Prayer of Release from Freemasonry I – General Information

Often people do not know when their relatives, perhaps a grandfather or an uncle, were involved in one of the various forms of Freemasonry, as these things are often kept secret. Many people do not know that the many harmful effects of freemasonry can carry down through many generations. They do not realise that many problems of sickness, disease, early death, financial problems, and relationship problems are associated with Masonic curses, the effects of which can go back ten generations or more. Even at the first degree level, which is as far as many Masons get, they call upon themselves and their families, terrible curses.

Renunciation prayers are needed to break Masonic curses. Renouncing literally means “speaking off one’s self”. It can be translated: “to command away”. It means to take strong verbal action to reject, cut off, totally disown, or break the legal right of something. That is why our words are powerful and can bring life or death to a person. That’s what we need to do in order to break and cancel the effects of Masonic curses. Because of the spiritual nature of the words they use, we need to take strong spiritual, verbal action against them, just like the word “resist” in James 4:7: “Submit yourselves therefore to God, Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

One of the many reasons Freemasonry is so dangerous are the vows and oaths. However many people only go through three levels of Masonic lodge, and do not understand much of what is being said and done. In the higher degrees and associations, vows are made directly to Lucifer but in one of his other names. As the oaths are taken verbally at the altar of Freemasonry, they must be verbally renounced and revoked before the altar of God, i.e. in sincere worship before Him.

There are many Masonic vows taken by verbal oaths, which are binding by blood. If these are not renounced by the Freemason, or someone in the family line, the person will not be released from its bondage. When a man leaves Freemasonry he is not released from his oaths, and there is no mechanism for unswearing them.

God has made provision for us in that by confession, repentance and renunciation in the all powerful name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we can release the blood of Jesus to wash away the power of these blood oaths, and we can call upon the Name of the Lord, to be totally delivered.

Those within Freemasonry, whether knowingly or unknowingly, actually perform occult rituals when they invoke the gods of pagan religions which are actually demons according to I Cor. 10:19-20. Therefore, the gods of the Hindu, Egyptian, Muslim, Buddhism religions are in fact demons. And when you dabble in the occult with the symbols and ritual, you invoke demons to your aid.

God has always required someone to take accountability for the unconfessed “sins of the fathers.” They need to be named and cleansed off or they remain unaccounted for. They need to be specifically taken to the Cross.

Renounce – out loud – all of your family’s involvement with Freemasonry, and any other Lodge, craft, secret society, or cult, etc. Declare that the curses and all lingering effects are stopped now, because of the Cross of Jesus Christ and the cleansing power of Jesus’ blood. Repent for your family from all involvement with these satanic rituals. Repent from any office that your family linage held in the Lodge, society or cult.

Our freedom has been won for us at the Cross of Calvary – but it has to be appropriated!

We need to completely renounce the devil’s hold over our lives, and our households. Verbalise out loud with the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ to Whom we belong. Declare uncompromisingly that no lingering demonic foothold will remain in our home and that no curse will any longer prosper against us. We have the authority to remove the demonic stronghold from ourselves, our families and upcoming generations through renunciation in the name of Jesus.

Any unforgiveness you are harboring over anyone binds you to the sin another has committed against you John 20:23: “Whosoever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them, and whosoever sins ye retain, they are retained”. Forgiveness cancels it and begins to undo its effect.

A significant number of people have reported having experienced receiving physical and spiritual healing as diverse as long-term headaches and epilepsy as a result of renunciation prayers. Christian counsellors and pastors in many countries have been using these prayers in counselling situations and seminars for several years, with real and significant results. The legal renunciations remove demonic licence grounds and close demonic doorways, opening the way for spiritual, emotional and physical healing to take place.

If you were once a member of a Masonic organisation or are a descendant of someone who was – known or unknown – it is recommended that you pray through the renunciation prayers from your heart. It helps to read it through first so you know what is involved. Some language used could be described as ‘quaint Old English’ and are the real terms used in the Masonic ritual.

It is best to pray these prayers out loud, if possible with a Christian witness present. A brief pause following each paragraph would allow the Holy Spirit to bring to mind any related issues which may require attention.

