Visions of Things Yet To Come – A Question (2011)

It seemed that I awoke inside the dream of a vision and immediately I found myself before a throne, and there were white steps leading upwards, as if made of light.  And upon the steps a throne was set, filled with light, with a rounded back.  I saw nothing else, the throne ‘room’ was neither small nor large.  There were no walls or floors, or ceilings, it was not anywhere.  With what words can I explain the habitation of eternity?

Upon the throne there was one with the image or form of a man.  His face neither old nor young, the hair of his head like great wool.  The hue of his robe indescribable, of all colours of the rainbow, and like unto the hue of pearl.  I beheld the light of the face of that Holiest One.  The Holiness of his presence – His presence was Holiness.  The kings of the Earth would seem as brats in rags before that Majesty of Holiness.  I saw no ornamentation but His Holiness needed none.  I became as one dead and dumb, and there was no life or movement left in me, nor ever hope of one word or thought to speak on my behalf.

His eyes were all knowing.  Before those eyes no secret could be kept.  And before those eyes, no lie could be uttered.  And before those eyes, every truth must be told.  And there was a voice.  And that voice spoke.   And that voice said, “How have you kept my Law?”.

Those words entered into my innermost.  And those words gave strength to my innermost.  And those words remained in my innermost.  That is all that was said.  And no others were added.

And the vision departed from me and I was left by myself, but no longer as myself.

 Richard Jon

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