Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Turning (1982)

I was lying on my back upon a green hill.  My arms were stretched out.  My eyes opened towards the face of the sky.  And a vision came upon me  (within me).  And I felt the very slow rotation of all the Earth, and in an instant, I comprehended the vast and frightening bulk of the Earth.

As though my soul had encompassed the vastness of the Earth and had been stretched out to the rounded limits of the Earth, and I felt the weight of that great ball of the Earth.

And I felt the Earth suspended in nothingness, and yet somehow supported. Fear momentarily gripped my heart, as my hands clutched the grass for support, fearing I should fall with the great Earth into the depths.

And the feeling of this vision entered into my innermost soul, which I shall never forget.  And I knew that the Maker of this great ball supported and nourished and upheld it by the power of His hand.

Richard Jon

About Truth in Reality
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