Prayer for Protection Against Demonic Oppression

[These prayers are best said out loud.]

Jesus, I come to you as my Deliverer. I believe that You are the Son of God, that You died for me and rose again. I confess You as Lord and renounce all influences of Satan in my life. Lord, you know the demons that oppress me, that harass me, that entice me, that enslave me.

I confess all my sins to you.

[Name them out loud before God.]

I repent of and turn away from all my sins. I renounce any form of the occult or idolatry – known and unknown – in my life or in the life of my ancestors.

[Name them to the extent of your knowledge.]

I forgive anyone who has ever hurt me in any way and I let go of any bitterness or resentment.

[Name any such people whom you associate with personal pain and forgive them by name, and ask God to bless them (that is to save them).]

Lord your Word says: “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.” (Isaiah 64:6)

I renounce any self-righteousness, and pridefulness, big pride and little pride, in any area of my life and pray that I may learn by your example to become more humble in my walk with You.

I believe I am saved by the blood of Jesus and Satan has no further legal rights to my spirit, soul, mind or body. Through the blood of Jesus I am justified, just as if I had never sinned. Through the blood of Jesus I am sanctified, set apart to God. Through the blood of Jesus, I am redeemed out of the hand of the devil.

Jesus you said whoever calls upon the name of the Lord SHALL be delivered. I call upon you now. Deliver me!

In the name of Jesus Christ I bind every evil spirit in or around my life.

In the name of Jesus and by his precious blood, I command you to get out and leave me alone, never to return.  Go in Jesus’ name!  Out in the name of Jesus!

[Now co-operate with the Holy Spirit.  It may help to breathe out and cough.  After expelling breath a few times, some spirits may begin to manifest and be forced to leave. Use your will to force them out and command them to leave in Jesus’ name.  Then praise God for the results and get filled with the Holy Spirit.]

Alternative or Additional Prayer

I affirm that God has seated me with Christ Jesus in the heavenly realms far above all principalities and supernatural powers of darkness.

I now command all wicked spirits to cease their work and be bound in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also bind all replacer wicked spirits assigned to rebuild evicted strongholds. They may not do that!

I forbid any transference of spirits, dividing, restructuring, or multiplying of wicked spirits working against me, in the name of Jesus.

All powers of darkness having assignment against me must hear and obey God who is their Creator and Conqueror. Lord Jesus Christ, I ask You to tell all of these powers of darkness assigned to rule over me where they must go. Confine them where they can never trouble me again. I yield fully to all of the purposes You have in this battle I have been facing. In Your great name I pray. Amen.

Satan, I rebuke you in Jesus’ Name and I am closing any doors, which my ancestors or I may have opened to you and your demons. I renounce Satan and all his demons; I declare them to be my enemies and I want them out of my life completely.

In the name of Jesus Christ I now claim deliverance from any and all evil spirits, which may be in me. Once and for all I close the door in my life to all occult practices and command all connected and related spirits to leave me now, never to return in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

Prayer to Consecrate Yourself Completely to God

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you boldly in Jesus’ name.  Take me as I am.  I now give myself – my heart, my mind, my body, my time, talents and treasure to you.  Fill me and possess me with your Holy Spirit.

I renounce sins and self.  Jesus, sanctify me.  Cleanse me, purge me, purify me.  May God’s will be done in my life, on earth as it is in heaven. Let me manifest a faithful spirit, a pure mind and a sickless body to your glory.


Further measures:

In some cases, prayer and fasting may be necessary: “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” (Matthew 17:21 KJV)

Practise spiritual warfare day and night and follow the example of Jesus who is the way, the truth and the light.

Read, refer to and use scripture as Jesus did when he replied to each temptation of the devil by saying “It is written.”

Be obedient to God according to His Word, obey the Ten Commandments.  Praise God sincerely and thank Him in all circumstances and turn to God for help, all of which is poison to the demonic.

Read the Bible and/or listen to an audio Bible as much as possible.  The answers are in there.

“These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. (Acts 17:11)

[There is a link to an excellent free downloadable audio Bible in MP3 format at the foot of this blog.]

Truth in Reality ​is loaded with information, with 400 articles, videos, and links to many helpful sites, free books, and etc.​ listed at the foot of the page.

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  1. Melvis.Esua says:

    I love this prayer so much that I feel completely delivered, coupled with the fact that I now know I have dominions over principalities and powers.May God continue to inspire the maker of this prayer im Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.

  2. kris anderson says:

    Thank you this prayer helped alot

    • derek soreyn says:

      As a son of God you have dominion through Christ who dwells in you, over the powers of darkness. After having received Christ (John 1:12) you have been given authority to be called a son of God, that authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, over ALL power of the evil one and by no means shall it hurt you, demons are now subject to you (Luke 10:19-20), you are ABOVE and not beneath again (Deut 28:13), you are complete in Christ in whom is the fullness of the Godhead, and who is the head of all powers of darkness (Col 2:9-10), when God be with you, for you, even inside you NOBODY can be successfully against you (Oh, they will surely be against you, but NOT successfully in the end) Rom 8:31 for indeed the Lord causes ALL things (the good, the bad and the ugly) to work out for GOOD to those who love God and to those he called according to HIS purpose (not your selfish platform).Rom 8:28 You are victorious in Christ Rom 8:37 as you have overcome the evil one by the BLOOD of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony! (Rev 12:11)

  3. takia rhymes says:

    Thank You! JESUS,!!

  4. a.d says:

    i was possessed by demons and i was actually mentally damaged … my parents took me in every religious places in middle of east where i was born (Jew,Muslim.Zoroastrian, and others) even soothsayers and magic junkers but none of them helped because i had been really lost in the dark… the words above reminds me the day i got saved miraculously…and this miracle caused my whole family to become christian… no one could help me but lord Jesus Christ…hallelujah…

    • Truth in Reality says:


      Did you see the wonderful video testimony here:

    • Chrissy Palumbo says:

      That is truly Amazing how loving & powerfull our almighty God ( Yeshua Ha masiac Aka Jesus Christ is!!! I have also been being sleep paralysis attacked bcuz im sick & weak and posessed in my dreams scary levitated and everything…but thru the power of Christ and the holy spirit he releases me and comforts me..praise Jesus & God bless you ❤ Christina P.

    • donaldacosta says:

      Sir, how old were you when you were “possessed” and why did your god allow you to be possesed in the first place? Quite convenient that he was the only one to cure you of these demons. Ever read about King Saul, whom Yahweh sent an “evil spirit” to torment him? Quite convenient that one who sends evil spirits to torment people happebed to be the “only” one who could “remove” it…

    • linda says:

      omg! I am going through it now… i’ve been going to churches meeting with my priest, have my house prayed and me numerous prayers and no sleep!. What do you reccommend as i have always been christian and i dont know what had happened. i think my faith was weaker than when i was a child with no stress. i know my grammer is terrible and i am okay with it as I have no more energy! Please help me… I just want my life back and i just can’t take it anymore.

      • anonymous says:

        Linda you need to be open minded for a sec. I don’t mean to sound rude but most people will go to church and pray etc. I myself, did the same thing when going through this sort of thing. What you need to do is seek spiritual help! Religion and spiritually go hand in hand but they aren’t the same thing. Most churches tell us that we have “mental issue” and that they can’t do a whole lot. Please contact Abbey Normal she is on youtube. And actually, she is from my hometown of Iowa. On youtube, you will find a lot of the work she does for people going through the samething. She is christian, Catholic to be more precise. I will be contacting her very shortly because I have a similar issue. Please, be open to more truth than what society teaches. God bless you!

