Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Turning (1982)

I was lying on my back upon a green hill.  My arms were stretched out.  My eyes opened towards the face of the sky.  And a vision came upon me  (within me).  And I felt the very slow rotation of all the Earth, and in an instant, I comprehended the vast and frightening bulk of the Earth.

As though my soul had encompassed the vastness of the Earth and had been stretched out to the rounded limits of the Earth, and I felt the weight of that great ball of the Earth.

And I felt the Earth suspended in nothingness, and yet somehow supported. Fear momentarily gripped my heart, as my hands clutched the grass for support, fearing I should fall with the great Earth into the depths.

And the feeling of this vision entered into my innermost soul, which I shall never forget.  And I knew that the Maker of this great ball supported and nourished and upheld it by the power of His hand.

Richard Jon

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6 Responses to Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Turning (1982)

  1. Damon says:

    I was reading enthralled the posts up until this particular one, describing the Earth (erroneously) being a ‘ball’ when Scripture, reason and our god given senses all emphatically inform those that care to look diligently at the evidence, that the Earth is in fact s stationary, vast expanse of level(ish) land & water, and where it can also be clearly observed that our sun & moon are in fact in close proximity to the Earth (local)…….Shalom.

    “(Prove) test all things, hold fast to that which is good (Truth)” 1 Thessalonians 5:21

    • Please do let us have the scripture reference because we didn’t think there was one. Do you believe that the sun, the moon and the planets are also flat or do you believe that they are they a ball while only the earth is flat? There are a number of Bible-believing Christians who are also ardent flat-earthers but we have to wonder why. In the scheme of things, does it really matter?

  2. grazindogs says:

    Hello there: This particular subject can (understandably) not be answered satisfactorily on the comments section of a forum, but will attempt to shed light here to the best of my abilities.

    Scripture makes no mention of our Earth being a sphere, globe or ball, nor alludes/mentions a core, centre of the Earth. Scripture such as Job 38 and the Book of Enoch describe the ‘foundations’ ie nature of our Earth/Realm, and verses such as Genisis 1:6 and Psalm 148:4 let us know that it is in fact water above in the heavens (not space).

    NASA was founded by Freemasons ie Occultists. We have to rely on the tech and integrity of ‘the enemy of God’ for a Truthful interpretation of their ‘findings’…….Satan ‘is’ the ruler of this world as per John 12:31, John 14:30, John 16:11 and is not lighty referred to as the Father of Lies (and deceit). Ephesians 2:2 and 6:12 let us know Satan is also the “Prince of the power of the air (air-waves) and heavenly realm (lower heavenly realm), so is perfectly placed to perpetrate hoaxes here also, I refer you to the ‘miracles’ of Fatima and also those in the 1980’s in Croatia.

    Look at the works of William Carpenter, One Hundred Proofs Earth Not A Globe, and that of David Wardlaw Scott, Earth Not A Globe, As Proved From Scripture, Reason & Fact, and Samuel Burlington Rowbotham’s Zetetic Astronomy. All three are frrom the Victorian era. Also take a good look and listen to a circa 1970 Sky at Night programme entitled: Patrick Moore Talks to Free-Thinkers Flat / Earth on YouTube and you will see a 20 minute clip of three amatuer scientists, in f who show very compelling working models of world’s True nature……lastly, take a look at the reviews online for Emmanuel Velikovky’s book Worlds in Collision, whereby he provides ‘proof’ that all of our world’s ancient cultures referred to Saturn, and ‘not’ our local sun, as the principal sun or ‘best’ sun. Look at the Everything’s Electric website for good article on this subject.

    There are great images of amateur balloons and rockets entering our earth’s lower orbit and even ‘scraping’ along the roof of the world ie firmament/dome. The balloon footage show a flat level horizon that ‘rises’ up with the observer, and shows ‘hotspots’ of the suns reflection on Earth, which is ‘only’ possible if the sun were local/in close proximity. There is also the very telling absence of satalites, space-junk and even stars ie there is pitch-black nothing up there above 100,000ft.

    There is of course much more telling evidences to mull over but will finish with 1 Corinthians 1:25-29 and Jude 1:25.

    • We know that NASA have deceived many in a number of respects, but still not convinced that the earth is flat.

