Healing Deliverance by Brother Carlos

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One Response to Healing Deliverance by Brother Carlos

  1. ian maw says:

    Sorry to say does not sound right. Is there a special technique applied to his prayers or some method or some gifting or contemplative form? Needs to be Biblical. Not presented clearly. Any one who has the full armour and is fully surrendered, who`s body is a pure temple of the Holy Spirit can pray to our Father in heaven in Jesus`s name for a situation like this if it is according to His will, can make the enemy flee. No special gifted Carlos who is endowed with special gifting would be recommended. Also it depends on the attitude and beliefs of the people who need the prayers. A christianised spiritism entered the church decades ago through the charismatic church history and of course introduced by Jesuits originally. Has become the norm nowadays.
    The weakest christian who has all of the above attributes will enable the enemy to flee if its is in line with the Scriptures and His will.

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