The 254 versions of the English Bible 1881-2010

Since Westcott and Hort compiled their own Greek New Testament (published in 1881) there has been over two hundred and fifty English Bible versions. Only a very few of these are based on the Received Text or have the AV text.

As you can see, it’s gone from “let’s make the Bible easier to understand!” to “let’s change the Bible to fit you!” If you’re black, or a child, a teen, a woman, a farmer, a nerd, or a homosexual then we’ve got a version specially designed for you! If you’re a Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, or Mormon we’ve got a special version for you!

People should change to fit the Bible, not the other way around. These versions do not have any evidence of bringing revival, only confusion and division to the body of Christ. They remove, muddy, and alter key verses that affect vital doctrines such as the blood atonement, the deity of Christ, salvation, and the role of Christ in our lives.

We need to get back to the old Authorized King James Version that brought about the greatest revivals of the last 2,000 years. Millions were saved and Christians lived right under the preaching of the AV. It has the seal, blessing, and authority of God on it.  Ecclesiastes 8:4, “Where the word of a king is, there is power…”

Here is a list of some of them, preceded by the year in which they were published.

1881 Revised Version.

1881 Jewish Family Bible (OT); Michael Friedlander.

1881 The New Testament Englished; William Crickmer.

1883 The New Testament; Cortes Jackson.

1884 The Englishman’s Bible; Thomas Newberry. [AV]

1885 The Teaching and Acts of Jesus of Nazareth and His Apostles (NT); W.D. Dillard.

1885 The New Covenant (NT); John Hanson.

1885 A New Translation; John Darby.

1885 A translation of the Old Testament Scriptures from the original Hebrew; Helen Spurrell.

1893 Scriptures, Hebrew and Christian; John Peters and Edward Bartlett.

1892 Biblia Innocentium; John Mackail.

1897 The New Testament Emphasized; Horace Morrow.

1897 The New Dispensation (NT); Robert Weekes.

1898 American Revised Version.

1898 The Woman’s Bible.

1901 The Historical New Testament, James Moffatt.

1901 American Standard Version

1901 The Modem American Bible; Frank Ballentine

1902 Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek; W.B. Godbey.

1902 The Testament of our Lord (NT); James Cooper and A.J. MacLean.

1902 Twentieth Century New Testament.

1902 The Emphasized Bible; Joseph Rotherham.

1903 The Holy Bible: Marginal Readings Adopted.

1903 The New Testament in Modern Speech; Richard Wey¬mouth.

1903 The Holy Bible in Modern English; Ferrar Fenton.

1904 The Corrected English New Testament; Samuel Lloyd.

1904 The New Testament Revised and Translated; Adolphus Worrell.

1906 The New Testament; Thomas Lindsay.

1907 The Modern Reader’s Bible; Richard Moulton.

1908 The Holy Bible for Daily Reading; J.W. Genders.

1909 The University New Testament; S. Townsend Weaver.

1909 The Shorter Bible.

1909 The Bible in Modem English (NT); Frank Ballentine

1910 The Restored New Testament; James Pryse.

1911 The 1911 Tercentenary Commemoration Bible.

1912 The Holy Bible: An Improved Edition.

1913 The Literary Man’s New Testament, W.L. Courtney.

1913 The New Testament; Edward Clarke

1913 Westminster Version of the Sacred Scriptures (WVSS)

1914 The New Covenant (NT); Edward Cunnington.

1914 The New Testament from the Greek text as established by Bible Numerics; Ivan Panin.

1916 The Historical Bible; Charles Kent.

1916 The Twenty-Four Books of the Old Testament; Alexander Harkavy.

1917 The Holy Scriptures According to the Masoretic Text (OT).

1918 The New Testament; Henry Anderson.

19l9 The Messages of the Bible; Frank Sanders and Charles Kent.