    • Glory says:

      Christians are not of Messiah. We Hebrew Isrealites are Saints.

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  6. Good Prayer ive had strange things that have happened to me as a child and as an adult. I feel a bad spirit follows me.

    • Truth in Reality says:

      Hi Lidia

      Thank you for your post. What you have said is likely to be true, as I believe all of us have this type of problem to a greater or lesser extent, due to human sinfulness generally, generational curses and family iniquity. The Bible says there is no one good, no not one and that only Jesus was without sin.

      Due not only to our own sinfulness and that of our parents, and their parents, and all our ancestors going back to Adam and Eve, there are demonic doorways through which the devil and his demons are able to get at us in some way, by ‘following us around’ (I had one of those), attacking us through other people, or direct attacks on us through our health, finances, relationships, etc. The Bible tells us that devil and his demons only come to steal, kill and destroy.

      The Bible also says that we are to give NO place to the devil. Not some place, or a little place, but NO place. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and by studying the Word of God through the Bible and accepting Jesus as our savior, we can learn spiritual warfare and be an overcomer. The words of the Bible – as we are told in the Bible itself – are more powerful than any two-edged sword. As well as reading the Bible, it is effective to listen to it, and there is nothing that will more effectively help to clear the lives and home of any unwanted spirits and help the people living there.

      Some people play an audio Bible such as can be found at the foot of this blog – and there are a whole selection of them on Bible Gateway – can be played while driving, doing the housework, the house during the day while we are out and at night while we sleep, in our room or another room. The King James version Bible is by far the most effective in terms of the demonic as they hate it and try to destroy it. I believe that most other versions can be so wrongly and badly interpreted that not only do they not provide the protection against the demonic that a KJV bible would, the Bibles can constitute a demonic doorway themselves.

      I love the old hymns and find them helpful as they seem to play in my mind helping to give me the peace which passeth all understanding spoken about in the Bible. That is part of praising and thanking God. Some of those hymns can be found on the playlist at More hymns like these can be found on Youtube by searching for “Christian hymns”.

      Sermons can be helpful too but there are so many preachers, and many of them are in fact false teacheres. Milton Green, Brother Carlos, and John Kyle are among my personal favourites, but there are others to be found on the internet, on Youtube, and Sermonindex. It is important to be very careful who one listens to and which books one reads, etc. The Bible tells us that in the Last Days not many will be false teachers, but MOST will be false teachers – and they come with demons. That is why it is important to stick to the words of the Bible, and particularly the King James Bible.

      Please check your home, your garden, your car or van, and your office for any cursed objects. A cursed object is anything that according to the Bible is an abomination to God. There is a long list of objects that will be cursed and provide a demonic doorway for demons to harass, steal and kill and destroy, which will manifest in the form of problems with personal health and wellbeing, problems with and for our families, finances and really any aspect of our lives. Many Christians do not know about this, even though it is clear in the Bible and most if not all deliverance ministers know about cursed objects. It is important not to think along the lines of oh God won’t mind, He will understand, He won’t punish me for it. It simply doesn’t work like that. There are stories in the Bible which illustrate that it is not all right to have cursed objects in your home, and in the Bible we are clearly told in Deuteronomy 7.26: “Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.”

      The problem is that there are many things that are a part of our life today that people do not realize are cursed. Such as anything including literature, costume or regalia, to do with false religions, whether buddhism, islam or moslem, hinduism, taoism, shinto or anything New Age especially anything like reiki (please see an article on this blog “What You Should Know About Reiki”) or anything to do with any of the martial arts or ninja. The list of cursed objects is a long one, for example including stories in book or film versions including witches or wizards which the Bible tells us are an abomination to God. Symbols are used powerfully in the occult, and such symbols include the paisley pattern (eye of Horus) and fleur de lys (an old and established symbol in freemasonry and black magic) so please check the list carefully. I found I needed to go through the list three times to get rid of all the cursed objects in my home, so would recommend that you go through the list more than once.

      These days many films and a great deal of modern popular music particularly heavy rock and metal, hard core and hard trance, hip hop, rap and similar, but also some apparently harmless pop music, provide demonic doorways. Please check carefully – often in the lyrics or sometimes hidden. There are videos on Youtube which will reveal some information about this and can be found using the search term “satanic music”. Please be sure to cover yourself and your home in the blood of Jesus and ask for protection when researching these things, as a sensitive person could end up feeling ill.

      The list does not stop there, and for an example, some will be surprised to know that figures or pictures of owls are included on that list due to the established connection with heathen goddesses so that it is used as a symbol for satanism, in evidence for which is the logo used for Bohemian Grove where there is a 40ft owl used for sacrifice. Similarly pictures or figures of frogs (not the animals themselves) as the Bible tells us they are like unclean spirits. Elephants particularly decorated ones due to their connection with Hinduism. This applies to figures or depictions, not the animals themselves. Mythical creatures such as dragons, the phoenix and the unicorn are also cursed objects.

      Renunciation prayers are something that people have found very helpful and some can be found on this blog. They only need to be said once and will greatly help to close any demonic doorways due to family inquity. The causes may be as minor as having cursed objects in the home, a great great uncle who was secretly a member of one of the many different freemasonry organisations or any Roman Catholicism – where there are many good Christians but Catholicism itself is a false religion (please see articles on the blog). The causes may seem apparently minor, but nevertheless give the devil and his demons licence grounds to harass family members substantially going down as far as ten generations.

      A list of cursed objects list can be found here:

  7. In the name of Jesus Christ! I rebuke you Evil Spirits I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ! Amen

  8. Anonymus says:

    Do you hear from God at all? Anyhow i always have believed God hated me because of some of the Abuse and Neglect i have gone through in my life… anyhow i became a christian in 2009 i was really on fire for God….. i was in my word alot and prayed three times a day and wanted to Evangelize to the lost

    i started having my doubts about my salvation in 2011 when i was told by a Pentecostal christian i was not saved because i did not speak in tongues and that i was not filled with the holy spirit

    Anyhow i came across this scripture about the “Unpardonable Sin” and i always feared guessing what that sin was….

    All of a sudden i started being tormented by voices saying holy spirit is satan. Demonic. Evil. hates you ect. i cried and cried and cried. i stayed up for three hours crying because of the ‘Unpardonable sin”

    i called my pastor at the time to see if he could help me all he told me was to repent and hung up on me. i cried. and said my life is over. God hates me and i am ruined

    The voices torment me day and night. they tell me that God hates me and that God will say to me that satan was right you blasphemed the holy spirit. the voice says jesus never died for my sins and that he is a myth…

    the voice says the holy spirit is a demon. and that he hates me

    if you hear from God please go to him in prayer :(PLEASE let me know what he saysI Need prayer for Three things first For Employment out of state. I have Not had any Luck where I live now I get called for job interviews but thats it

    Second prayer request is in Regards to Demonic Oppression and Hearing Audible Voices

    • Lara says:

      Do not listen to such people.

      I was raised in a non-denominational Christian church, they read right from the bible. They lessen the gobbledygook that people have added over the hundreds of years and just speak the Truth. None of this, “You don’t belong if you aren’t this catholic or that catholic, you aren’t saved if you aren’t Baptist or Pentecostal”. One of the most harmful things to the kingdom of God is for people who are brain washed and think they are doing God’s work, but instead, make others fall off their path. Let me tell you two things:

      1. I have heard of stories where followers of the devil were asked, that is, their job was to go into churches, become members and slowly and quietly create hate, jealously, and distrust between members in order to drive people out. We aren’t always sure what a person is about or what their drive is in life…If you love Jesus Christ and follow the Word of God, you are in the good. I would say to let the advice of others go through the screening process. Pray on it, ask God, read the bible, and think about it. Don’t just take it to heart like you had, and I don’t blame you that you did.

