Visions of Things Yet To Come – A Crystal World (2007)

I fainted against a wall.  And a vision of seeing was given me.  Before me I saw a great field of tall grass, like stained glass.  The light was shining through the blades of grass, like green emeralds.  How marvellous!  How green!  How pure that new grass of a new earth upon which no foot had trodden or any sin stained!  Like it was new born!

The sky was full of light, lit with a wonderful pure and clear light.  The air was like a breath full of holiness.  And I seemed to be running – floating across that green field towards a marvellous city with walls of a whitish green hue through which that marvellous light shone.  The effect was like being inside a stained glass window.  The feeling of peace was as of a thousand Christmases in one.

This is a fragment I was allowed to see.

Richard Jon

About Truth in Reality
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