Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Creature (2011)

In the morning light I awoke, and my eyes were opened to the morning light, to the light of the vision that presented itself before me.  And I saw with other eyes and it seemed that all of creation, the sky, the clouds, the Earth and trees and all that therein is, was one vast living creature, and it had a face, and that face was indescribable.

It seemed unformed (deformed) and to be struggling waiting for release from torment, waiting for a change, waiting for renewal.  The vision was very terrible and I seemed but a small child or speck.  The vision was too vast and wonderful to comprehend.

And in my soul I felt deeply wounded and sick, a sickness I cannot describe. And I wanted to see no more, and I wanted to hear no more, and I wanted to know no more.

And afterwards I was comforted, and afterwards I was given understanding, and afterwards I knew that I suffered not alone, nor in vain.  And with my heart, I blessed the secret Maker thereof.

And with my heart, I was given the patience to wait for the blessing of the completion of that work.

How mighty His works!  How wonderful His understanding!  How unfathomable He!

Richard Jon


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1 Response to Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Creature (2011)

  1. ed amann says:

    Re: post – The Creature 2011

    Methinks this vision relates to all of creation being almost to a breaking point under the oppression of mankind.
    It is a fact all of creation groans under the weight of increasing oppression. And it cries out for the Sons of GOD to come and remove the oppression.

    A multitude of ways oppression can and does keep building. Mainly disobedience and other forms of unrighteosness and other.

    Since the large group of territorial and other spirits were released over the United States on November 19th 2012 @ approx 2pm through 5pm and seen in the sky. Creation knew it was coming since 2011 and groaned even more, knowing more and heavier oppression was soon coming. Thus the sorrowful face.

    Maybe this site here would consider reading a book called Healing “The Earth … a time for change” by John Sandford and Mark Sandford and incorporate the things in this book to this website so others here could blog about and learn how the earth is cursed and how we can help ease some of the burden off of creation. Creation also includes all living things such as trees, flowers, produce,animals etc.

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