Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Black Ball (2007)

A vision within a dream but I was awake and conscious.  I saw the world like a great park, filled with multitudes of people, indulging in all kinds of pleasure, as if they had become pleasure mad.    The whole world seemed as if it had become one great holiday park.

The sun was shining very bright.  The sky was very blue, like a hot summers day, without a cloud.

I felt a very frightening anger above me which none of the people were aware of, as they continued shouting, smiling, oblivious to anything but enjoying themselves.

Slowly I saw the clouds of heaven coming and converging upon themselves.  Collecting themselves together, merging tighter and tighter together, until a great black ball was formed, hanging in the midst of heaven.  Suddenly, the ball exploded with a most deafening noise imaginable.  I fell to my knees, but felt no fear.  All around me, everyone everything had been thrown down to the earth and everything was very still, soundless.  Not a man, bird or beast stirred.

This is all I saw.

Richard Jon



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