Was your family involved in Freemasonry or Eastern Star? Masons are also connected with Rosicrucians, and Knights Templar. The Rosicrucians are a legendary and secretive order dating from the 15th or 17th century, generally associated with the symbol of the Rose Cross, which is also used in certain rituals of the Freemasons. Several modern societies have been formed for the study of Rosicrucianism and allied subjects, but in no sense are they directly derived from the “Brethren of the Rosy Cross” of the 17th century, though they are keen followers thereof.

Masons are also present day Druids. Worship of the phallus is indicated by circle and point within circle. The square and compass symbolize the human reproductive organs, locked in coitus. In fact, during the rituals, the sharp point – of a compass or a dagger – is placed on their chest. Someone then asks, “Who comes?” to which candidate states, “A poor, blind beggar looking to move from darkness to the light of Freemasonry.” What actually come in are curses that curse your body, especially in the chest/lung/heart area. The origin of Masonic oaths is similar to Hindu temple worship. When you take an oath, you come under a great deception and are blinded.

There is an immense amount of cross-pollination between the Illuminati and Freemasonry and Masonry is connected to witchcraft in a spiritual pyramid. The Devil takes the weak and ignorant and opens them to the door to the occult. Pre-marital sex, abortion, illegal drug use, and dabbling in the occult and Satanism by children of Masons is a byproduct of their parents following idolatry.

The Masonic occult religion depends heavily upon Kabbalism, which is Jewish occultism that flowered during the Middle Ages (thirteenth century AD). Even the famous Mason Albert Pike confesses that “the Kabbalah is the key to occult sciences” and he claims that “all Masonic associations owe to it (Kabbalism) their Secrets and their symbols.”

Freemasons and the Occult – Can a Christian Be a Freemason?

Who are the Freemasons? Many of us know people who have joined the Freemasons, and attend meetings at the Mason lodges. There exists a widespread belief that the Freemasons are an offshoot of the Knights Templar, and that the Freemasons are doctrinally Christian. This is wrong. After extensive research, I have found many proofs that the Freemasons are not affiliated with any religion, and are actually guilty of heresy against the Christian faith and have roots in the occult. Here are a few shocking truths about freemasonry:

Several popes have threatened excommunication if any Catholic joins freemasonry. Beginning in 1738, with Pope Clement XII, and continuing to the present day, catholics are forbidden to join the Freemasons, and in doing so, they are in a state of grave sin and cannot take communion, and face a possible excommunication from the Church. The soon-to-be blessed Pope John Paul II was the last pope to publicly denounce freemasonry. Along with the Catholic church, over twenty different protestant denominations also prohibit its members from joining the Freemasons. Why such severity against the Freemasons from the Catholic church and Protestant churches? This alone provokes enough intrigue to study the acts of the Freemasons further.

Aleister Crowley, who titled himself, “the wickedest man in the world,” is recognized as the father of the occult. His theories have been implemented into both witchcraft and modern-day Satanism. Not only was Aleister Crowley the most famous occultist in the world, and author of many occult ritual books, he was also a Freemason, and member of the Golden Dawn, and Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O). Now, why would the world’s most wicked man, the father of modern-day occultism, be a member of the Freemasons? It is because the Freemasons are a secret occult society.

When members are initiated into the Freemasons, they must only express a belief in a “Supreme Being.” Freemasonry does this because it is irrelevant what God the initiate believes in because they are going to show the initiate the “light,” the truth about God, whom they call ” The Grand Architect of the Universe.” Freemasonry does not explicitly advocate any one religion, because as masons progress through the different degrees, they learn the masonic truth that Adonay, the Christian God, is the God of evil and suffering, while Lucifer is the God of good and light. Even when members are initiated into the Freemasons, they are blindfolded and told that they are leaving the darkness and entering into the light.

Albert Pike, a 33rd degree mason, has said of freemasonry, on July 14th, 1889 to the 23 Supreme Councils of the world, ” The masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine.” In his book, Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike propagates heresy against the Christian faith by saying,” To prevent the light from escaping at once, the demons forbade Adam to eat the fruit of ‘knowledge of good and evil,’ by which he would have known the Empire of Light and that of Darkness. He obeyed; and Angel of Light induced him to transgress, and gave him the means of victory, but the demons created Eve, who seduced him into an act of sensualism, that enfeebled him, and bound him anew in the bonds of matter.”