1919 The Adelphi New Testament; E.E. Cunnington.

1921 A Plain Translation of the New Testament; By a student.

1921 The Shorter Bible.

1922 The Children’s Bible; Henry Sherman and Charles Kent.

1922 A Plainer Bible (NT); Frank Ballentine.

1923 Simplified New Testament; D.A. Sommer.

1923 The Riverside New Testament; William Ballantine.

1924 Centenary Translation of the New Testament; Helen Montgomery.

1924 The Everyday Bible; Charles Sheldon.

1924 The Older Children’s Bible.

1924 The New Covenant: Labor Determinative Version (NT).

1925 The People’s New Covenant (NT); Arthur Overbury.

1926 The Holy Bible: A New Translation (NT); James Moffatt.

1926 A New Translation (by James Moffatt) (MNT)

1926 Concordant Version (NT); A.E. Knoch.

1926 The Western New Testament; E.E. Cunningtan.

1927 The Student’s Old Testament; Charles Kent.

1928 The Student’s Greek Testament; A. Hamilton.

1928 The Christian’s Bible: New Testament; George LeFevre.

1928 The Living Bible; Bolton Hall.

1928 The Authentic Literature of Israel (CT); Elizabeth Czarnomska.

1928 The Cambridge Shorter Bible.

1929 The New Testament in blank verse; George Wolff

1929 A Homiletical and Exegetical Version of the Bible; Charles MacLean.

1931 The Complete Bible: An American Translation; J.M. Smith and Edgar Goodspeed.

1933 Lamsa Bible (by George Lamsa) (Lamsa)

1933 Short Bible; J.M. Smith and Edgar Goodspeed.

1934 The Documents of the New Testament; G.W. Wade.

1934 Old Testament in Colloquial English.

1934 The Child’s Story Bible; Catherine Vos.

1935 The Westminster Version of the Sacred Scriptures (NT)

1935 An American Translation (by Smith and Goodspeed|) (AAT)

1935 The New Testament; Fernand Faivre.

1936 The West China Union University Version (NT).

1936 The Aldine Bible: The New Testament; M.R. James and Delia Lyttelton.

1936 The Bible Designed to be Read as Living Literature; Ernest Bates.

1937 The New Testament in the Language of the People; Charles B. Williams.

1937 The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; Francis Spencer.

1937 The New Testament critically reconstructed and retranslated; William Martin.

1937 The New Testament A New Translation and Explanation; Johannes Greber.

1938 The Book of Books (NT); R. Mercer Wilson.

1938 The New Testament: A Translation; Clementson.

1939 The Book of Life (NT); Zed Copp.

1939 The New Testament Shortened; W.K. Clarke.

1940 The Bible (A Condensed Version); Howard Welsch.

1941 The Confraternity Version (NT)

1941 Spencer New Testament (SPC)

1945 New Testament: A Translation, Harmony and Annota¬tions; Erwin Stringfellow.

1946 Pathways through the Bible (OT); Mortimer Cohen.

1947 The New Testament; George Swann.

1948 The Holy Bible Adapted for Young Christians.

1948 The Letchworth Version in Modern English; T.F. Ford and RE. Ford.

1949 The Bible in Basic English.

1950 New World Translation (NWT)

1950 The New Testament of our Messiah and Saviour Yahshua, A.B. Traina.

1950 The Dartmouth Bible.

1950 The Holy Bible for Young Readers (NT); J.W. Mackail.

1951 The Authentic Version (NT).

1951 Bible in Brief; Peter Ross.

1951 The Shorter Oxford Bible.

1951 The New Testament in Modern English Olaf Norlie.

1952 The New Testament: A New Translation in Plain English. Charles K. Williams.

1952 Olive Pell Bible; Olive Bible.

1952 The Living Bible; Robert Ballou.

1952 Revised Standard Version.

1953 The New Testament: A New, Independent, Individual Translation; George Moore.

1954 The New Testament Rendered From the Original Greek; James Kleist and Joseph Lilly.

1954 The New Testament in Cadenced Form; Morton Bradley.

1954 The Septuagint Bible (OT); C.A. Muses.

1955 The Authentic New Testament; Hugh Schonfield.

