How to Help Those In the Occult

Christians should not be fearful of those who are or have been involved in the occult. These people are lost and need to be shown how to find Jesus Christ.

Generally, people have been deceived as to what is and isn’t witchcraft. Many today do not even realise that there are many apparently innocent things that are to all intents and purposes firmly categorised as witchcraft because they do not understand that the true definition of witchcraft is not just to cast spells – with good or bad intentions – but to control and manipulate reality. So there is no such thing as white witchcraft or anything like it and whatever it is made out to be, it would still be classed as witchcraft. Even if it is only following something which is a type of witchcraft. There is even Christian witchcraft which is prominent today.

Show them the scripture in Deuteronomy 18 where God condemns witchcraft, then show them Galatians 5:19 – 20 which confirms that. Then show them there is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus if they repent of their sin and accept Jesus as Lord of all. God says they will become a new creation in Christ by doing this. There is no need to argue theology because they often know about that.  What they really need is to know the real Jesus.

A former Wiccan leader who now runs a Christian ministry to reach those in witchcraft and related groups says that any Christian who is afraid to witness to a witch needs to go back to their Bible and learn it properly.

What Can We Say About Spiritualism?

1.         Spiritualism can be selfish and self-centred, as often people seek for what they can get out of it, rather than serving or giving to others. One commentator described spiritualism as attempting to obtain heavenly superannuation on easy terms.

2          It is materialistic, seeking a type of heaven which is very earthly and rather limited. One could agree with the comment that it’s a case of tired spirits in search of a spa. The supposed afterlife of the spiritualist seems very close to the old Scandinavian concept of Valhalla, or perhaps even the Moslem’s paradise.

3.         Spiritualism is dangerous  because it fails to discern the difference between good and bad spirits, and seems to accept blindly everything revealed regardless of source. Very often it takes no account of the sinfulness of a large part of the angelic world and most human beings, as if sinfulness does not exist.  Spiritualism is dangerous to sanity, spiritually toxic and a menace to real faith in the true God.

4.         The revelations by these spirits tell little or nothing about God, so it is untheological. The God of the Bible is the only reputable guarantee of the survival of the human soul after death, yet this is barely mentioned by spiritualists.

5.         Spiritualism shows it does not trust in God, and actually distrusts Him. Spiritualists seem to prefer an experimental substitute in place of the certainties explained by God in His word, the Bible. When Jesus explains in Luke 16 about death and the life which follows, His basic message is that no message from the dead can replace or supplant a living faith in the Risen Saviour.

6.         As most of the claims regarding spiritualist phenomena are outside normal human experience, they are difficult if not impossible to prove or disprove. There is plenty of evidence of fraud in seances and other practices. Much is self-deception, and little is really proven about the possibility of tapping into other people’s thoughts while bypassing other senses, or using telepathy. However, demonic contact is clearly evident and we need to be aware of the consequences. In a nutshell, spiritualism is not proven scientifically. God forbids it in the Bible so it is out of bounds, and extremely serious warnings are given, we are clearly told that we dabble in it at our peril.

7.         Real faith, including any future life after death, believes in the character of God and His promises. Beliefs such as those of spiritualists attempting to communicate with the spirits of the dead are unnecessary and dangerous.

8.         Spiritualism contains many elements which are suspicious or even ridiculous. Why hold a seance in the dark so the tricks can’t be seen? A truly spiritual faith can never depend on materialistic proofs.

9.         Spiritualism is probably the most prominent symptom of social decline, and indicates the final stages of a long process of spiritual decay. History has already clearly shown it to be spiritually terminal on both individuals and societies which embrace it.

How To Pray Effectively For Spiritualists And Occultists

The first matter to understand is that the battle is spiritual. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood (your relative/friend) but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12). You are not fighting your loved one. They are in spiritual bondage. You are going to deal with the demonic spirits which blind and deafen them to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and which prevent them responding to Him.

Make sure there is no unconfessed sin in your life. If there is, renounce it and get right with God.

Then know your authority in Christ to overcome all the power of the evil ones. “I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions (demons), and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.” (Luke 10:19-20).

If possible, ask another Christian believer to agree with you in prayer. “…If two of you agree on earth concerning anything you ask, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:19).  If you are alone, and have no-one to agree with you, you can ask Jesus or the Holy Spirit to agree with you.

Pray to God in the name of the Saviour Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit directs you.

Bind the principal demonic strongman, “The Spirit of Deception,” in the name of Jesus Christ. “Assuredly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven…” (Matthew 18:18). Other demonic spirits which need to be bound include; antichrist,  the Jezebel spirit, divination, false religion, sorcery, unbelief, witchcraft, etc.

To cast them out effectively, it helps if you can call them out by name whether specific or generic such as spirit of fear or spirit of depression.