      2. Funny story actually, my father and I are followers of Christ and it is not odd that we find people, and God works through us to change either us or the people we “run into”. But one day, we went to the local K-Mart and this woman comes up to us. She is rather flustered and out of sorts, she seemed intimidated by us but more so she seemed nervous. She had her son with her, about 9, and she was pulling out numerous pamphlets and her bookmarked bible to read to us. She didn’t ask us a darn thing, or even try to introduce herself, she just erratically started reading and preaching to us. My father is half deaf and doesn’t like when people talk fast, so he tried to calm her down and get her to relax, but she became even more frantic. She didn’t even realize whom she was talking to.

      I couldn’t believe what a bad example she was setting for her son. I wondered how many times a day, a week, she brings him along and makes him stay aside as she franticly preaches to others. My dad saw that she was not calming down, so we let her speak. She went on to preach about how we really didn’t know Jesus if we didn’t memorize certain scriptures (practically the whole bible) or if we couldn’t speak in tongues. My dad finally spoke up, “You know, my daughter and are Christians and followers of Jesus Christ and we can’t speak in tongues”. She looked at us blankly and frantically pointed to her bible and began looking for another quote to read at us. My dad finally put a hand on her shoulder; she was offended at this, and he looked at her in the eyes, boring into her soul. He told her, “You wont be saved through remembering lines… and what’s so great about speaking in a holy language if no one can understand you?” She looked as if she made a horrible mistake, like everything she had been taught was just rolling around in her mind and breaking under the weight of what he had just added. She looked over to me to seek comfort and I gave her none, I looked at her as my father had. She needed to be shaken. We freaked her out and she went hurriedly walking around store looking to get away from us. I think we opened her eyes. She was meaning to run into atheists or some other non-believer that was not prepared and pull out her little fact sheets to brain wash us as well.
      I’m not trying to bash any denomination; I honestly don’t care for any of them. They take the focus off of God and Jesus and put it on the cares of this world. As long as you follow Jesus and are saved by him, then you are in good graces. Don’t let others knock you off your path; even if they are dressed all in white and go to church every week, they could be following Satan. Please remember this and be strong in your own faith. I will pray for you, I know how hard demon attacks are.

      Remember, even the demons believe and they tremble. They want you to not believe, why do you think they say such terrible things?

    • Colin says:

      hey anonymous I am going through the same thing you are and I am scared too. I can only hope that we can atone for this sin by being born again and excepting Christ as the saviour and accepting the holy spirit and proclaiming the glory of the holy spirit out loud. Plus the pope says that god always forgives. There are also several spiritual cleansing prayers available. that’s basically all I can tell you I can only pray that this helps.

    • Scott Kanm says:

      Hi names scott if you want perhaps I can help seeing as I have alot of exp with demons before the lord saved me. You can reach me by email ttyl

    • Aisha says:

      I’ve been through more than enough pain in my life as well but I know that I know that I know GOD is only love I will pray that you feel his love around you .

      • Elliott says:

        Thank you….. Aisha 👍….. God bless you in all that you do, never cease to ask and God will provide !

    • Sameer says:

      Don’t give up bro..
      I know about this voice in the head.. about blasphemy.
      You need deliverance.
      Be assured by first reading Psalm 139.. it helps
      If you can get a recording of John Hagee’s healing scriptures.. that would help

      Then I would recommend Derek Prince’s books – You shall expel demons & other books.
      You may also need healing from your past.
      Remember what it says in Nehemiah – You build 1 side & other side you fight the enemy of your soul.
      I’m on FB & my e-mail is, if you need help.

  9. Truth in Reality says:

    Thank you for your post. I am really sorry to hear that you have had such a difficult time just lately.

    Whoever told you that you are not saved because you don’t speak in tongues and you – in his opinion – were not filled with the Holy Spirit (well he certainly wasn’t, I can assure you of that) was/is a false teacher.

    In the Bible we are warned that in the Last Days not many but MOST will be false teachers. The Bible also tell us that the whole world lies in wickedness, we are ALL conceived in sin, and there is no one good – no not one. We are told very clearly told that ONLY Jesus was without sin.

    A scripture I have been given for you is Isaiah 64:6: “But we are all as an unclean thing, and ALL [that means EVERYONE!] OUR RIGHTEOUSNESSES [please note the plural] ARE AS FILTHY RAGS and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.”

    Anyone who teaches anything other than what the Bible says is not doing the work of the God, but of the other side. Someone who is doing the work of God will build up, not destroy.

    As to the unpardonable sin, I have heard it said that if you worry about committing it, you don’t need to worry committing it because ‘the unpardonable sin’ is actually not believing the Holy Spirit which will always glorify no one else but Jesus – and the only way it is impossible for our sins to be pardoned if we don’t believe in the means by which our sins are forgiven, that is through Jesus as the Messiah.

    The Bible says that whoever trusts or leans on men instead of God is cursed, and that is part of the reason why because men cannot be relied upon, whereas God always can. God is utterly faithful and if we will turn to Him with a broken and contrite spirit and confess our sins, Psalm 51:7, God is just and faithful to forgive us. It is having faith – without faith it is impossible to please God and it is learning and believing on the word of God, who can never lie – that saves us.

    It sounds likely from what you have said that your employment is affected by this, as what these misguided people have said to you has damaged your confidence.

    These ignorant people will have put a form of a witchcraft curse on you which you need to break and you would do well to say the prayer here and there are some suggestions in the comments sections:

    I would like to recommend a short video:

    Milton Green’s testimony:

    And some deliverance prayers:

    There are many more videos from Milton Green on Youtube and his testimony which is very well worth listening to, and there are links to videos at the foot of the blog.

    Please look into deliverance, as Jesus told us all to cast out demons. Many Christians do not believe in deliverance but they are being disobedient to the Word which clearly tells us that we need to do this for ourselves and for others.

    John Kyle is an excellent preacher and deliverance minister with 30 years experience who lives in Billings Montana and has recorded some excellent mass deliverances which can be downloaded from here:

    Please be careful which teachers and preachers you do listen to. Check them out carefully and make sure they are strictly adhering to scripture, or else listening to them can be very damaging and comes with demons attached. That includes Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, and the like, and anyone connected with the Toronto Blessing, such as Patricia King or Bill Johnson, who are all false teachers, and there are many others.

    God wants us to turn to Him in all things, great and small, as He is able to heal us. When we read the Bible we learn about what this really means in a practical sense and how to achieve salvation and healing and be set free.


  10. Sherry Ward says:

    I need a prayer to protect my sister and her children from an evil that was invited into their home and life that has attached it’s self to her husband who does not want it to leave…. is there such a prayer

    • Truth in Reality says:

      In this situation, I would think it is possible that there is a prayer that will help, but it is perhaps a case of knowing which one, so it is more likely to require a combination of things. Demons harass and do the things that they do because they have something called ‘legal rights’ or ‘licence grounds’ to do so, or that demonic doorways have been opened, or were in fact open all along, often through generational iniquity (iniquity meaning sins plus the results of sins) or through one’s own, or most usually, a combination of both.

      There are many articles and links to sites on this blog that will help, but you may find it is a process that has to be gone through. You can of course bind the spirit IN THE NAME OF JESUS, binding first the strongman as Jesus told us to, and then loosing spirits of God. Demons are rather like flies around a dustbin, in that if the dustbin is clean they are a lot less attracted to be there.