1955 The Holy Bible: A Translation from the Latin Vulgate; Ronald Knox.

1955 The Compact Bible; Margaret Nicholson.

1955 The Clarified New Testament; P.G. Parker.

1956 The Bible for Family Reading; Joseph Gaer and Chester McCown.

1956 Kleist-Lilly New Testament (KLNT)

1957 The Holy Bible from Ancient Manuscripts; George Lamsa.

1958 The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Anointed; James Tomanek.

1958 A Beginner’s Bible; Margherita Fanchiotti.

1958 Berkeley Version (BV)

1958 The New Testament in Modern English; J.B. Phillips.

1958 The Self-Interpreting; Ashley Johnson.

1959 The Holy Bible: The Berkeley Version in Modern English; Gerrit Verkuyl.

1960 The Children’s King James Bible: New Testament; Jay Green.

1960 A Critical Emphatic Paraphrase of the New Testament; Vincent Roth.

1961 The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; Fan Noli.

1961 New World Translation.

1961 The New Testament: An Expanded Translation; Kenneth Wuest.

1961 The Jesus People New Testament; Olaf Norlie.

1961 Simplified New Testament in Plain English; Olaf Norlie.

1962 Teen-age Version; Jay Green.

1962 Modem King James Version; Jay Green.

1962 The Children’s Version of the Holy Bible; Jay Green.

1963 The Holy Name Bible; A.B. Traina.

1963 The New Testament in the Language of Today; William Beck.

1965 The Amplified Bible.

1965 Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSV-CE)

1966 Jerusalem Bible (JB)

1966 The Bible in Simplified English.

1966 The Living Scriptures; Jay Green.

1966 Knoch Concordant Literal Version (by Adolph Ernst Knoch)

1967 Bible for Young Christians (NT); AM. Cocaqnac and Rosemary Haughton.

1967 New World: The Heart of the New Testament in Plain English; Alan Dale.

1967 New Scofleld Reference Bible.

1967 The Christ Emphasis New Testament; Edward Craddock.

1969 The New Testament: A New Translation; William Barclay.

1969 The Children’s New Testament; Gleason Ledyard.

1969 Modern Language Bible; Gerrit Verkuyl.

1969 The Bible Reader.

1970 New American Bible.

1970 King James II Version; Jay Green.

1970 New Testament in Shorter Form.

1970 New English Bible (NEB)

1970 The Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible.

1971 New American Standard Bible (NAB)

1971 The Living Bible; Kenneth Taylor.

1971 The Story Bible (TSB)

1972 The New Testament in Modem English; J.B Phillips.

1972 The Bible in Living English; Steven Byington.

1973 A Child’s Bible; Anne Edwards and Shirley Steen.

1973 The Translator’s New Testament.

1973 Cotton Patch Version (NT); Clarence Jordan.

1973 Common Bible.

1973 The Better Version of the New Testament; Chester Estes.

1974 The New Testament in Everyday English; Do Klingen¬smith.

1975 The Word Made Fresh; Andrew Edington.

1976 An American Translation; William Beck.

1976 The Concise Jewish Bible (OT); Philip Birnbaum.

1976 Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible (SNB)

1976 Good News Bible (GNB)

1977 The Jerusalem Bible (OT); Harold Fisch.

1977 The Christian Counselor’s New Testament; Jay Adams.

1977 The Holy Bible for Children; Allan Johsmann.

1978 Holy Name Bible.

1978 New International Version.

1978 Simple English Bible (NT).

1979 The New Testament in Everyday English; Jay Adams.

1980 The Distilled Bible: New Testament; Roy Greenhill.

1980 Simple English Bible (Dr Stanley Morris) (SEB)

1981 The Sacred Scriptures.

1981 The Compact Bible (NT); Pat Excel.

1982 The Readers Digest Bible.

1982 The New Testament; Richard Lattimore.

1982 New King James Version.

1984 The New Accurate Translation (NT); Julian Anderson.

1985 Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures (OT).

