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If I Were The Devil

This is an extended and updated version of the 1965 speech by Paul Harvey.

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The Secret Truth of Roman Catholicism

Rarely in all its long and colorful history has the Roman Catholic Church been in such internal disarray as it is today. For centuries the Catholic Church presented to the world a united front. It appeared before men as a … Continue reading

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Bob Larson Real Exorcist

In case you’re not familiar with Larson he is a long time Christian radio personality who claims to be an expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena. [Since this article was written in 2004 Bob Larson has also had … Continue reading

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The Armour of God and Other Pins II

This gallery contains 358 photos.


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The Armour of God and Other Pins

This gallery contains 190 photos.

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The Parables of Jesus

“I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter what has been hidden since the foundation of the world.” Matt 13:35 “He began to teach them many things in parables.” Mark 4:2 “But without a parable spake he not … Continue reading

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Deforestation and palm oil

Originally posted on END Trophy Hunting NOW:
Say no to palm oil! Did you know that most of us are unwittingly financing one of the world’s biggest ecological disasters and acts of primate genocide in history? Borneo and Sumatra are…

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4 Minutes That Will Change Your Life

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Should Christians Pray the Imprecatory Psalms?

Imprecatory Psalms contain words that appear at face-value to curse enemies, which become problematic with Christians who strive to love rather than curse their enemies as taught by the Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in Matthew 5:39, 44; Luke 23:24; … Continue reading

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