Remember, the Bible says, ” No wonder, for Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” ( 2 Corinthians 11:14). These are only a few of the facts that link freemasonry to the occult, and the worshiping of Lucifer as God. A true Christian cannot join the Freemasons because the Freemasons are in opposition doctrinally. It is important to share this information with anyone who believes that the Freemasons are a secret society of Christians, or that freemasonry itself is not a religion. Freemasonry is, as announced by its highest degree members, a religion of luciferianism, meaning it has as its God, Lucifer, also known to Christians, as Satan, the deceiver.

The list of Freemasonry Orders includes but is not limited to:


Acacia Fraternity
American Lodge of Research
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Ancient Order of Foresters
Ancient Toltec Rite
Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots
Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks
Buffalo Lodge
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Golden Key International Honour Society
Grand College of Rites of the U.S.A.
High Twelve International
Holy Order of Knights Beneficent of the Holy City
Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
Independent Order of Foresters
Independent Order of Oddfellows
Independent Order of Rechabites
Knights of Columbus
Knights of Pythias
Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine
Legion of Honour
Low Twelve Clubs
Loyal Order of Moose
Masonic Clubs
Masonic Relief Association of the USA
Masonic Service Association of the Mutual Guild
Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm
National Sojourners
Orange Lodge (Ireland)
Order of Desoms
Order of Red Men
Order of Knight Masons (of Ireland)
Order of the Golden Chain
Order Templi Orientis
Philalethes Society
Rite of Memphiz and Mitzraim
Royal Arch Mariners
Royal Order of Jesters
Tall Cedars of Lebanon
Woodsmen of the World
York Rite


Ancient Egyptian Order of Princesses of Sharemkhu
Daughters of Mokanna
Daughters of the Nile and White Shrine
Order of Amaranth
Order of Eastern Star
Order of Golden Dawn
Order of Rebekah lodges
Order of the Ladies Oriental Shrine
White Shrine of Jerusalem


Baden Powell’s Scouts
Constellation of Junior Stars
Daughters of the Eastern Star
Order of Builders
Order of Demolay
Order of the Rainbow for Girls
University or college Fraternity or Sorority with Greek and Masonic connections

Even the Scouts and Girl Guides have their roots in Lord Baden Powells’s Freemasonry. He was a prominent member of the Lodge of the Grand Orient. There is a Baden Powell Lodge. Most Scouts and Guides are required to repeat a pledge on entrance to the movement. The Bible says we are not to swear at all. Yes, the principles of these movements have many positive attributes but there are some aspects that need to be repented of. The Three finger salute is a recognized witchcraft symbol. This is used in the Scouts.

The Order of the Eastern Star is for wives, daughters and female relatives of Master Masons. The Eastern Star is an inverted five-pointed star also known as a pentagram. It is a very powerful magical device used in witchcraft and satanism. This order was created by Dr. Rob Morris, a leading Mason, who was known as a “Masterbuilder” of the Order. Every ritual and oath of the Order of Eastern Star is based upon the oaths and rituals of Freemasonry. It is a Masonic order.

The oaths and rituals of the Order bind the lady to the Masonic brotherhood: “Whatever benefits are due from Masons to wives, daughters … reciprocal duties are due from them to Masons.” Members of the Order of Eastern Star take oaths of silence and secrecy … “By it you bind yourself to the most solemn secrecy respecting the work of the Order, and to that performance.”

Through drugs and occult techniques of the Seers, the so-called “third eye” would be opened, not just partially (as in psychics) but completely. This “eye”,… is felt to be the point of contact between humans and Lucifer-consciousness. It is supposedly located in the forehead, above and between the two visible eyes. To “open” the eye a little bit is to experience psychic powers. To open the eye completely is to have your brain flooded with the “pure” consciousness of Lucifer himself. This is why one of the Masonic symbols is the “All-Seeing Eye”. It is a symbol of illumination.

In it, you acquire a “personal relationship” with Lucifer. You begin to think his thoughts and see with his eyes. You begin to look at humans the way he does. It is not a pretty experience!