      Some measures that can be taken are:

      1. Pray for the holy spirit to guide you to help you do what is necessary to get rid of demons and turn to God and do all in the name of Jesus.
      2. Check the house carefully for cursed objects, of which a list can be found on this blog, going through the list several times as inevitably things will be missed. Check especially for the sign 666 which is often hidden by being stylized, also fleur de lys and hexagrams as in the Jewish symbol which is not truly a Jewish symbol.
      3. Check your beliefs, mind sets, day to day practices which can also be a means by which demons claim rights to harass.
      4. Say the renunciation prayers for Catholicism and Freemasonry which probably would affect most everyone as the effects can go back as far as ten generations. Also New Age and martial arts etc. if applicable. If unsure it can’t hurt to say them, whereas not saying them when you ought to have done, could do. As a form of repentance for our sinfulness, they can only do good.
      5. Read the Bible and remember to turn to God for comfort and to praise Him, worship Him and thank Him for what he has given us. Not muttering, or being proud, and doing the other things that He has clearly told us in the Bible not to do, through the Ten Commandments or otherwise in the Bible. I am sure there is more, but I can’t think of it for now.
      6. Both mass deliverances and an audio Bible can be listened to or played overnight or while out of the house, both of which can be found at the foot of the blog. Also very effective is to play sacred music and old fashioned hymns, be careful that they are neither catholic nor meditative or some of the modern pop type Christianity is not so good, but rather the authentic type of Christian music.

      In my personal case, learning to recognize what was actually the voice of demonic accusing me – and deceiving – and what was the holy spirit guiding me the right way, was an important part of finding peace.

    • Franziska says:

      You need deliverance… You and your husband do, as well as any children that you have.

  11. Allen says:

    How do i over come demonic nightmares,like dreaming of the dead and alike? Thanks

    • Truth in Reality says:

      Demonic attacks at night are common, in the form of nightmares or by means of sex. Deliverance is the same for this as for any other demonic attack, and it ought not to be given any particular significance. Demons are bullies and will attack wherever someone is weak or vulnerable, insecure or unsure. Demonic attacks are used to weaken people to gain more power over them in one way or the other and not sleeping properly or making someone feel bad about themselves are an effective means to that end.

      Often there is family iniquity which needs to be renounced as if it remains unrenounced, it provides a demonic doorway, or to put that another way gives licence grounds to demons to torment and harass. This could be roman catholicism or freemasonry or any occult involvement going back as far as ten generations, and quite likely not even known about, especially as freemasonry was often kept secret.

      Renunciation prayers cover our own and our families’ iniquities, including our immediately family such as children and grandchildren and not forgetting our pets who can be subjected to demonic attack through say cancer which is but one of many forms that demonic attacks can take.

      Reading through any of the renunciation prayers are likely to help and it is a good idea for anyone to read through them once. They are long, but in many cases will be worth the effort in terms of the deliverance. Someone told me that reading one of the renunciation prayers (against martial arts) helped them to see that their beliefs had strayed a long way from the Gospel in a way that they might not otherwise have realised.

      Please read about Blessings and Curses on this blog and check carefully through the cursed objects list to see if you have any cursed objects in your home which will create a demonic doorway by their presence.

      Playing a KJV audio Bible at night such as can be found at the foot of this blog on a free download, on very low volume would be fine and/or when out of the house. Or one of Brother Carlos prayers which can be found here or on Youtube. Also hymn such as can be found here will be a great help:

      One of the best forms of protection is “The Armour of God” as described in the Bible at Ephesians 6. This can and some say ought to be worn at all times, even at night. There are many articles and Bible studies on The Armour of God to be found on the internet and several infographics in the Bible pin article on this site:

      For more information please also read the comments above here and also on this popular prayer which itself could help:

  12. Allen says:

    Hello,Thanks for your reply,what are renunciation prayers,and how can I find them? I would really love to know them. Thanks

  13. Allen says:

    Thanks,I have seen they are many but in my case which one do i use? I normally dream of my dead relatives and many other horrible things but mostly from my maternal side of the family.
    I really appreciate your help.

    • Truth in Reality says:

      If you don’t know anything in particular that your mother’s side – or perhaps even your father’s side – were particularly involved in that ought to be renounced, I would recommend to start with the Prayers to Renounce Roman Catholicism as most of us have at least a little of that influence in our own lives and that of our ancestors. Roman Catholicism is a form of idolatry so it’s helpful to get clear about what we ought to jettison to help to find the true Gospel of peace and the salvation that comes only from the God of the Bible.

      The prayers are long, but very much worthwhile and not so long considering that the effects of generational iniquity can and do affect us deeply from ten generations back. Some of our ancestors could have been involved with Roman Catholic beliefs or practices for decades or even all their lives. There are links to articles which could be helpful to understand more about the truth about Roman Catholicism.

      Next after a few days or longer, as you feel led by the Holy Spirit, I would try the freemasonry prayers. Most people have one or more of the many forms of freemasonry in their ancestry, but they probably won’t know about it as usually it was kept secret even from close family, and commonly men would keep this secret even from their own wives. There were also freemasonry organisations for women. Lists of names of the various freemasonry organisations are available on the internet.

      Next would be the occult, including any type of New Age practices, which would include many forms of healing, all kinds of psychic type practices, any communication with the dead, or with aliens, or basically any type of religious type practices that aren’t straightforward Christianity.

      Many forms of Christianity today are more like New Age occult idolatrous practices and also need to be renounced. We are supposed to keep to the gospel or truth given ONCE only to the saints and not add new things to it. God Himself said: “Behold I make all things new.”

      Another relevant scripture is Acts 4:12: “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Together with 1 Cor 1, these two scriptures make it clear we ought not to subscribe to certain preachers and follow them in particular, nor denominations, although it doesn’t mean we ought not attend a church for that reason or prefer a certain preacher.

      “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” (John 10:16)

      Please check the cursed objects list on the blog and there is also a short renunciation prayer for those.

      May God bless you and keep you in the name of Jesus.

      • Allen says:

        Thanks so much,I did just what you told me and i leave the rest to God. What i forgot to mention is that i also get dreams having sex,it has been happening for years now. Do use the same prayers. I really appreciate your help,Thanks so much and may God richly reward you.

      • Truth in Reality says:

        Please check back on the replies to this thread where someone else mentioned the same problem which is in fact extremely common. Through sex is one of the main ways that the devil tempts us, whether in the daytime or at night. What is most important is not to let that worry you, or be over-concerned about it in any way. Do not to blame yourself somehow as that is part of the purpose of it, to provide a demonic doorway through which to get at you, whether it is through your sense of self-worth, by damaging your confidence, cause you to feel insecure, making you doubt your salvation, and so on and so forth. It is just a demonic attack, albeit a more direct one, and there are a number of remedies as described above, through prayers, reading the Bible and learning to deal with such things, through learning better discernment – the Bible tells us we can pray for more discernment. Learning about spiritual warfare, such as the armour of God as in Ephesians 6 which we can wear all of the time, including at night. Other things that will help playing a KJV audio Bible on very low volume, renunciation prayers, generally cleaning up our lives from any forms of rebellion, cursed objects and so on. which will take away any licence grounds for the demons to attack. That rarely happens overnight, and can take a year or oftentimes several years.

  14. Kyrah Knell says:

    Is sleep paralysis demonic?

