Visions of Things Yet To Come – Background and List

These visions were given to me, Richard Jon, from 1961 to 2012.  I have often been troubled that I did not reveal them earlier.   The opportunity has now presented itself and that is to me an indication that the time draws near.

I did not choose these visions, which were often harrowing – as if I was actually there.  As a sensitive person, I am perhaps a least likely candidate for exposure over so many years to the horrors of the Last Times even before they have happened.  I would often be left feeling ill for several days, sometimes hoping I would never see another one.


The visions come unbidden whether in daytime or through dreams, whether – and this is difficult to explain – whether I saw the visions in myself or whether I saw them outside of myself.  As my eyes were often open, and I saw with other eyes, the eyes of the spirit.

I make no claim to any extra biblical source or knowledge.  It is as if something had given me insight into things revealed.  For years I was worried as to where all of this was coming from.  It is my belief that these visions were given as a comfort and warning to myself and others in accordance with the passage in John 16:13, “and he will shew you things to come.” I can make no claim to being yet another prophet or some ‘great one’, but what I have seen, I HAVE seen.


Those who see such things have neither part nor lot in this world, being unable to deny or to hide from the things they have seen.  Meanwhile, often hating my life in this world, seeing but unable to get involved or participating in the things of this world.

My hope in waiting, is the return of the Lord, my comfort is in Him who is able to save to the uttermost and to keep me in the hour of trial. (Rev 3:10)

To those who doubt, or envy, I would say this: “Don’t!”  I abide in this world as one having no place in it.  Where shall I go?  To whom shall I go?  I have no real friends – family – wife or children, etc.

Rest in sleep is rare and I often wished myself absent from the infirmities and afflication of this body of flesh, walking in this world of wickedness and disbelief, in which troubles and persecution abound for me wheresoever I go.

Maybe I will find peace and rest in that Kingdom of Peace, not yet of (in) this world.  That Kingdom which the Almighty One who speaks the truth will bring with Him when He comes to speak that Truth.  His Word is Truth.

Richard Jon


The Field of Daisies (1961)

The Coming (1973)

A Day of Eternity (1976)

The Ladder (197?)

The Vault (1978)

The Starry Mountain (1979)

The Turning (1982)

Transfiguration (1985)

The Man in The Sky (1989)

The Hosts (1991)

The Stars (1993)

The Robe and The Cup (1996)

The Holy Head (1996)

A Mark (1997)

The Circuit (1998)

The Sun in the Light (1998)

The Angel in the Air (1998)

The Straight and Narrow Path (2001)

A Chapel Beseiged (2001)

The Voice of A Lion (2002)

The Crushing (2002)

The Great Throne (2003)

A Golden Field (2003)

The Park (2003)

The Chasm (2003)

The Stars Fall (2006)

The Silver Cord (2006)

The Black Ball (2007)

The Crystal World (2007)

The Faces of Stars (2010)

The Door of the Sun (2011)

The Question (2011)

The Creature (2011)

The Heart of Hearts (2011)

The Light (2012)

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