Prayer for Controlling Father / Mother

[A controlling mother usually means dealing with Jezebellic spirit. Have to break spiritual umbilical cords between mother and son.  This is an ungodly control.  Probably a spirit of Ahab is established over you and keeping you the way you are.]

Heavenly Father we come to the throne of grace.  Thank you Jesus you are a wonderful counsellor.  Thank you Holy Spirit you can lead us.  So Lord please lead us in this confession and please destroy any legal grounds the enemy has in your child’s life.  He wants to be blessed and Father you want to bless Him.  Lord, please deal with whatever is stopping the blessing.

[Jesus, forgive me for getting in to a relationship in such an ungodly way and having a sexual relationship before marriage.]

I declare my life free from any word curse spoken over me by my mother.  I forgive my mother for controlling me and manipulating me and frustrating me and binding me up spiritually so that I cannot get married.  Jesus, bless my mother and I pray she will walk in your ways.  I break every curse which was established and blocking me now from getting married.  Thank you Jesus as you were made a curse on the cross that I might be free.  I bind the strongman and command those demons to come out.  The spirit of control of mother, the curse of not getting married, I uproot you, I rebuke you, in the name of Jesus.

In Jesus’ name, I break the spiritual umbilical cords linking me to my mother, and all the cords of control, in the name of Jesus.  I break the curse of Jezebel, the rule of Jezebel over my life.  I break the curse of Ahab.  I break the curse of the destruction of the family priesthood.  I break any other curse binding me up that keeps me from getting married.  I declare I am free from all those curses and command all connected and related spirits to leave me right now in the name of Jesus Christ.

I bind the strongman and the gatekeeper and command the spirit of Ahab to come out now in Jesus’ name.  Curse of not getting married, fear of not getting married.  I rebuke you right now in Jesus’ name.

Heavenly Father I ask you to forgive me for my father, and everybody on both sides of my family for all their sexual and other sins and addictions.  I confess all sexual sins, fornication, adultery, incest, sexual perversion of any kind, masturbation and pornography, spiritual adultery.  I break all those curses and bind the ruling spirit over sexual lust, I bind the ruling spirits over all addictions in the name of Jesus Christ.  I declare that you demons were defeated at the cross and I command all the spirits of sexual lust to keep leaving me now.  Come out of my mind all the sexual fantasies, in the name of Jesus.

I break soul ties and power of all pornography, and rebuke every spirit in me that is not the spirit of God and break their power, in the name of Jesus.  I bind the power of sexual mind control.  You evil spirit of sexual lust, the blood of Jesus Christ is against you, I don’t want you, come out of my mind, my will, my emotions, out of my eyes, my tongue, my hands, every part of my body.  I loose angels to attack you day and night until you leave, in Jesus’s name.  I pray the same attack on all spirits of addiction, I confess it as a sin and command these spirits to leave me now in the name of Jesus.

Thank you Father for delivering me. Amen.

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