Prayer to Renounce Being Offended

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to the throne of graciousness. I thank you that you are a merciful God and that in Christ Jesus you forgave me everything and His blood covers all my sins until I die. I know that if I sin I can come to you and ask you to forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness and you will do that and speak your peace to me.

I admit that many times I have taken offence and offended others. Please forgive me.

In Jesus name I break any curse, any legal grounds, anything working in my life, which may be from my parents and ancestors which causes me to get offended and to offend others.

Forgive me for holding bitterness, unforgiveness and resentment towards people, including Christians, maybe some pastors, even bitter towards you Lord God. Forgive me Lord for pointing finger at, for accusing, slandering, judging, criticising. in the name of Jesus.

I claim release from any and all evil spirits and I heal my tongue so I can bless not curse, not to offend.

Cleanse my heart, for you said in your word these things come out of the heart, out of the heart the mouth speaks. Let me speak grace, Lord God, words of life, not death. I am tired of offending and getting offended.

In Jesus’ name I am free and I renounce any and all evil spirits behind all these problems.  I give you notice that you must leave me now in the name of Jesus or else the judgment of God be on you and torment be upon you day and night until you leave.  For the Bible says there is no rest for the wicked.

In Jesus name, Almighty God, give me strength of spirit with a gracious mouth, a gracious heart, being merciful, forgiving, long-suffering, the peacemaker, for the Bible says blessed are the peacemakers.

In Jesus’ name.

Thank you Lord.


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3 Responses to Prayer to Renounce Being Offended

  1. Sandra. Brown says:

    Am really greatful for this prayers cus am a Christian I have my God in my heart I love him but am a baby in his walk with him I had a tough past n still keep falling fighting the trails that satan sent me thru the doubt faith believe trust knowledge confused. God know my heart I don’t wanna live in sin. I know he heard my prayers n conversions I had with him. So I’ll post it up to let uguys when he answer ASAP Thank you father God.

  2. joey says:

    Thankyou for posting this,I was in a bad way mentally before finding these life saving,God loving prayers. I have prayed here out loud even day for a month and I TRULY Believe God smiles upon me thanks to his son,Our Lord Jesus Christmas. I am saved ando I Believe with every ounce of my being That the Lord Jesus died for me so I can be welcomed into his Father’s heavenlyrics home. Praise Jesus,Thankyou almighty God

  3. Sandra Williams says:

    Excellent Prayer

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