The Secret Truth of Roman Catholicism

Rarely in all its long and colourful history has the Roman Catholic Church been in such internal disarray as it is today. For centuries the Catholic Church presented to the world a united front. It appeared before men as a powerful monolithic structure, one Church under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Beneath the facade, of course, there were differences and power struggles, but the church as a whole gave the appearance of unity and strength. This is not so today. Not only has Rome lost a great deal of its secular power but its very life seems threatened from within.

The following is excerpted from “The Jesuit Vatican New World Order” by Alan Lamont:

Pagan Rome’s Final Solution to the Christian Faith: Subvert and Dominate It

The reason Pagan Rome ‘Christianized’ itself, was because there was one foe which they simply could never conquer. And this was the masses of people in its own Empire who were hearing about Christ and believing THAT story, rather than the false resurrection which Rome held to. And not consequently, the Roman Empire derived its very power from this false mystery religion and false resurrection of Nimrod or Osiris.

As the Roman Caesar was the ‘head’ of these mystery religions, and as such could and did dictate the doctrine and dogma of its believers, e.g. control of their lives in every way, shape or form. And because the Roman Caesar was ‘lord’ of this religion, he held the title of Pontifex Maximus, which means ‘chief bridge-builder to the netherworld.’ And as such demanded he be worshipped as god! Any who would not bow before Caesar and call him ‘lord’, would be imprisoned, tortured or put to death. They would be known as ‘heretics’ and as enemies of the Empire, and called subversive elements.

But they could not stop the spreading of this ‘other resurrection’ which was spreading like wildfire throughout the Empire, called ‘Christianity’ or ‘The Way.’ And for about 360 years tried to stomp it out by persecuting the Christians and putting them to death en mass by way of inquisition. Yet with each and every new wave of inquisitions, Christianity would then double, triple and quadruple.

They would kill 300,000 Christians in a single swoop, and not just Christians, but any who dared not follow the false gods. And when they killed 300,000 people, 600,000 or 900,000 would then pop up in their place. They found themselves in a no-win situation. As a matter of fact, they found themselves in a losing battle where one day they would lose their Empire, and the Christians would one day win, and rule this empire if for nothing else than their sheer numbers. The Roman Inquisitions all through the Empire was akin to throwing gas on an already hot and burning fire.

So what did they do to fix this situation? Nothing at first. For none of the Roman Caesars or Emperors had enough wisdom to handle the issue, yet. But then one day a man named Constantine was crowned Pontifex Maximus or Caesar. And he had the solution and the wisdom to deal with this issue. At first, he tried as his successors did to kill, pillage and burn Christians. Until one day when it dawned upon him, and he “saw the darkness”, viz. a play of the words of seeing the Light.

He saw that it would advantageous to simply fake his own ‘conversion.’ And he did so in 312AD. He claimed to have had a ‘vision’ whereby he saw a giant cross in the sky, and he now became a ‘Christian’.  It was here where Constantine started the co-opting of Christianity. He ordered the Empire to become ‘Christian’ as he had become and ‘saw the light’, viz. darkness.

Read more here:  The Jesuit Vatican New World Order by Alan Lamont

In the Vatican the Pope literally speaks from the mouth of a serpent

The word “Vatican” literally means “Divining Serpent” and is derived from Vatis = Diviner and Can = Serpent. Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica were built on the ancient pagan site called in Latin vaticanus mons or vaticanus collis, which means hill or mountain of prophecy.

vatican_alienEcumenical Prayer Meeting at Assisi in 1986 2Ecumenical Prayer Meeting - No - Palo Mayombe

Palo Mayombe is the dark side of Santeria and is said to be the world’s most powerful and feared form of black magic.   The difference between Palo Mayombe and Santeria is those who practice the religion of Santeria profess to use the forces of light to achieve their goals and magic spells, while the members of Palo Mayombe use the forces of darkness. Many members of Santeria avoid being associated with Palo Mayombe.

Ecumenical Prayer Meeting at Assisi in 1986 3Ecumenical Prayer Meeting at Assisi in 1986 4

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s former secretary of state from 2006-2013, for decades one of the church’s most powerful officials, and for many years one of most powerful in the Vatican after the Pope

Send Bertone 3Pope 24Pope 23

Pope 05Pope 02Pope 11Pope 0665986_543426999012567_1560434619_n (1)Pope Benedict XVI Celebrates First Vespers And Te Deum PrayersPope 21Pope 10

Pope Benedict giving a double salute to Satan

Pope 04.jpg

Pope Benedict XVI alias Joseph Ratzinger wearing a Nazi uniform with the Nazi swastika as a member of the Hitler Youth

Pope in Nazi Uniform.jpg

The following is excerpted from “The Crucifixion of Truth” by Tony Bushby:

John Paul II 1978- 2005

In the early 1940`s, the I.G. Farben Chemical Company employed a Polish salesman who sold cyanide to the Nazis for use in Auschwitz. The same salesman also worked as a chemist in the manufacture of the poison gas. This same cyanide gas along with Zyklon B and malathion was used to exterminate millions of Jews and other groups. Their bodies were then burned to ashes in the ovens. After the war the salesman, fearing for his life, joined the Catholic Church and was ordained a priest in 1946.

One of his closest friends was Dr. Wolf Szmuness, the mastermind behind the November 1978 to October 1979 and March 1980 to October 1981 experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials conducted by the Center for Disease Control in New York, San Francisco and four other American cities that loosed the plague of AIDS upon the American people. The salesman was ordained Poland`s youngest bishop in 1958.