    • Truth in Reality says:

      Yes, it is. Please don’t let that unduly upset you (which is what the demonic love to do). It ought to be treated the same way as anything else. Any kind of deliverance will help. Specifically learning deliverance, learning to discern which is the voice of the demonic will help and may resolve the situation as you can just keep casting anything out yourself until the problem is resolved. Playing an audio Bible before you go to bed, such as can be downloaded or played for free from the foot of this blog may help. Scripture suggests that we may not get entirely delivered of all demonic harassment for at least a year, although any specific problem can disappear at any time. There are deliverance ministers with 30 years experience who know a great deal about specific problems and it is quite easy to get to speak to one of them on the phone, through deliverance radio such as Omega Man Radio. Be discerning which church you attend and who you mix with, as it is better to be alone with God than in the company of people who are not good for you and may help to lead you down a wrong road. Keep to what the Bible says, and ask in the name of Jesus for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If all else fails, a good deliverance minister ought to resolve the situation. That doesn’t have to be in person, as deliverance over the telephone works, that could be personally one to one, or in a mass deliverance. There is two part Win Worley mass deliverance on Youtube which works well.

  15. I thank the GOD almighty for every restoration; deliverance. God is powerful mighty, coz the Bible tells us in Revelations 11:17-19, Lord God all powerful you are. We thank you, you used your great power and started ruling, when the nations got angry, you became angry too.

    Now the time has come for the dead to be judged, it is time for you to reward your servants the prophets and all of your people who honour your name no matter who they are. It’s time to destroy everyone who has destroyed the Earth. Let’s fear God. Amen.

  16. Praise being oppressed and harassed by a neighbour of mine who has done it for several years. He uses witchcraft to bring doom to my life. Somebody join me in prayers, Amen!

  17. Thank you for this. A good prayer protection against evil. I feel blessed. God bless you all.

  18. Believer of The Lord and God says:

    I believe that these prayer will help me rid these evil spirits that have oppressed me for 13 yrs. I will keep praying and using there prayer to free my soul from the devil. Amen.

  19. Divine says:

    Pls I Am Tired Of Everything Oppression On Every Corner I Have Been Writing Wassce Exams And No Good Result I Won A Price On The Internet Paid The Transportation Price And They Told Me That They Are Coming On The 31st Till Nw I Have Not Seen Them And His Number Is Saying Switch Off My Dad Oppresses Me And Uses Me As A Slave I Dream Of Oppresion Don’t Know What To Do Pls Pray For Me

  20. pls every one pray for me spirits wants to destroy me

  21. Truth in Reality says:

    You may find Mel Novak’s warfare prayers helpful.

  22. Never in my 59 year’s did I ever go through something like this. I’m standing strong but it’s my 2 beautiful cats that I see fear in their eyes. They look directly into my eyes and a second later they look over my shoulder and the fear I see, I know that thing is right behind me! The screeching, knocking, sounds and smells and now breaking things of mine when I’m not home is getting worse and escalating. I need someone to help me.

  23. Thank you for those prayers they are perfect!! I will copy them and use them for anything I do. I am constantly fighting the demon and devils satan!!! (Sobs) but I have Jesus on my side and with me always. I go to 12 step programs and celebrate recovery 12 step meetings. And overcomers outreach meetings Thanks!!!

  24. Cyrus mosiara says:

    i feel refreshed and i need a lot of your advice as i grow spiritually . amen

  25. Zahira says:

    Hello, there is this tall dark figure that I see when I pray with my eyes closed, and I hear knocking sounds in the room and house it even attacks me in my mom and I are praying . What can you tell us about this presence n can someone please pray with us….THANK YOU

    • Truth in Reality says:

      You can command that they leave in the name of Jesus. I would recommend checking your home, office, garden and transport for cursed objects. There is a list on this blog but I would go through it several times over a period of months to make sure everything is gone. Avoid other versions of the Bible, Catholic religious artifacts, and etc. including crucifixes with a figure on them but without a figure is fine.

      Please check the list carefully. To find out more about cursed objects read Derek Prince’s book: “Blessing and Curses – You Choose” which is available cheaply on Amazon and elsewhere.

      Renunciation prayers work well and only need to be said once and some can be found on this blog or elsewhere on the internet. Renunciation prayers can be for personal or familial iniquity going back ten generations. They are usually found to be very helpful. Remember that most families have at least one person who dabbled in the occult, freemasonry, catholicism or other cursed practices, and sometimes even their close family would not have known. So I believe it is best to say the prayers anyway and then you are covered.

      Play the house cleansing prayer of Brother Carlos and an audio KJV Bible on low volume even when you are not there. Listen to deliverance radio, read the Bible, play worship music and pray and thank God often. Eventually you will find the problem will vanish. It may not even take long, or it may take a few months, you can only try and see what happens. The power against demons is in the name of Jesus, in the work of Jesus on the cross and in His blood.

      • Zahira says:

        Can you please advice me about yoga. As a follower of The Lord Jesus can I continue in yoga………….?

    • im Stupid says:

      I’ve tried Everything nothing still works those blasphemous spirit still attack me I’m at the point where I will End it. I’ve always hated Life Anyway its full of fake phony people I hate I was ever born just to be set up by God and he Allow Tormenting spirits to blaspheme the holy spirit. I’ve been told by so called Prophets over the phone I’m cursed there’s a curse over my life

      • wd says:

        no don’t end your life pray and have faith in the Lord

      • basile says:

        God loves You sooo much.if you can, find about The scoan and TB Joshoa God is using him. I Cover you with The blood of JESUS CHRIST. LOVE U

      • Anon says:

        Please pray for me

      • A Nobody says:

        I feel I’m no longer saved. This Mind Torment has gone too far. I believe I am fully Rejected by God. Lately unwanted Thoughts of Jesus giving me the middle finger shows up when I’m trying to read the Word or sleep

        And also blasphemous stuff with him on the cross(Actors from movies who played Jesus) has also been popping up

        Also blasphemous stuff against the Holy Spirit I wish I had a Gun to just End it All

      • Lara says:

        Everything you are experiencing. None of it is from God. Even how you see yourself, “a nobody” is how you see yourself! Demons and the Devil have a tight grasp on you! The Lord WILL NOT reject you and He is ALWAYS there for you! The Devil attacks the strong like this BECAUSE he knows what a powerful warrior you are in God’s army. Do not give up and do not give into the Father of Lies!

      • This is a lying spirit that you are listening to. It’s telling you that your situation is hopeless. This is nothing but lies. You just need to get deliverance from it.

        Have you gone on your knees in prayer and asked God for help in the name of Jesus? Just reciting the Lord’s Prayer will do fine for that! Have you listened to some good Christian hymns (SE Samonte Christian Hymns on Youtube). Have you read the Bible? Have you played a KJV audio bible (even in the house when you are not there to hear it will help). Have you tried listening to the John Kyle deliverances, dozens of which can be easily downloaded from this site at the foot of the page on the left? I can highly recommend them from my own personal experience.

        Also have you checked your home, office, garden, garage and transport against the cursed objects list on this site? Have you said all the renunciation prayers? These are methods that do work.

        If you have tried all these things and you still have problems please do get help from a deliverance minister such as John Kyle, who has a website “The Oasis Place”. Or contact Omega Man Radio internet radio show, specialists in deliverance who definitely ought to be able to help you.

        Make sure and stay away from false teachers such as Joyce Meyers and her books, also Alistair Buchan and etc. Remember there is only one name by which men may be saved, and that is the precious name of Jesus.

        Please do not give up because you have been mistakenly listening to what this lying spirit is telling you. A good start would be to tell it that you are not listening to it anymore. Whenever it starts, say firmly “I bind you and cast you out in the name of Jesus” and I cover myself in the blood of Jesus. Remember that demons particularly hate the blood.

        it really is not that difficult to get free if we use the correct methods and routes.

