Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Crushing (2002)

I was walking back to the place where I was staying, and a vision was given unto me and within me.  And I saw within the depths of the Earth a great multitude of beings, whirling around in circles and those circles seemed to be six or seven circles.  And the circles were spinning around a centre and in the centre there was, as it were, a dark fire, and in the dark fire a presence to whom all the beings were magnetised and held.

And I felt pity for those hosts ever spinning, trapped in that wheel.

And I made as it were supplication unto the Lord of Hosts above, but no answer came.

Then the presence from the centre of those circles came unto me.  And his coming was like unto the weight of a mountain upon me.  Every step was as walking in quicksand.  I felt as if I was being slowly crushed like an egg held in a cruel hand.  The pressure increasing with every step.

I was not far from where I lived, but the thought came to me that the next steps would be my last, and I heard my soul crying out for help.  And the power of the one who had been upon the Cross came unto (upon) me.  And the crushing hand departed from me.  And I felt life and breath return to me.

Richard Jon


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