Break the power of the Kundalini serpent, or snake: The occult ancient wisdom offers so-called “redemption” by being bitten at the base of the brain by Lucifer, The Kundalini serpent force passes upwards through the body into the brain to produce spiritistic “illumination.” Manly P. Hall also made the occult “tradition” reference to the serpent doctrine when he wrote, “Through him {the initiate Master Mason} passes … the great snake …”

That “energy” is identifiable as the “Force” which Albert Pike identified as Satan. In fact, the Kundalini force is identified as a serpent force which travels up the spinal cord in mystical techniques such as in Kundalini yoga. Howard clearly identifies the illumination of the brain of the occult tradition as occurring under the auspices of Lucifer, the Devil.

The power of the Kundalini – The process begins with the candidate in the “human form” and the process of illumination ends with a “risen Master,” the incarnation of the disincarnate Lucifer-associated spirit “permeating the brain-mind” of the human body, resulting in the “Master” discarnate demon “rising” in the flesh, or as some would put it, on the physical plane. The substance of Masonry’s re-incarnation is that the gradual, step by step, degree by degree take-over of a person by Lucifer-associated entities or spirits incarnates the demon-spirit in the flesh of the human, and it is the demon-spirit which lives on when the human’s subverted body is no longer capable of being sustained. 33rd degree, had a very interesting comment in this regard, as to what happens when the human organism dies which has been thoroughly “transmuted” or taken over. In other words, the invading spirit which drives the “brain-mind” evidently imparts those thoughts which it wishes to the human vehicle and a process of co-option follows. The human serves as a “host” to a discarnate demon entity which survives the death of the host human body.

What appears to be far more sinister than the conventional “possession” of a person by a demon spirit is the Masonic gradualism involved in the transformation and imprinting of the human brain by the transforming force of the demon, and a further transmutation of the person by means of a step by step development of “co-consciousness” with the Luciferian spirit and potential take-over. This appears to differ significantly from cases where, for example, a person might be victimized by demon possession and later return to consciousness while lacking recollection of what took place. Thus, the “evolution” which spirit guides facilitate through humans by “opening” the “psychic eye,” whether in association with the Masonic Lodges or other association, represents the sinister process of corrupting the individual with consciousness of Lucifer-associated spirits. The co-operative process of using one’s own mind to further the process as a “bridge” is how Hall referred to it.

Masonry, ruled by the Super Rite in which Lucifer or other demon spirit entities “flood” the initiate’s consciousness, demonstrates direct influence and control by Lucifer, the god of Masonry, over the Masonic organization and machinery. If a judge in an American court does not belong to the Illuminati, he can, nevertheless, be very useful to the Masonic “machinery” having taken the Royal Arch Degree oath in which he has sworn to obstruct or pervert justice, if need be. If a judge, as a 33rd degree Mason, has sworn his highest allegiance to the Supreme Council, he is no less useful. The Masonic machine functions such that both Palladian Luciferians and those who are not, act in concert.

Illuminati – different levels and are below the great brotherhood

The great strength of our order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is fitter than the three lower degrees of Free Masonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it. Next to this, the form of a learned or literary society is best suited to our purpose, and had Free Masonry not existed, this cover would have been employed; and it may be much more than a cover, it may be a powerful engine in our hands.

This super-rite, which is Masonic luciferian spiritism, must not be confused with the machinery of high Masonry. … High Masonry is a supreme administration involving an organization much more highly developed than Palladism whose secret leaders, some of whom are not luciferian, act in concert and accept a superior central authority in order that their work may be the more effective.” Thus, even 33rd degree Masons who are not engaged in Palladian luciferian practices act in concert with those who dominate over Freemasonry through that diabolical rite.

The “operative” Masons of medieval Europe built and subverted towering cathedrals with silent subversion. The “speculative” Masonry which spread from England provided a well-oiled machine or vehicle for revolution for the Illuminati’s “ultimate secret society” to rule the world by a “New Hierarchy.” Guidance by “Secret Orders of initiates” of pagan mystery religion has been shaping not only their immediate domain of secret societies, but has been steering a monstrous Plan which ultimately has every individual at “ground zero” of the conspiracy. The third stage into which Masonry is classified is that which 33rd degree Mason Foster Bailey reveals as “spiritual Masonry,” put to writing in 1957 in his book, The Spirit of Masonry.

Having in mind the horrifying “spirituality” or “Masonic luciferian spiritism” which rules Freemasonry at the highest levels, one has more than a clue as to the substance of what the third general phase, or “spiritual Masonry” involves.

