Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Angel in the Air (1998)

As I came out of a bookshop one summer’s afternoon and walked by a large church, my attention was drawn by some singing inside. Still being drawn by the beauty of the singing, I walked through the front entrance of the church into the main hall wherein I saw a great congregation, many of which were holding hands while singing, their faces turned upwards with eyes closed in a kind of blind faith. Others were holding their arms upward.

The singing was so sweet and appealing, so inviting, almost bewitching, lulling me into a slumber of reason… the waves of a strange kind of power were palpable in the air. But something was wrong, terribly wrong, I felt that ‘something’ and knew that that ‘something’ was near.

Then suddenly as though granted feeling eyes inside of a vision, I was drawn to look up to a presence in the air. I saw in my vision a white angel dressed in long white robes, and with horror I heard him laughing in his sleeve, and that laugh was a laughter of deceit, and that laugh sent cold fear into my heart.

Some of the people singing invited me to hold hands and join in with that singing. Some power beside me helped me and I said to the people I have to leave here, and I moved swiftly out of that place. Outside the door I felt breath returning to me, and I felt the light and warmth of the sun upon my face.  My soul was relieved that I had escaped the deadly delusion which none inside that place knew. Again the spirit had come to my aid in a perilous time.

Richard Jon


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