Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Park (2003)

In my vision I was seeing a great park by a river running through a city.  It looked like Paris.  Near the river, by iron railings, I saw many thousands of heads, of men, of women, of children, lying like cabbages on the grass.  But I saw no bodies.

I saw the satisfaction on the faces of the guards, the executioners.  One was kicking some of the heads like footballs.  I heard the sickening squelch and thud of the heads as they landed.  Mass murder had occurred in the open in daylight.  There had been no protest nor any to defend them.  The palpable feeling of horror in the air was magnified by the appearance of normality, as if this had been going on for some time, yet it was normal.

The vision was cut short – I could take no more.

Richard Jon

About Truth in Reality
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