The Mystery of Christ Within You


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7 Responses to The Mystery of Christ Within You

  1. ian maw says:

    Just started watching your very long video part 1: Breath of fresh air.
    Have you got any teaching on the sabbath the 4th commandment and how to keep it holy?
    What has the roman church done to it? Is it a perpetual sabbath to continue in the new heaven and new earth? Was it instituted in the garden of eden?

  2. kris says:

    Started by noticing my thoughts are changing then the prayer life just in time just by the end of the second teaching this is not the first time your videos have made a difference grateful to you started out knowing it was Jesus in me got way away from anything good or Godly at all

    • Thomas says:

      Do you mind sharing where I can find of Ralph Mondy’s other teachings/videos that you speak of? Or are you speaking about these videos and you have watched them more than once?

    • kris says:

      No other videos I meant the truth in reality videos in general

  3. Kathy says:

    Awesome teaching! Do you have any more videos by Ralph Mondy? If so where can find them?

  4. c l pitton says:

    A close associate and fellow servant and I have been discussing this topic for months now and I too was under the impression that we’ve already entered into the age of apostacy. I have enjoyed the focus and repeatedness of the scripture references to enter in to intimacy by faith for we really are in a relationship with the Word of Life.

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