      Though one thing we are sure of is that our salvation does not depend on whether we believe the earth is flat or not.

      That’s certainly not something we would want to use to divide ourselves from one another.

      If God wanted us to believe or know that the earth was flat, surely he would have told us so? Yet the Bible does not mention it.

      Although it would most definitely be interesting to know whether flat earthers in general believe that the sun, moon and planets are also flat, or not?

      • grazindogs says:

        Hello again and yes, I too also firmly agree that division was s something all professing followers of the Faith need to avoid if at all possible. But, this having been said, when I see material posted somewhere that heavily implies it is inspired by God (or His agents), and that this content is at odds with what I firmly feel is other than that postulated by ‘whoever’, then I feel compelled to state otherwise (and provide my reasons why if at all possible).

        To answer your question, do I, personally believe that the sun, moon and planets are flat or not!!! The best (most honest) way to answer this is to state ’emphatically’ that I refute the official narrative/explaination of NASA, and that there are in fact ‘no’ planets per se, and that these are actually ‘entities’ ie something paranormal…….the sun & moon are very close and look the same size because they in fact ‘are’ and described in compelling detail in the Patrick Moore Sky at Night clip (which is the best description and explaination thus far that I have yet seen).

        Some further compelling info concerning ‘official’ stats sourced from the NASA website.

        1) The Earth orbits our sun at 66,000mph.

        2) The Earth’s circumference is 600x6x6 nautical miles (1.151 miles).

        3) The Earth’s inclination toward the sun is 66.6* degrees.

        4) The Arctic/Antarctic circles were at 66.6* as of 2017 (now 66.5*).

        5) The speed of sound is approx 666 knots per sec (1.151 miles).

        6) Astronaut Peggy Whitson spent 666 days in orbit/space…….really!!!

        7) Distance to the moon is approx 6x6x666 miles.

        8) Diameter of the moon is supposedly 6x6x60 miles.

        9) Mars Rover ‘Spirit’ has a numerical value of 37, times by 6+6+6 (18) and you get 666.

        10) The curveture of a square mile on Earth is based on the 666 heliocentric sequence. Example being 10 miles equates to 66ft of curve, while 100 miles is 666ft of curve etc:

        The Freemasons rather helpfully leave us telling clues as to their handiworks with slogans such as “hidden in plain sight” which is actually very True and totally out of character for what are essentially a load of lying, deceitful, self-serving shysters.

  3. grazindogs says:

    Good Afternoon: I would be interested to know ‘why’ it is you, yourself, personally believe the world is ‘ball’ shaped, and so presumably you agree with the rest of the official NASA narrative, to include a sun with planets and moons orbiting around in a solar system, which in turn is in one of countless billions of galaxies in a universe without end.

    Do you also buy into the official given stats that we are moving along at 1.2 million mph (termed as the great attractor) in one linear path; then at 486,000 mph in yet another seperate linear path (our galaxy): then we are informed we are travelling around the sun at 66,600 mph in yet ‘another’ seperate linear path while in a vortex (corkscrewing) motion: and to top it off we also have a spin on the Earth of over 1,000 mph:

    Do you see the rather obvious flaw here? You don’t even need a computer simulation to know that these figures quite frankly do not add up with what we actually see and experience with our God given senses down here (common sense)…….long exposure night images of star-trails forming ‘perfect’ circles is for me “the final nail in the coffin” for what NASA would have us swallow as Truth with regards the above given official stats.

    Derek Prince teaches the Bible in a literal sense (mostly) and I would highly recommend anyone who hasn’t done so yet to look at his video sermons online, most especially I Will Shake All Things (2 parts) and Where Are We In Biblical Prophecy (5 part), but anything by Derek Prince should be considered a ‘blessing’ in my own honest & humble opinion

    “For the wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness against men, who suppress the Truth in all unrighteousness. For that which is known of God ‘is’ manifest in them; for God hath shown it to them” Romans 1:18-19 (seems pretty obvious to me what the Almighty is stating here; open your eyes and use your God given senses to discern the Truth or not of the matter)

    “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the workings of Satan, with all power, signs and FALSE wonders being directed at those who are perishing, for they ‘refused’ the love of the TRUTH which might have saved them” 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10

    “My peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you, but not as the world gives do I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid” John 14:27

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