Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Coming (1973)

This is one of the first visions I can remember, given to me on a warm summer afternoon.  I was lying on the grass, neither awake nor asleep but my eyes were open.  I beheld as I was lifted up between Heaven and Earth, and I saw the Earth beneath me and pillars of smoke so huge and frightening reaching into Heaven.

There was ruin and fire everywhere, I saw great fissures in the Earth as if the whole world was falling apart.  As if all the invisible ropes and ties that bound things together had been severed.

I saw long silver flying ships like needles floating against the sky, like an evacuation or flight from some overwhelming disaster.  The fires and smoke in the sky from the earth was clearing, leaving a brilliant clear sky.

I was aware that there was someone who was coming in – out of – the sky.  The light before Him filled the Earth and the Heaven, as if He was coming back to claim the whole Earth.  Then I saw that the clouds of (from) heaven were marching – coming – before Him, like a message, like an army of witnesses, before a mighty sun.

The whole scene was utterly fantastic and no painting, film, or description could do it justice.  This is the fragment that was revealed to me.  I was given to know for sure that one day this vision will come true.

I then became conscious of the present time.

I told the vision to no one, but have kept it in my heart all this time, almost 40 years.

Richard Jon



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