  26. Truth in Reality says:

    The bad news is that yoga has its roots in Hinduism and as such is in fact idolatry.

    The good news is that in terms of exercises that are beneficial for the body, pilates is every bit as good – I think much better – and it is fine for Christians.

  27. Allison Rainey says:

    Thank you

  28. Allison Rainey says:

    God our Father, Sweet Jesus, Holy Spirit is Beautiful.

  29. “Lord”I humbly thank you for the people involved in posting these scriptures and prayers! God bless you all in Jesus name! “Lord”I need you now!….Freedom…..

  30. Brian young says:

    Prayer for the oppressed!

  31. Bridget Anebi says:

    Please help me to pray to stop seeing a dead relation when ever I am expecting a blissful, and dreamt of her things will never work the way it should, I reject that in the name of Jesus Christ who have created me in his own likeness, I have started this prayer I need total delivering

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  33. HEIDI says:

    Great prayers thanks for the tips! All beware of false accusations of “demonic” religions items and beliefs…God is far greater then anyone person can or has the time to describe and did come to other cultures in different images so others could better understand and perceive him! Jesus died for our sins, we as human have no right to judge others or draw conclusions on what is evil unless already stated in the bible….this only brings negativity to something or someone that maybe God sent! Remember we are human and Jesus died for all our sins, don’t way yourself down deeming things evil that is a job of the almighty God! I praise him for that it’s hard work deciding where hate should go that’s why as “Christians we are taught to love all!!!! Feed and water your enemies!” Please I pray that no follower of God forgets that! FORGIVE THEM HEAVENLY FATHER FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO! AMEN

    • The Bible is clear that there is only one Creator God and that therefore people and religions which teach otherwise are giving false witness. This is breaking more than one of the Commandments, even the First Commandment which contains all the others in it. We know the true Holy Spirit as it will always glorify Jesus as Only Son of the Most High (begotten not created), King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and not mentioning Him or relegating Him to being just another prophet or whatever, this cannot be the Holy Spirit. Therefore what kind of spirit is it? It some cases it will be the antichrist spirit which denies Christ or attempts to take His place. Therefore we know that spirits masquerading as the Holy Spirit are indeed deceiving spirits – counterfeits. In support of this particular understanding, the Bible says that we ought to test the spirits.

      • HEIDI says:

        God is the creator of ALL good and bad but it is for him to deem good or bad not humans not satan….the one and only GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH! Great prayers thanks for the tips! All beware of false accusations of “demonic” religions items and beliefs…God is far greater then anyone person can or has the time to describe and did come to other cultures in different images so others could better understand and perceive him! Jesus died for our sins, we as human have no right to judge others or draw conclusions on what is evil unless already stated in the bible….this only brings negativity to something or someone that maybe God sent! Remember we are human and Jesus died for all our sins, don’t way yourself down deeming things evil that is a job of the almighty God! I praise him for that it’s hard work deciding where hate should go that’s why as “Christians we are taught to love all!!!! Feed and water your enemies!” Please I pray that no follower of God forgets that! FORGIVE THEM HEAVENLY FATHER FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO! AMEN

      • Heidi says:

        Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven. It is for God to judge….if you’d like to live under the pressure of uncertainty it is a heavy burden to carry! I know from experience putting your life in God’s hands Jesus carries the cross! As humans we should be spreading God’s grace and acceptance not being consumed by what could be evil! God bless you in the days to come

    • Heidi: First and foremost, may you be blessed all the days of your life in Jesus name! I was reading the powerful prayer you had posted. Thank you for sharing….. Brother Elliott

  34. Teresa Tracy says:

    Thank-you for your ministry being on the internet- to a subject many want unspoken. Being in oppression to the strongman cycle is abusive & very degrading. Thank-you for delivering me Lord from the tyrants of jelousy, rebellion that want to seize & devour & have their ways accepted. Please restore love back to its rightful place in me and my daughter & protect & that the blessing of the Lord aren’t being detoured/wrecked/abrupted. Thank-you for rebuking the devour & his foothold & strongholds & that he cannot come & have lodging spot. Amen. Thank-you for taking the veil down from their eyes & opening their spiritual ears, to tend to their own plates. Amen.

    Thank-you for your beautiful pictures of nature and your prayers.

  35. premilla says:

    The prayer has helped me so much.thank u

  36. Sfundo shezi says:

    I feel blessed in the name of Jesus our Lord. I pray to the Lord that all burdens and sins that I had are forgiven in the name of Jesus. I think this blog has made a difference in my live. This prayer has made me a new person.

  37. Jennifer says:

    My name is Jennifer. I am 40 years old and have been dealing with evil presences since I was a child. I am a very faithful Christian and am a daily Bible reader and prayer. I love the Lord with all my heart, with all my soul, & with all my strength. That being said…evil is drawn to me like moths to a flame. The mental anguish I can deal with somewhat although it is obviously extremely stressful; coping with being talked to by invisible things (although they have on very rare occasions appeared in the physical and I can tell you right now that they ARE NOT and have NEVER been human) that even make non-believers skin crawl and feel uncomfortable…in both English & in foreign languages (that after researching are often biblical in nature and I’ve deciphered, with the help of the internet, in Hebrew, Latin, Greek & on rare occasions…Aramaic; but its the physical attacks (especially when I’m asleep) that are starting to “take its toll” on me. I wake up with large bruises on various parts of my body often…as well as large welts that are red and inflamed that feel like my skin is on fire and are hot to the touch and both vary from hand prints (larger than my own (with or without claw indentations), fist prints like I’ve been punched, and in fewer cases but it does occur, bite marks that vary in size and depth (occasionally even piercing my flesh). Most often they occur when I sleep (which I sleep an average of 3-5 hours a night) but I have had many instances where I have been in a fully conscious state when assaulted. The majority of incidents happen while I am alone but there have been a number of times where others have been present to witness these events. (Needless to say it is traumatizing for those present…especially when in long-term relationships. Even when I dated a minister…when they can’t help me, not only is it terrifying for others but it also creates a sense of hopelessness in them.) I’ve been to confession & have tried many different churches (no help), I have drank holy water and have been blessed with it by multiple priests as well as being blessed and anointed with oil, I’ve had my house blessed, I pray and read my Bible daily and I BELIEVE FULLY in the power and strength of the Lord and His son Jesus Christ dying for my sins. (Yes, strangely enough I STILL have FAITH & HOPE!) I have asked the Lord multiple times to help me cast out these demons, many of which I unfortunately know by name and have attempted to cast them out myself in the name of Jesus Christ. And I have even checked into getting an exorcism done but I’m not possessed and its a whole lot more difficult to get any Christian church to agree to do one these days although I have questioned in my heart whether any of them truly know how to deal with these specific demons. I have prayed and fasted and have been guided by the Lord to a treasure trove of information biblically but I’m still stumped on why they won’t leave me alone. I’m wondering if there’s more to their persistance than I’m aware of? My biological father slept with my mother 1 time and then disappeared once discovering she was pregnant. She was a devout Catholic who went to a school with nuns as teachers. The man was a carnival with no permanent address and no way to make contact unless he went to see her. He had no family (known to my mom). Tall, dark, handsome and mysterious. He was also (according to mom) very deeply into the “dark arts” and violently allergic to silver (mom watched him put a silver necklace in his hand and it burned him). My mother got with my current dad while she was 6 months pregnant with me and went on to become a church secretary for 10 years and a choir director. So I’m curious if “the stranger” who was involved in my procreation may be a factor in my struggle with darkness? So I’m at a bit of an impasse and I’m trying to figure out what to do before I am permanently injured or just don’t wake up. These demons are extremely powerful and this morning I woke up a with large swollen bruise on the back of my hand, a bite with clearly defined teeth marks on the back of my calf, and the folded blanket that I sit next to my pillow on my bed reeked of sulfur (and I have witnesses to confirm all these). So if you have any suggestions that I haven’t tried I would greatly appreciate hearing them…I know that the Lord doesn’t allow us more trials than we can handle and if it is beyond what we can bear then we are provided a means to escape ( 1 Cor 10:13) But I have been unable to find my escape route so please advise (preferably sooner than later). Thank you and Praise Be To God!

