Visions of Things Yet to Come – Transfiguration (1985)

I was walking on a dreary overcast day.  On my left a derelict farm barn, on my right hand a little hill.  As I walked by the little hill, suddenly a window in the dull clouds, through which a shaft of brilliant light fell upon that little hill, while all around remained grey and dull.  And the vision fell upon me and I saw the hill transfigured by the vision in the light, and the light of that vision.

And the hill was glowing golden and that light was the expression of the Holy, and that light was the breath of the Holy, and that light was the fulfilment of the Holy.

And the vision held my eyes, and the vision took my breath, and the vision stole my heart.  For that Holy Light transformed, and that Holy Light transfigured, and that Holy Light holified.  And I could not move because the vision held me.

I was given a glimpse of a renewed Earth wherein dwells that Holy Light of righteousness  A glimpse of new peoples who would walk in that Holy Light of Righteousness, a glimpse of the fullness of that Dwelling of the Holy Light of Righteousness.

Instantly the light vanished (retreated, flashed back).  I saw without the vision I again saw with my eyes that green-grey hill that no one would think of looking at twice.

As I walked on my way, I kept the vision within my heart, and the vision of that which one day shall be.

Richard Jon

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