“A Golden Age,” … but in virtue of which men were once in conscious conversation with the unseen world and were shepherded, taught and guided by the “gods” or discarnate superintendents of the infant race, who imparted to them the sure and indefeasible principles upon which their spiritual welfare and evolution depended.

The Masonic philosophy that “man is a god in the making” translates to the hierarchical objective that the body of man or woman is the object of a god in the incarnating.

Man is a god in the making, and as in the mystic myths of Egypt, on the potter’s wheel he is being moulded. When his light shines out to lift and preserve all things, he receives the triple crown of godhood, and joins that throng of Master Masons who, in their robes of blue and gold, are seeking to dispel the darkness of night with the triple light of the Masonic lodge.

Opening Portals and Dimensions

The Illuminati have six branches of learning, and the spiritual (where the sacrifices are done) is only ONE part of what they do. High level Masons and Illuminatis believe in spiritual dimensions, and that to pass into them, first a major sacrifice is done to “open a portal”, usually several animals. There is a much firsthand evidence that within the complicated structure of Freemasonry, the Illuminati and Satanism and witchcraft, where shockingly horrific things are routinely done to babies, small and older children – which are even specifically bred – for various purposes in various rituals, including what is known as “satanic ritual abuse”.

For irrefutable photographic and other evidence that freemasonry is connected with the occult and witchcraft, please visit the following link

Prayer of Release from Freemasonry II – Ancestral

Prayer of Release from Freemasonry III – Degrees

Prayer of Release from Freemasonry IV – The Masonic Order of the Rose Croix and the Knights Templar

Prayer of Release from the Stronghold of the Baphomet (Freemasonry, the Occult, the New Age, Sexual Sin, Rape, etc.)

More prayers against freemasonry etc. can be found using Google

Excellent short prayer against freemasonry

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11 Responses to Prayer of Release from Freemasonry I – General Information

  1. Sam says:


    I just wanted to know how it is you know the Golden Key International Honours Society island with freemasonry, where can I verify this? I was recently sent a letter by them in the mail and it stank of freemasonry, but want to understand it further.

    Also I saw the Don Moen thing, and I haven’t trusted him for a long time (as I saw him singing with Benny Hinn), but the information provided in the link is dangerously general and subjective. I would encourage you to endorse more solid examples of apostasy.

    Love in the Lord,


  2. Sam says:


    Thanks for the reply, I would really like to have that information about the Golden Key International Honour Society and it’s link to Freemasonry.

    I checked out your link, the link had no evidence but opinion. Even the previous link with the set square and compass with the “hiding place” definition was so subjective the same rules could be applied to many innocent covers and things could be read into it. The goat being in the background does not “make it clear to anybody that he is a freemason”, I’m ‘anybody’ quite versed in freemasonry and a christian. I know you and some of your readers see this in it, but to the discerning person the basis for making a serious claim like this is simply not firm. Masonry is a devil worshipping society, and Don Moen may be involved in it. I can’t prove that but I have seen information (not here) that tells me to steer clear of him. Simple as that.

    Anyway I am not trying to quarrel with you, simply trying to caution you as I see the relevance in having christians aware of these issues. The information about the Golden Key Society would be much appreciated. All the best in your research brother. It is a sometimes difficult road to go down.

    Love in the Lord,


  3. William says:

    THANKS for all this information .
    My name is William Draper , I am just learning how much my life has been negatively effected from contacts with FREEMASONS , which I had no idea , my step father 1966 – 76 must have been one . People who FORCED KIDNAPPED my Children who were with their mother, Air Force Colonel Frese 1990 , that family surely is , and then the people who set our house on FIRE 2015 Greek Freemason owner of a NAPA AUTO most likely suspect . Today I work signs on the street corners in Jacksonville, Florida and write on Twitter “Yahweh_is_Love” had 2 houses 3 years ago , I live in a tent now . My step father was somehow affiliated with the MOOSE LODGE , and used to own Auto Junk Yard in NEW YORK .

    Release from one’s vow , I believe that would be quite a simple thing , once you really become a Christian , YOU KNOW YOU JUST CAN’T BE A PART OF IT ANYMORE , it is at this time , one really prays for forgiveness , and the OATH after all was a FARCE to begin with . But to rid yourself of demonic possession or influence will require much time for some people , as they have to unlearn the trained conditioning of their heart and mind , some of course it could be an almost overnight experience .