While there is only one Satan, there are billions of satanic demons of varying rank and power, including many demon princes – deliverance ministers often come across a demon calling itself Lucifer – in a hierarchical army with connections to communicate with each other, pretty much like the internet, which makes them formidable foes.  However none of them are ever any match for the name of Jesus.

Ask God to release and loose them from these demonic spirits and all others which control them. “…Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 18:18). Also you will need to renounce and break, in the name of Jesus Christ, every curse, (including all ancestral and inherited curses) which the person is under.

There are links to recommended deliverance prayers and ministries at the foot of this blog.  Omega Man and Watchman Radio programmes frequently air mass deliverances by highly experience pastors (such as John Kyle) which work very well.  Win Worley’s deliverance video is excellent and available on Youtube.

Be assured that God will be at work in their lives to release them from their bondage. Pray for their salvation, in faith. If the person is a family member, God’s promise to you is to “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved, you and your household” (Acts 16:31). If they are not a family member, God gives another promise for you to appropriate in prayer for them. “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise …but is long-suffering towards us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9) and “God our Saviour… desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy, 2:4). God’s Word is plain, He doesn’t want your relative or friend who has been involved in spiritualism to perish. God wants them saved, and we have a commission from Him to find out how and then to do the job in prayer.

Keep on praying in faith for your relative or friend. Experience shows that perseverance produces the best results, so don’t be discouraged if there are no positive signs for a while. Ask the Lord to make Himself known to them and to make His word alive to them.

Prayer And Action Of Renunciation

Check your possessions in your home, garden, any outbuildings, garage, transport and workplace, against the occult and cursed objects list available on a link at the end of this article.

If you have ever been involved in any occult practices or organisations, or if you have in your possession anything to do with any occult practice, therapy or organisation or any cursed objects in your home (which would include any items such as clothing or jewellery, or even a book or leaflet connected with any occult practice), then you will need to repent of these involvements before God and ask for His forgiveness.

It is essential to sever any and all ties with any occult organisation or practice – and sometimes due to something called ‘unholy soul ties’ – anyone and everyone connected to them. Then remove every single related item from your home.  It is important not to give away or sell any such items, but to unceremoniously destroy them by fire (removing the ashes from the property), or destroy and dispose of them in the refuse.

Plead guilty without excuse, confess with your mouth (out loud) that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead” (Romans 10:9). Then ask Jesus to come in and be Lord of all of your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill you, removing all traces of the deceptions of spiritualism, to help you understand the Bible the way God wrote it, and to help you build up your relationship with Jesus daily.

In the name of Jesus Christ, bind the relevant spirits and cast them out and cut them off from you and your family. If you have difficulty doing this for yourself, or finding a church local to you, then you have several options.

As it is God who delivers in the name of Jesus, audio deliverances work perfectly and in some respects are even better than personal. There are a number of deliverance ministries on Facebook just be careful that you chose one that keeps strictly to the Bible. We  highly recommend John Kyle of Oasis Ministries and there are dozens of his deliverances linked to from the foot of the page in the column on the far left, and you may wish to listen to a number of them so you can learn about self-deliverance which can also work perfectly.

Find Bible-believing Born Again Christians and spend time with them. Explain to them you are coming out of deception and need their encouragement and support at least until you are firmly on your feet. If some disappoint you – probably through not understanding your need, as not all Christians know or understand about this – don’t be put off, there are caring and knowledgeable Christians around who can and will help and you may need to search to find one.

The best resort is anyway – if we are able because everyone is different and some need others – not to rely on man at all. If we turn as fully and completely as possible to God through his Precious Son Jesus, who if we turn to him with all our heart, and rely on Him completely, will never let us down.

Summary: We Each Have A Choice!

It all comes back to one decision – do you choose to believe the Bible or not? Those whose choice is to reject the Bible and all it contains, despite the overwhelming evidence of its reliability, have consequences to face sometime in the future, maybe sooner than they think.

What if …

  • The Bible is not true?
  • There isn’t a creator God?
  • Jesus isn’t the only saviour?
  • There is no such thing as sin, therefore no judgement for sin either?
  • What would someone lose if they believed the Bible, yet it was later proved wrong?

Personally, I doubt they would lose much, because the morality of parts such as the Ten Commandments and Jesus’ teaching about loving others would, if lived out, make this world a better place. That person would also have a sense of personal worth and integrity.

But if …

  •  The Bible is true.
  • A creator God did make each of us in His own image.
  • Jesus really did die for our sins.
  • Jesus is coming again soon.
  • There is a Judgement Day where we must each give an account.
  • And, the result of that Judgement Day is an eternal existence either in heaven
    with God or in a hell of regret and remorse without Him, or death.

Then what do we stand to lose if all this is true yet we reject it?

Effectively we each have three votes. God has one which He has cast for our eternal benefit. Satan has one which he has cast for our eternal destruction. Every human being has the last vote, and must choose to vote with God or Satan – so we get the casting vote. Who will you vote for? You, the reader, now have a choice to make.

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