Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Light (2012)

In my vision, I was immediately and instantly in the spirit, and I saw far above all things.  I saw far above the heavens – I cannot describe how immeasurably higher than all heavens.  I saw a figure like to a son of man, or a man, standing on the right side of the glory of that holy Light. On the right side of that holiest and holy Light, in the Light was a unseeable presence.

The locks of the hair of the figure beside that Light was as the white wool of a lamb, and his eyes as piercing flame.  And His garments like lights within the Light.

And He spoke to me by looking, and I was gently admonished and reprimanded as a little child. I thought I knew Him, but I knew not the highness of the holiness thereof.  And only the Light knew Him.  And only He knew the Light.  And the Light and the Son of the Light alone knew me.

And no man can or ever will glory, and no angel can or ever will glory, and no one can or ever will glory before the glory of that presence of that holiest Light.  This is what I saw.  And I know that I saw.

Richard Jon

About Truth in Reality
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