What is Wrong with the New Age?

First of all, there is nothing new about it, it is based on an apparently diverse concoction of many different things such as Hinduism, humanism, pantheism, ecology, global unity or oneness, etc. which has made to look wholesome and exciting, while at its core it is anything but harmless.

More than 90% of New Agers believe in God.  However Lucifer (aka Satan) is the consummate counterfeiter and deceiver and the vast majority of New Agers have absolutely no idea that the New Age is a massive deception.  The idea that Lucifer is behind the New Age could seem absurd, even absolutely ludicrous.  Yet this is exactly what has been clearly revealed to many that have been involved in the New Age. Behind the enticing façade of apparent diversity in unity is something else entirely different than its appearance.

People who are looking for answers outside of Christianity are easily enticed into the New Age through its apparent great variety and luminous brightness, offering freedom and liberation.  Teaching that man is ‘god in the making’ with unlimited powers, is not sinful and is not subject to God.

The New Age is built on deception where darkness masquerades as love, light, peace, freedom and unity.  It is bondage that doesn’t feel like bondage as it is an invisible bondage that appears good and true, so that why would one want to escape something that appears to offer true freedom, along with so many other desirable things.  What more cunning bondage could there be than imprisonment disguised as liberation?  What appears to be universal brotherhood is anything but because God’s love is missing.  Qualities of a satanic rather than of a godly nature – such as hatred, indifference, pride, greed, self-seeking after various combinations of fame, glory, glamour and status and so on – are disguised as ‘love’ when in reality self-serving in all its various forms is what really takes centre stage.

  • Pantheistic, monistic, polytheistic gods and goddesses.
  • The natural goodness, connectedness, and sacredness of all life.
  • Peace through occult practices and union with a cosmic force or nature spirits.
  • Trust in Self, inner wisdom, dreams, visions, gods, goddess, cosmic force, coincidences, etc
  • Evolving spiritually by growing in consciousness staying tuned to the cosmic mind.
  • The power of thoughts, words and affirmations to change reality and direct spiritual forces.
  • Yoga, Meditation, Crystals, Tarot, Psychic Powers, Astrology, Reincarnation, Hypnotism, Spiritism, I Ching, Fortune Telling, Buddhism, Zen, Drugs, Enlightenment, Psychodrama, the list goes on.

Apparently, through an almost infinitely variable combination of these and many other things, discounting man’s sinfulness, lack of morality, greed and self-centredness, a shift in our consciousness brings us to progressive ‘self-realisation’ that we are ‘gods’.  But however we ‘pick and mix’ the above, we cannot find ourselves, nor God, because the New Age, which has an artificial façade of being some sort of unified oneness, is actually a mishmash built on deception with a false foundation.   It is really the old age of Babylonian religion, 4,000 years old and  disguised as something else, rearing its ugly head again and enticing unsuspecting people to engage in idolatry and darkness.

The results are not ‘enlightenment’ or a better world, but darkness and destruction – literally idol worship, whether appears in the form of materialism or glory, or anything else.  Our true selves get lost in the mumbo-jumbo in this life and our eternal life lost in the next.  Such practices already enslave millions in the east where living standards are kept appallingly low by submission to unchangeable ‘karma’.

These beliefs do not bring us any closer to the real God, the creator of heaven and earth.  Only through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, His death on a Cross and His Resurrection to Glory, can our sins be forgiven and the separation from God our Father be ended.  God is our Father and we are His children.  We need to become reunited as one with Him in love, not one with the universe.

While the New Age looks for a new ‘this-world order’ to answer the world’s problems, Christians look forward to the return of Jesus, and later a new heaven and a new earth where true righteousness and justice will reign.

“We have moved away from the notion of a personal creator God and toward the divine self – we have wholly embraced the idea of ‘spiritual evolution’ and its attendant idea of an ascending spiritual elite.  This is a truly dangerous idea that has had horrific consequences.”  James A. Herrick

Typically, a New Age person develops – sometimes it is more a case of concocts – a therapy often accompanied an image of ‘self’ which shows them to be sufficiently ‘enlightened’,  ‘evolved’, or ‘ascended’ to be able to guide or teach others.  A combination of any number of buzzwords and phrases, names of famous people, places, books, etc.  strung together create the ‘hype’ which proves that they have something to offer that is worth paying for.  While on the face of it, there is something attractive and desirable on offer, the problem is that there is usually little depth to it, little underlying unity or cohesion and the reality is something very different.  The goodness and love is unfortunately most usually  superficial, and while it is all purportedly based on the desire for a better world, it is often actually based on the desire for personal status and especially commercial gain, the practitioner charging up to $110 or even more an hour for whatever the label is on what they are offering.

Here is a typical example of a New Age profile:

“A lifelong interest in nature and all the questions that it raises led me to the enquiring aspect of what became to be known as “New Age” thinking. I first became aware of this at a conference called “Birth of the New Age” in London on 26th March 1977. There I met the leaders of the new movement including Sir George Trevelyan, Peter and Eileen Caddy, Graham Wilson (founding the first Mind Body Spirit Festival), Marcus McCausland (founded the first holistic “Health for the New Age”) and Diana Adkins who I worked with for the next couple of years founding a London branch of her futuristic education organization called Orb.  This led to working with many leaders in areas which are now commonplace subjects for Alternatives speakers and various activities in the field through the years. These varied from introducing A Course in Miracles to the UK in 1977, bringing Rebirthing to the UK in 1979 (organising Leonard Ore here), starting the London branch of the Centre for Attitudinal Healing in 1982 (Jerry Jampolsky) and participating in a number of growth movement groups such as Life Training, Insight , Sondra Ray’s LRT etc.”

Laura ‘Magdalene’ Eisenhower is the great granddaughter of Dwight Eisenhower. She is involved in the New Age and has some videos on Youtube. Laura Eisenhower provides an excellent example of how New Age practitioners craft together a whole bunch of buzz words and phrases to form the hype to present themselves, their beliefs and often their ‘services’. This hype includes many things that people believe in, are interested in or are concerned about – stringing them together in a way that apparently makes sense and seems attractive to those who are seeking peace, healing or to make sense of things, etc.

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  1. I knew Diana Adkins very well when Orb was headquartered in Washington, DC. Whatever became of her?

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