Visions of Things Yet to Come – The Sun in the Light (1998)

I was walking down a long narrow lane with high hedges on either side, and in the distance the orb of the sun was setting.  And there came (a) dazzling light, and I knew not where I was going.  And the light melted my sight, and the light melted all around me, and the light melted all within me.   And the light was in all and all was in the light, and the light was Light.  Light to Light.  Light of Light.  Light in Light. All – Light.

And I was blinded by that Light, and I was fed by that Light, and I became that Light.  And I needed no thinking, and I needed no speaking, and I needed no knowing.  For, in that Light was no needing, and in that Light was no tears, and in that Light was no pain.  And I did not want to ever be parted from that Light.

And I was drawn and followed to be nearer to that Light.  I followed as one blind, not knowing, not thinking, not doubting.  And the Light drew me, and the Light pulled me, and the Light held me.  And I felt to – reach the heart or centre or origin of the Light.

And suddenly that Light vanished, and I slowly saw to the end of the lane the setting sun as it slipped behind the sea of the Earth. There were many great bands of ‘colours of heat’ above that setting sun, and twilight was awakening upon the Earth in wondrous stillness.

The flooding of that Light remained within me, and my heart was filled with that Light and my steps like light floating upon the Earth.

Richard Jon

About Truth in Reality
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