Visions of Things Yet To Come – A Straight and Narrow Path (2001)

In a dream within a vision, that became clear until I saw a long, straight and narrow path.  On either side, I saw people busied in throwing away and destroying everything that there was.  Bonfires littered all the sides of that road.

I saw children laughing, with horror I realised they were behaving more like demons and they looked like little demons.  Some were throwing and kicking books about, and some with long forks were putting Bibles onto the fires.  The feeling of utter lawlessness in the air was as if to remove all the traces of the old order from the Earth, as everything was being burnt or destroyed.

Together with my aged mother, I was walking slowly down that narrow road, through the hell that the Earth had become.  I saw in the distance the road went on in to the far distance. The vision faded and I saw no more.

Richard Jon



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