1985 The Recovery Version (NT)

1985 New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)

1985 Original New Testament; Hugh Schonfield.

1985 Green’s Literal Translation (by Jay P. Green) (LITV)

1986 International Children’s Bible.

1986 Christian Community Bible (CCB)

1986 New Life Version; Gleason Ledyard.

1987 Easy to Read Version.

1987 A Literal Translation of the Bible; Jay Green.

1987 English Version for Deaf.

1987 New Century Version.

1988 Revised New Testament: New American Bible.

1988 New Evangelical Translation.

1988 Christian Community Bible.

1988 The New Testament; Hugo McCord

1989 God’s New Covenant (NT); Heinz Cassirer.

1989 New Revised Standard Version.

1989 Jewish New Testament; David Stern.

1989 Revised English Bible (REB)

1989 New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (NRSV-CE)

1990 The New Translation (NT).

1990 Simplified Living Bible.

1990 Modern King James Version; Jay Green.

1991 21st Century King James Version (NT).

1991 Contemporary English Version (NT).

1991 New Century Version (NCV)

1993 Black Bible Chronicles

1994 The Clear Word Bible (Jack J. Blanco) paraphrase

1994 21st Century King James Version

1995 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

1995 Anointed Standard Version

1995 God’s Word (GW)

1996 ArtScroll Tanakh

1996 New International Reader’s Version (NIrV )

1996 New International Version Inclusive Language Edition (NIVI)

1996 New Living Translation (NLT)

1998 Third Millennium Bible (TMB)

1998 The Scriptures ’98 Version (TS98)

1999 American King James Version (Michael Peter (Stone) Engelbrite)

1999 Recovery Version (RcV)

2000 King James 2000 Version (KJ2000) (Robert A. Couric)

2000 Sacred Scriptures, Family of Yah Edition (SSFOY)

2001 Easy Reading Edition Sword Bible KJV

2001 Analytical-Literal Translation Modern English (Gary F. Zeolla)

2001 EasyEnglish Bible (EEB)

2002 The Message (MSG) (Eugene H. Peterson) paraphrase

2003 The Evidence Bible, King James Version (Ray Comfort)

2003 Apostolic Bible Polyglot (ABP)

2003 A Voice In The Wilderness Holy Scriptures (VW)

2003 The Word of Yahweh (TWOY)

2004 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

2004 The Apostles’ Bible (AB)

2005 The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with Apocrypha (David Norton)

2005 Today’s New International Version (TNIV)

2005 The Complete Apostles’ Bible (CAB)

2005 A Conservative Version (NT only in print OT & NT Net versions) (ACV)

2006 AV7 (New Authorized Version)

2006-11. The Manga Bible

2007 Study New Testament for Lesbian, Gays, Bi, and Transgender (Ann Nyland)

2007 New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS)

2007 Orthodox Study Bible (OSB)

2009 Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV)

2010 The Work of God’s Children Illustrated Bible (WGCIB)

Best Selling Bible Translations (based on data from the Association of Christian Retail)

New International Version
New Living Bible
King James Version
New King James Version
English Standard Version
Holman Christian Standard
New International Reader’s Version
New American Standard Bible

Comparison between the KJV, NIV (1984 edition), and the TNIV (2005 edition)

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One Response to The 254 versions of the English Bible 1881-2010

  1. Phillip Mutchell says:

    You make an assumption that the waves of hysteria that passed for religious conversion, were of greater weight and moment, than similar waves witnessed in modern Charismatic revivals &co. I would dispute this, isn’t it worth remembering that Edwards wrote his classic Religious Affections precisely because he was close enough to witness the shallow nature of such ‘conversions’. When we bewail the apparent lack of zeal and power, what is really being mourned is the lack of religious influence at the level of power – legislation – let such notions be rebuked by the demand of Hebrews that we join Jesus ‘outside the camp’.
    Secondly; your concern is with the maintenance of doctrines that were imposed upon the body by that unholy wedlock of Church & State which is itself inimical to the growth of true godliness, representing that love of power which is the antithesis of the Cross of Christ. The proliferation of versions, although often from monetary concerns, still suggests a genuine desire to understand the text, to seek the actual meaning and thus truth which it intended to convey. I would agree this is discovered as much in the Authorised (by Royal authority your country rebelled against 🙂 ) Version as in the equally excellent Common English Version, and yet the latter goes out of its way to place your doctrines in its translation, even to the blasphemous lengths of saying God the Son. May the glorious Father forgive such zeal which is ‘not according to righteousness’. Hippy trippy cool in a kaftan love and peace man…

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