Visions of Things Yet To Come – The Vault (1978)

Within a dream, of a night vision, yet neither awake nor asleep. (How will I tell? With what words can I tell?)  As I was taken up through veils, I counted seven, like vast silk curtains, even to the high Heaven, but I knew not him that took me.  I was suspended in a vast heavenly vault (difficult to explain).

I immediately beheld an innumerable company of angels, and I heard the sound of the beating of their wings lifted on high as the beating of a multitude of hearts, and the beating of their wings was as praises and the beating of their wings was as the hands of prayers.  And I saw their ascending and circling ever upward.  The very breath of the vault was full of holiness, a hushed reverence, a moving stillness.

I heard their holy hymns of praise, and those hymns of praise filled my soul, and those hymns of praise fed my spirit.  From above, radiated a Light most holy – not dazzling – but at the same time evoking fearful majesty and awe-inspiring adoration, and I beheld that holy Light of His holiness.  Amen.

And all their faces were lifted up to that Light, and their faces beheld that face no mortal could see, and their faces always behold that holiest face.  And I saw the company ever-circling the everlasting glory of that Light and in this Light was their movement, and in this Light was their life and in this Light was their sustenance.  Within that Light there was holiness of presence, whom I could not see but felt His presence, that holiest presence, I dare not and can not and will not tell.

The vision had an ending and I could remember no more, yet there had been more, and there was more to come.  After the vision, I sat apart, and I sat alone, and I sat astonished.

Furthermore, I became deeply depressed, even suicidal, for this world seemed like a dirty pigsty or toilet.  I could hardly bear to look at it.  Slowly I had to accustom myself to a world lying in wickedness that knew not the highness and the righteousness and the mercy of that holiest One.

I testify to everyone who reads, that these words are true, and the experience of vision of that holiest Almighty.


Fragment – Angel Symphony (some time afterwards)

I heard in my vision a marvellous melody of a symphony that filled all of Heaven, that filled all the Earth, and that filled all things under Heaven.  In the melody were woven all the different kinds of musics and themes, imaginable and unimaginable.  So glorious and so majestic a composition, its like on Earth unknown – perhaps the inspiration for many composers on Earth.  I tried to catch it, to recall it, but it was beyond my power to record.

Returning to consciousness of the world, I was so greatly disappointed that I had insufficient musical knowledge to be able to try to write down even a part of the melody that I heard. Nor have I ever heard the like to this day.

Compared to which the music of this world seems so primitive and so mundane, even so wicked.

Richard Jon

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