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The Truth about Roman Catholicism

The Roman Catholic Church is by far the largest and wealthiest of all the so-called “Christian Denominations.” It has consistently claimed to be the only true Church – the Church which was founded by Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry. … Continue reading

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Ecumenism and New World Order

Let us first consider what is meant by the word “Ecumenical” or “Ecumenism.”  Few examine its true meaning; most assume that it is about mutual love and union amongst professing Christian churches and believers.  Yet the word is derived from … Continue reading

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Wycliffe Bible Translators And Rome

“Even”Wycliffe Bible Translators UK have joined the Romeward move. Not to be outdone by others in showing its true ecumenical colours, it has also proudly declared its association with the Roman Catholic Church in an article entitled, ‘Wycliffe BT project … Continue reading

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Maitreya: A Purpose-Driven False Christ – excerpted from Deceived on Purpose

There is a false Christ claiming that he is already in the world today and that he is simply waiting for humanity to call him forth. He, too, has ‘a purpose’ and is ‘purpose driven.’ He has a peace plan … Continue reading

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Hebrew Roots: SA in Crisis – a discussion on the dangers of Messianism, Hebrew Roots and Torah groups

Session 1:  A fundamental Shift in Church History Session 2:  Previous mistakes concerning the Torah, and its restoration Session 3:  Zorba, dear Zorba… Session 4:  To all the idols I’ve loved before… Session 5:  Let the Feasts begin! Session 6:  … Continue reading

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