    By the way , the cross turning like it does , I believe in Jesus , but giving so much admiration of the instrument of death .

    • Same person William , Williamfdraper @ proton , I write on twitter. ” Yahweh_is_Love ” see also ” Complain_2_EPA ” FREEMASON NAPA AUTO by my Mothers house incorporating illegal practices , and CRIMINAL

    • Frankie22 says:

      Yah bless you.

      Whomever thumbed this down, shame on you.

      I pray you’ll be blessed and at peace… even though this post by you is dated.

  4. stung!!! says:

    Did anyone else hear the Fifth trumpet of God Almighty sound when oil wells were lit ablaze during “Operation Desert Storm”?
    During the Gulf War when all the oil wells were lit ablaze I was attacked by a demon on three separate occasions all at night. This is what happened. While I slept a demon flew through my window and attack me. The spirit inside me fought this demon briefly until I awoke. Then it made me take over. I leaped out of bed trying to defend myself. This demon was horrid and spun circles around me thrashing through my soul with its hands, then it left as fast as it came. The demon radiated from the pains associated with the abyss. He was like a coal pulled from the fire, with the pains of the abyss Rev 9, 3. This attack happened on three separate occasions as I have stated. all on separate nights during the time frame when the oil wells had been lit ablaze in the Middle East. The third time it attacked me however was different from the rest. As before the demon attacked me, but this time I had enough since to command it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. What happened next is even more amazing. After commanding this demon to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit delivered me outside my bedroom into the hallway. The demon followed. We were brought into the presence of the Lord. The Demon stood to my left and grabbing my hand, it placed its tail on top of my left hand. It was the sting of the scorpion and it went like this. It sent waves of fire through my soul Rev 9, 10. The pain was so sever that I couldn’t scream. Unconditionally, I looked straight up and said “Father please help me”. The demon then left.
    This all happened after being seduced into trying transcendental meditation, which caused spiritual bondage to witchcraft / demonic forces. Maybe the spiritual bondage occurred after playing a Ouija board or Tarot cards as a young boy. I’m not quite sure. They appeared at that time just to be games, and were sold in the kids section at stores or at least the Ouija board was. I had a lot of spiritual warfare after participating in these so called “games”. What I am sure of is that prior to being attacked by this demon, I was forced to go through the Illuminati’s esoteric initiation performed through altered states of consciousness / transcendental meditation assisted with witchcraft / demonic forces. Why I say demonic forces is that I believe all witchcraft to be the powers of demons / the Devil. I was forced to go through said esoteric initiation through methods including witchcraft, demonology, and subversive acts of terrorism. The methods of witchcraft included mind control / manipulation, heart palpitations, witchcraft dreams causing sleep depravation, powerful visions, and many other forms. In said ceremony I was instructed to except the worship of one of their many “demonic gods”. They informed me that in excepting one of there gods I accepted them all. One of there gods was the Devil, another they named Jesus, but they appeared to have a demon for every occasion. They informed me through methods of telepathy , that in accepting the worship of one, I accepted them all. What better way to join all religions of the world together under one banner of 666 spiritually enslaving society?
    David Spengler of the United Nations says that all people must go through a esoteric initiation and worship Lucifer to enter the New Age of Enlightenment. Helen Blavatsky calls it a Christ like consciousness, universal mind set. Benjamin Cream states that after said initiation all its members will be able to hear ancient wisdom spoken telepathically at the same moment by ascended Masters. I knew nothing of this group at that time or there Luciferian agenda of a One World Government. Take a guess what method is used for this initiation? I bet you know now. Have you heard of the New Age Movement, or its affiliation with “Free” Masonry? Do you know what a unholy baptism is or the term Kundalini.
    To the best of my knowledge this is the method Satan’s Secret Society uses to distribute the “spiritual mark of the beast”, and cause spiritual captivity Revelation 13, 10. Have you received your spiritual stamp of acceptance? If so, did you take it on the forehead becoming a spiritual slave of evil, or on the right hand a servant of the Devil himself? Does this sound hard to believe? Here are a few scriptures giving in sight. Revelation 13, 10, If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go . This is spiritual captivity to witchcraft / demonic forces. Naham 3, 4, who enslaved nations by her witchcraft. Revelation 18, 23, By your magic spell all nations were led astray. Hebrews 2:15 states by there fear of death they are held in bondage. Witchcraft / demonic powers are very real. Thank you Jesus for the Holy spirit and your Angels.
    There is a way out, but it has been difficult for me. Revelation 12, 11, Those who overcame, overcame by the blood of the lamb and the “word” of their testimony. They didn’t love their own lives so much as to shrink from death. Hebrews 2, 15, By their fear of death they are held in spiritual captivity / bondage. Satan’s “Secret” Society isn’t very secret anymore! It is like a giant octopus with many tentacles reaching far and wide.
    Here is the rest of the story. Three to four nights later the demon returned in the early am @ about 3am. He wasn’t alone, Satan / Apollyon and the demon’s twin brother was with him. They hovered in the air above the ground, before the olive tree in our back yard. I could see them as the spirit in me manifested them to me! Satan hovered in the middle while the demons were on either side of him. The demon on his left had been thrown into the lake of fire for what he did to me. He radiated like a coal pulled from the fire what seemed to be 15’x15′. He was lit up like a Christmas tree! Graciously yours baptized by fire the witness! Who will believe this testimony? God will be my witness! Located in California. Recommended information Fake truth Movement Exposed 1-12 on you tube. It has insight into who has received the spiritual stamp on their right hand.

