing Or Curse: You Can Choose” by Derek Prince, but there are other books on this subject.

      • Diane says:

        You know that blacks people are the real JEWS, take a deep look at the curses when our ancestors decided to disobey God and serve other gods, those curses came. open your eyes. “Your sons and daughters will be given to other people as slaves” these things has already been fulfilled in SLAVERY. they were taken black kids away from the parents and given them in to others. READ those curses again.

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