    • Hi Jennifer, Please check on this blog site where you will find much that will help you. Demons will attack anyone who is a threat to them in any way. The story of Job is thought to be the oldest book in the Bible and explains many things. When going thru terrible trials myself that story was comforting to me.

      You will see some information that will be useful in the replies to the Prayer Against Witchcraft. It would also be helpful to listen to the sermons of John Kyle which can be found at the foot of the page on the left. Jesus is our deliverer and the Bible – I believe it ought to be the KJV version as other versions do not have the power that the KJV Bible has – tells us all we need to know.

      Playing an audio Bible – a selection of which, dramatized or other, can be found on Bible Gateway – works very powerfully against the demonic as they hate it and usually cannot stay around for long – although they can and do come back if there are demonic doorways still open. Christian hymns such as those posted on Youtube by Samonte are also excellent for that reason.
      Articles and YT vids such as some found on here about, say, the armour of God, or demonic strongholds – will help as the more we know the better.

      Sadly not everything one hears is true of course but that is the case in anything. We are told to pray and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit, and to test the spirits. We can also use The Bible as a reference point and itself it does give us all or most of the guidance we need and that’s why we ought to study it and make sure we know what it says as knowing what it says will give us the help we need.

      Remember there is no other name by which men may be saved, but the name of Jesus.

      • a nobody says:

        Yes i am also being tormented. the voices that torment me whisper blasphemous stuff against the holy spirit. and always shows me blasphemous visions this has gone on for five years. also i have been thinking about suicide too. i feel i have absolutely no purpose at all

      • That’s a total lie of the devil. Bind the demons and cast them out in the name of Jesus. We must stop listening to demons (Eve’s mistake in the Garden of Eden) and start listening to God and what He has to say to us through the Bible. Also listen to deliverances on MP3 and MP4 and learn spiritual warfare and you find your life will change completely! You won’t recognise yourself! Demons are bullies and sounds like you have been listening to them. Do not even give them the time of day!

        There is so much that can help on this blog and links at the foot of the page to so much more. Start listening to the John Kyle deliverances you will find there, and/or Omega Man Radio (but be selective – his own deliverances and some guests are great!). Also Milton Green vids which can also be found on Youtube. Don’t allow demons to destroy your life! Learn spiritual warfare and take authority over the demonic! Jesus delivers!

        Also check your home, garden, office and garage carefully against the Cursed Object List (half way down the list or use the search box) as these days many things that people routinely have in their house are cursed objects which can provide demonic doorways for demons to torment, harass and do the various things that demons do. There is an excellent book that would help called “Blessing or Curse – You Can Choose” by Derek Prince (a respected authority on the Bible).

        Be careful not to start listening to false teachers (like Joyce Meyers etc.) as they are teaching another gospel and another Jesus. The Bible says that in the Last Days not many will be false teachers, but MOST! The Bible tells us to test the spirits. The Bible tells us a lot about the Holy Spirit and there is an article on this site which lists all the Bible references to the “The True Holy Spirit” who is the Comforter.

        Please do post again if you have any questions.


  38. Shannon says:

    I feel a lot better after saying this i have been contemplating suicide. I have heard growling, smelled awful smells around the home, and am usually woken up night around 2 to 330. I have even seen stuff move by itself. It’s extremely weird. I have also lost some memories of time, I’m scared.

    • Sorry to hear that. There is so much on this blog that will help you and indeed that is why it was made in the first place. Please see the hundreds of links at the foot of the page with free books to download, audio and video. We do not need to pay for the truth. The Bible says to buy the truth (although of course you don’t need to) and sell it not! The Bible also says to give freely as we have been given.

      Please also check out the cursed objects list and make sure you don’t have any in your home, garden, office or transport. Renunciation prayers also work very well and it is probably a good idea for everyone to say the prayers against freemasonry and roman catholicism, etc. as most everyone has these in their ancestral line, even if they are not aware of it, as often these things were kept secret anyway, sometimes even from close family.

      When it comes to deliverance ministers, I believe it is important which ones we listen to as some have made a false religion out of the deliverance ministry. I can personally wholeheartedly recommend John Kyle who is and has been a real life pastor and deliverance minister in Montana, USA for 30 years. There are recordings of dozens of his sermons which are accompanied by mass and individual telephone deliverances – both of which work very well – on his show on Omega Man Radio which can be downloaded from links at the foot of this blog site on the left.

      Although not a deliverance minister per se, I do highly recommend a Texan preacher called Milton Green and MP3s and MP4s downloads of his sermons are also linked to at the foot of this blog and more can be found on Youtube. A vid of his interesting testimony is available on Youtube and there are also some vids from his wife, Joyce Green.

      My belief is that it is Jesus who delivers us and He is our Saviour so if there is no church near you that does deliverance, it ought not to be that much of a problem. We ought not to be looking to people or anyone in particular to save us, but look only to God. In the same way we are told not to fear man, only God. Beware of false teachers as there are many.

      Listening to some Brother Carlos deliverances ought to be helpful. These can be played when you are not in the room or even in the house and only need to be on very low volume.

      • A Nobody says:

        It is Hard to Talk to God At this point in my life. A Bad Relationship I just ended last week with a Christian Woman. And she used me and didn’t Love me and care about me

        All of this Happened Last week and those Tormenting voices come back every now and then

        Lately I’ve been thinking about Suicide and Thinking Hard About it 😭😭😭😭😭

        I just Don’t feel like I have a God Given Purpose I really dont

  39. Melisa Feifer says:

    Recently my father has come to stay with us, my husband is away on Business. He is not supposed to drink.. drinking has destroyed his life and since he left when i was little i was never raised around people that drink. So i don’t know much about alcoholism except what i learned that it separates people. A few weeks ago my father came home and told me to cook for his friends, since the invitation was already made I consented. So i cooked and a thin man came to my door.. he was a homeless man. I love the Lord, i love all people. my dad said he was hiring this man to come and work with him in construction, and his “girl”… Girl? i asked where is she? the man said she was busy.. but i wondered, ” why would she be busy at night and homeless?” 2 days later my Dad was drinking and i sent him away. he actually went in an ambulance, after he came home after work and could not stand up. (i am not having that in my house) So the next day the man came to work but my dad was gone.. i knew the man was homeless and hungry so i fed him and said if he dug me a garden I would pay him. so he did. I payed him by purchasing his groceries plus $10 all together $60 dollars so a good wage. The next day he came to my house with “his girl” i fed them, he finished the garden and I gave them an extra $10. and it has been 3 weeks since i have seen them.

    But today the man and the girl (who is a grown woman older than me probably in her 40s). They asked for a drink of water.. so i gave them Gatorade and made them Tacos…. she began talking about voices.. weird things.. then she called me a Jezebel! she said i was sleeping with the homeless man, sleeping with my own father, and my husband was sleeping with his own mother. I have never meet someone with such a strong Jezebel spirit. 😦 Everything she said made me so sad for her. I ask that we pray for Dawn. the girls name is Dawn. Thank you.

