Visions of Things Yet To Come – A Voice of A Lion (2002)

I heard as in a vision, as if it were inside of me – this is difficult to explain – the sound of that great and terrible, booming, roaring voice.  A voice that penetrated into my innermost being, a dangerous voice with power to captivate the will, the very soul.  A voice of a ‘god’?

I heard that voice uttering great accusations, speaking great things.  Speaking peace in lies.  The sound of the voice left me feeling ill, a sickness inside my soul.

It will be dangerous to even listen to that voice, difficult not to, as it will be heard everywhere, filling the whole world.

I saw multitudes mesmerised by the sound of that voice, a great hush, an awe had fallen upon them all.  And then, suddenly, a mighty roar, in unison, a universal acclaim.  They had found the one of their dreams, the man of their admiration, the one they had always been looking for – like them, and all that they could ever wish to be.

It was as if he had sown something of himself in all of them.  Now he would reap his global harvest.  Legions upon legions to fulfill his will. I had a strong impression that the young people were his most fanatical disciples. Overnight, in a moment, the whole world had changed.

Part 2

I saw in my vision a vast round amphitheatre in which were great multitudes of people.    I had the impression it was somewhere in Western Europe, and that an important event was about to take place.  There was great excitement and anticipation.

From a gate at the side, a group of people were led out by guards into the centre of the circle.  Their hands were bound behind them.  Everywhere I saw a triangular symbol.

I heard a voice speaking, to the intent of there are people among us who refuse to share our New World humanity, who refuse to participate in our universal peace.  Who hold onto outdated ways responsible for so many of the past wars…..

What shall we do with them?!

At a signal, a beam of light emitted from what seemed like some form of eye, the guards drew long swords, and the beheading of the enemies of humanity began.  I saw the heads fall upon the floor in a river of blood.  Suddenly, great multitudes erupted into a deafening roar of triumph, too loud and too terrible to endure.

The whole event being televised around the world.

I saw no more.


In my vision, I suddenly heard as though inside of myself, the painful grief of that deep, booming, frightening voice.  As if on the verge of death.  I saw him slumped, his side and head bleeding.

I could not hear the voices of the people around him, they seemed like caricatures, puppets, almost of no consequence.

The sound of that voice deeply troubled and disturbed me, leaving me feeling ill for some time after.

Richard Jon

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