Visions of Things Yet To Come – A Ladder (197?)

In the vision of the night, I saw a wide ladder reaching from the Earth upwards into the Heavens, so great a ladder and so very high.  And atop the ladder, a presence.

And I was aware of that presence, but didn’t see his face, because of the great darkness.  And I knew the presence was no man.  And I knew the presence was not an angel.  And I knew that it was the Presence of presences.  And I felt an overpowering awe, and was left with a great fear of that darkness.  That darkness so deep, and that darkness so secret.

And no man knew which place on Earth the ladder rested upon.  That place is hidden from the eyes of man, and that place the angels of the ladder keep.

[I would see this ladder and that presence more clearly in the future, in May 2012.]

Richard Jon


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