  5. Malcolm Wilson says:

    Shalom and thank you for your much needed information and prayer guidelines for breaking the stronghold of Freemasonry and its associated curses.
    My enquiry is to find/locate a NON exhaustive list of ailments associated with Freemasonry mentally, physically Spiritually resulting in blockages to spiritual maturity. I was recently delivered through ministry but see blockage in others.
    Kind regards
    Malcolm Wilson

    • Demons have any number of ways in which they can get to us which are likely to be chosen according to weaknesses and fears, etc. and according to what licence grounds they have and to which extent.

      Freemasonry may seem to be harmless enough but unfortunately, it is very far from that and even dabbling in it can result in any number of major and minor problems which are likely to be mental, emotional and physical in nature, and both short and long-term. Complete deliverance could take some time, even years, as it may need to be carried out in ‘layers’. That would depend on a number of factors including whether it runs in the family. In fact, freemasonry will appear to a greater or less extent in one form or another in most family trees and so the Prayer To Renounce Family Iniquity would be helpful to most of us, if not all of us. The renunciation prayers will definitely help.

      This is due to the evil nature of the beast, and especially the blood oaths. For an in-depth explanation as to why, we would like to quote from this website:

      “Freemasons are, upon first entering the lodge as an initiate, required to make a “blood oath”, not to reveal any of the “secrets” learned while in the Lodge, under no less a penalty than having his “throat cut from ear to ear, ”or his “bowels cut open, and thrown to the beasts of the field,” or “the top of his head smote off, and his brains exposed to the midday sun,” or “his heart torn out, and buried in the sand at high water mark, where the tide flows twice per day,” (depending on his degree of initiation).

      “Freemasonry developed from Egyptian pagan worship, and is a thinly veiled form of a combination of witchcraft, phallic worship, paganism, pantheism and Luciferianism (Satanism) that its (secret) overall goals are (1) the progressive destruction of Christianity, and (2) the establishment of a one-world government.

      “This oath is taken by Freemasons entering the 7thdegree, where they take a blood oath to at all times “protect his brother masons, whether they be right or wrong, murder and treason excepted, and even they be at my election.”

      “We shall unleash the Nihilists and the Atheists, and we shall create a formidable social cataclysm, which in all its horror, will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, the origin of savagery, and the most bloody turmoil.

      “Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilisation, and the multitudes, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass (direction), anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the pure light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement, which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” Statement by General Albert Pike, international head of Freemasonry, and also international head of the Illuminati, in a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871.

      “ ……Yes, Lucifer is God. . . .” A further statement of the same General Pike, a Satanist, in his book, “Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry”, which is still the “reference bible” for all Freemasons throughout the world.”

    • Frankie22 says:

      I utilised this at one time

      Prayer of Release from Freemasonry

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