  40. hopeful123 says:

    I am not sure if what has attached itself to me is a demon or a lost soul. I don’t just hear voices tell me the same bad things at night or for a short period of time. No I hear the voices all day and night. Whatever this is Its capable of repeating everything I’m thinking about it. It knows what I will think about or say next. I’m the only one who hears it. It says things from my past that I only would know. It follows me everywhere. Even after moving houses it has followed me. Please help me understand. Please share if this happened before to you or anyone else. What can I do and what could this be?

    • That’s definitely a demon which needs to get evicted. Please read the comments above and you will see previous advice given. Also in the comments on the Prayer Against Witchcraft. There are some good mass deliverances by John Kyle on the bottom left of this blog site. Broadly speaking, no matter how a demon shows up in your life, and some can appear to be quite friendly, and occasionally even almost friendly or human – that is not actually the case – the steps to evict them are the same.

      • Anonymus says:


      • Taylor Walker says:

        I just wanted to update everyone on my journey. i hope that by sharing others can find a solution to their own personal situation. So it turns out that I suffer from spirit attachment. I attracted this negative spirit because I suffer from anxiety and I was in a bad relationship where my partner would constantly put me down. Basically there was a lot of trauma. I am able to fight back with positive thoughts and of course practicing my religion. Prayer and more prayer. If I cave in to any negative emotion or thought, I feed this attachment. I was able to reach out to several people and one of those was a healer. Everything she said to me was 100% accurate. I was doubtful at first but now I have come to experience it for myself. I have never gone through anything like this so I was very skeptical. Anyhow she said to me that when we argue or fight with another person if you have low self esteem we open ourselves to bad things. These bad things most of the time are bad spirits that have not yet crossed over into the light. I would encourage you all to seek helpeason why all of these things happen. Fear literally feeds the attachment. I started feeling depressed, or not like normal self, very tired. Then it progressed to thoughts and then I started to hear voices. I wish someone would have told me in my early stages of my depression to be alert and try getting help for my spiritual well being. With that said I want others to learn from my experience. God bless and ask for help.

  41. zadok1940 says:

    There are many false prophets gone into the world and many people have sold out to Satan and will suffer eternal torment for their unwise decision. They need to repent and seek God, and ask Him for forgiveness. Or in other words, repent.

  42. Alex says:

    Ive been getting attack by demons last 3 years seeing them too finaly found church thats helped word of life bishop Tom Brown ministry stronger then ever and getting to know Jesus Christ and or God WoW its a spiritual battle that Jesus won for us already

  43. Junior Powell says:

    There is a demonic presence in my home and it messes with me physically and extreme mental things. I am saved and prayed the prayer with authority that’s on this page. I’m so sick of this presence and want it gone. My fiance is 7 months pregnant and I don’t want it here when the baby gets here! Any suggestions! It has physically and mentally messed with my fiance too.

  44. In the comments to this prayer, you will see more detailed information about checking your home, garden, garage, transport and office against the The Occult and Cursed Object List which can be found on this blog. Also saying the renunciation prayers – which can be found on this blog using the search box (or else under Prayers for Release at the foot of the list of articles) – can be very helpful. Even if you do not know of any occultism, witchcraft, freemasonry or roman catholicism in your family, it’s still important to read thru these prayers as the curses attached to them go back ten generations, and routinely things like this were kept secret even from close family.

    Pray and thank God in all circumstances, and have faith that God can deliver us, no matter what. Remember that without faith it is impossible to please God.

  45. Veronica gomez says:

    It is written god is power amen and thank you my father and creator amen

  46. MIssy says:

    thank you for this.

  47. Effie bright says:

    Thank you so much for that wonderful prayer against demonic forces it did so much for me in my life. Please pray for me because I have stalkers who don’t want to let go they are evil and very dangerous.

  48. Kaylee Weeks says:

    Wow, this really helped God does the most awsome things, it’s just crazy in a weird way, but, before I did this I had a REALLY bad problem with coughing, and now it’s gone but my problem was that I started to cough on my birthday (I’m 12, I did this because I believe that in the eyes of God, when your under 12 your innocent and over 12 your not innocent and I did this because to protect me and my body from Satan and his friends) and it just got worse, and like yesterday and the day before yesterday I had a whooping cough but it sounded kind of worse than that and this really helped, I still do cough but like only like 2x. So thank you and thank you God for making this person create this.

  49. arkadiy says:

    Please pray for me I’m oppressed and harassed by one strong witch!! I need help she is very evil.!!! she is the second strongest in Ukraine and I need your help!!!! she is destroying me ruining everything my job, my relationship!!!!! I ask you please help!!!!She tries to control all my life, to destroy me, my friends and my all!!!!
    Pray for my heart she wants to stop it.

    • The power against the enemy is always in the name of Jesus. Plus of course the extent to which people are prepared to do the work, ask God for help in His name, clear their home of cursed objects, say the renunciation prayers, etc. Further information can be found on this site.

  50. ugnius says:

    thanks sooooo much! i removed a spirit inside me and i hope it never returns

  51. Sameer says:

    For Br. anonymous/ nobody – you are none of that. Every man was created in God’s image therefore God had a plan & purpose for you before he even created you. The first chapter in the bible talks about God saw it was good for the things he created.

    Force your mind to say the “blood of Jesus”, not trickles or a stream, but an ocean. Jesus shed His blood for everyone… Force your mind to think scripture about how Good God is.. it works.. don’t analyse your feelings.. Let feelings be the servant of truth.

    Please read my other comment.

  52. Thank you for such prayers !
    May the lord continue to bless all.
    I need more prayers from you .
    And need to commit me in ur prayers.

    I want to be safe from every attack from the devil.
    Kenneth Thomas Yerima .

    • UtterHatred says:

      I Know i am going to hell i said F The H.S. this church i was going too caused me to leave the faith that i came to know for 7 years. All the Gossip All the Lies and Slander i seen what i knew all along that God said those things to me through those people. i always knew God Hated me but i didnt know how much until all this stuff went down. people who i thought were my friends in the church who i was always there for and had their back were the main ones who shocked me.

      and this is why i see people wan’t nothing to do with God or the Church Because of the “Hypocrisy” and Lies

      • Even those of us who love Yeshua have been hurt by others in church. It’s not Gods fault when people hurt us. In fact, I believe God cares when those things happen. People are going to always make mistakes and there are some who pretend to be Christians. We will know them by their fruit. I have been hurt more than I can count… but… I also know that satan tries to drive those wedges and he works in our minds if we are not careful. It’s best to give all those hurts to God and move on. I hope you can because you will find what real love is when you discover who Yeshua is and let Him reveal himself to you.

      • UtterHatred says:

        Your situation and mine were Different. You werent Verbally abused by a pastor multiple times. aswell as slandered and talked about and false police reports made about you. you didnt have anybody trying to get back at you by wanting to sleep with your friend that was married. you didnt have racial slurs sent to you…… you also did not have people whom you thought were your friends well so called friends anyway stab you in the back.

        i was shown the truth and i really do see why Christians are Hated. Never talk about the Homosexuals. the Atheist or the Mormons or Catholics. because christians are the same way

        Yeshua turned his back on me through this people. I Know People like you always want to blame Satan for everything. Satan is NOT IN THE CHURCH. Yeshua supposently Lived inside these people they claimed the have the Holy Spirit living in them

        i feel very betrayed so please do not tell me how to feel. period.

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