His predecessor was assassinated after a 30 day reign and our ex-cyanide gas salesman assumed the papacy as POPE JOHN PAUL II. William Cooper, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, (Light Technology Publishing, 1991), pp.89-90

Pope John Paul II: Zyklon B Salesman 

In his book ‘Behold a Pale Horse,’ former US Naval Intelligence Officer William Cooper (who was famously shot and murdered by police outside his own house on 5 November 2001) relates a story associated with the IG Farben Chemical Company.

In the early 1940s, that company employed a Polish chemist and salesman who sold cyanide gas, Zyklon B and Malathion to the Nazis for extermination of groups of people in Auschwitz.

After the war the salesman joined the Catholic church and was ordained a priest. In 1958 he became Poland’s youngest bishop and after Pope John Paul I’s mysterious death, the ex-cyanide gas salesman Karol Wojtyla was elected to the papacy as Pope John Paul II in October 1978.

In March 2000, he publicly apologized not for his war effort, but for the wickedness of the Christian religion. The plea for forgiveness also sought to pardon the use of ‘violence in the service of truth,’ an often used fragile and troubling reference to the Inquisition.

The apology read by the Pope was the result of four years of work by a panel of 28 theologians and scholars and was by far the most sweeping act by a leader of a major religion. On few occasions only have ecclesiastical authorities ever acknowledged the faults or abuses of which they themselves were guilty. There was concern that the apology was a major theological miscalculation that could undermine the Pope’s weakening authority and the unanswered question posed by the international media was: “In whose name was the Pope asking for forgiveness?”


There is a satanic throne which is decorated with the bodies of men, and shows a reptilian Christ along with a tree of the dead bodies of men

Screen Shot 11-17-18 at 01.07 PM.PNGScreen Shot 02-08-19 at 10.57 AM.PNGScreen Shot 02-08-19 at 10.59 AM.PNGScreen Shot 02-08-19 at 11.00 AM.PNGScreen Shot 02-08-19 at 11.04 AM.PNGScreen Shot 11-17-18 at 01.03 PM.PNGScreen Shot 04-02-16 at 10.38 AM.PNG

There are also many Youtube videos on the Catholic church

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14 Responses to The Secret Truth of Roman Catholicism



  2. liza says:

    Posted on Snopes – a fake ‘fact-checking’ site which is actually government shill and not to be trusted

    This is what they want you to believe:

    Karol Wojtyla was a student at Jagiellonian University studying theater, literature, philosopy, when the Nazis invaded Poland. The university was shut down, and apparantly many of the professors were shipped off to Germany as forced labor. The future Pope avoided deportation by working at a limestone quarry, associated with Solvay chemical plant. In 1942 he started working at the plant itself, hauling chemicals. I can’t find much on what kind of chemicals were produced and if the plant had any direct connections with poison gas. In any event, it seems unlikely that a low-level manual laborer would know (or care) to what use the work went. Since at this time he was secretly continuing theological studies in defiance of Nazi orders, it seems odd to paint him as any kind of “collaborator.”

  3. mir321 says:

    false news from the false prophets.. utter nonsense

  4. jahn merks says:

    Allow me to say this:
    For you are Protestants and not Christians…Your church/es are not founded by Christ but of Men!
    Your Bible is misintrepreted and made you believe in it.
    For Protestants are Misled by the Devil since Marin Luther…the first person to separate from the Roman Catholic Church
    Remember: You are only human and to Err is Human. Being literal in definitions and examples will make your works even confusing and a sign of being misled, especially when you quote from your own transated bible.
    You could be wrong in what you are saying…..remember…misled by the devil is a possiblity in what you do.

    • Cody says:

      What’s about Orthodox church? Are they wrong? Orthodox is the second church after Catholic.

  5. Christopher Wakleing says:

    Even in the Roman Catholic translations of the Bible there is no doctrine exalting the worship of the Virgin Mary so by definition it must be a doctrine of man. It is also a fundamental teaching of the RCC that Mary is our intercessor; but the RC Bible tells us that Jesus is our intercessor, so again there is a contradiction between the scriptures they purport to use and the doctrine taught by the church. There is obviously a spirit of confusion at work on the inside of the RCC as an institution. Confusion brings error, and error apostacy. QED

  6. John James says:

    Beyond belief: Pope Strippers

  7. CJ says:

    Stop posting nonsense. These are very, very photoshopped pictures.

    And yes, while many Jesuits are not good, and are functioning as a fifth-column within the Church the Church itself is the Bride of Christ.

    You are mocking JESUS when you mock the Catholic Church.

    Jesus founded the Catholic Church. He is present in the Holy Eucharist.

    “There are not over a hundred people in the United States who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions, however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church — which is, of course, quite a different thing. These millions can hardly be blamed for hating Catholics because Catholics “adore statues”; because they “put the Blessed Mother on the same level with God”; because they say “indulgence is a permission to commit sin”; because the Pope “is a Fascist”; because the “Church is the defender of Capitalism.” If the Church taught or believed any one of these things it should be hated, but the fact is that the Church does not believe nor teach any one of them. It follows then that the hatred of the millions is directed against error and not against truth. As a matter of fact, if we Catholics believed all of the untruths and lies which were said against the Church, we probably would hate the Church a thousand times more than they do.” ~ Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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