Two Hour House Cleansing and Blessing Prayer by Brother Carlos Oliveira, Christian Exorcist

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8 Responses to Two Hour House Cleansing and Blessing Prayer by Brother Carlos Oliveira, Christian Exorcist

  1. I pray over my house and land daily, one time praying and agreeing this six min through definitely invited the anointing of Christ!

  2. irene johnstone says:

    need prayer demons ben following and listening on my cell ben harassing me for years

  3. Thank you Brother Carlos for your deliverance prayer ministry. I just found your website while praying the St. Michael Chaplet…..and I know that Divine Intervention lead me to know you. Very powerful prayers and I am daily tuning in. I also recommended you to all my relatives and friends. The whole world needs this cleansing and deliverance prayers. Simply you are God-send. May GOD continue to bless you and give you all the power and protection as you cast out all the evils and diabolical spirits at the FOOT of the CROSS into eternal abyss

    • Vincent Gemmiti says:

      Hi Maria,
      I assume you are Catholic based on your prayer for the St. Michael Chaplet. I am a former Catholic and urge you to only direct your prayers to our Holy Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. Brother Carlos can confirm this. The danger in things such as the Douey Rhames Catholic Bible which altered and removed the 2nd commandment, which is Gods law against making and giving homage to idols. Read Deuteronomy 4:15 as well, but use the New King James or the NASB. Brother Carlos can confirm the danger in things like exalting angels, such as Archangel Michael. Remember the devil disguises himself as the angel of light and their goal is to oppress, and they do this through things like deception, so that we are in rebellion to the Word of God. If you want to discuss further, about my testimony I can. This is not a condemnation but an exposing of the darkness to set free.
      The Catholic church has been taken over by Satan, mainly in the Vatican and the papacy. I love you Catholics but I hate the doctrines of demons that have been imposed on us in fear. I pray Brother Carlos will chime in on this. Religious demons are some of the most diabolical wicked ones around. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord bless you and keep you, The Lord make His face shine upon you and be GRACIOUS to you, The Lord life up his contenance to you and give you peace, in the Beloved Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  4. Carmela says:

    I thank God for you brother Carlos, I have known and prayed on my own and was walking very slowly even though I knew about what you are teaching but not how to completely overcome the enemy so many battles. What I found was that by listening to you and agreeing with you I am getting amazing results. What I needed was a real believer who has the power and truth that God has given you. When I looked in church for answers they ignored what I said about demons so I now feel really blessed to have found you. It’s when 2 or more agree to something and I could not find that other person that had the courage to step out and say the things you are revealing to people. It’s really sad that casting them out is the answer and so many people leave church because there life does not change. So thank you for your ministry I tell those who I believe need to hear it as not everyone is ready for your teachings however there is such a void in the churches in Australia. They keep preaching in church but no real power going out, like clouds with no rain, I tell people you are a true prophet when they can’t understand God and the churches today. God can reach anyone through the internet and you are doing that. I thank God for you. May you continue to be a blessing, the harvest is ready but the labourers are few.

  5. Mark Carvalho says:

    Hi Brother And Reverand, Ny name is Mark and u can reach me at 7742970860. There has been alotof activity at my apts. For quite some time!!!! I play your video’s and have seen some results but overall it is very temp. Im a Christian recently converted a few months ago and have done alot of research, the bible, a book by Morris Cerullo also. How to beat the devil, binding and loosing, etc… I would like to send u a few picks and show u whats going on. Its insane truly. Please call when u have time. Im 47 and a vet. In healthy cond. Just its insanely overwhelming and i feel like theres something big going on due to to much to explain like this. I see alot in plain sight, cameras, they are messing with my phones, tons of scare tactics. Call and ill explain. Its in all my familys homes. Call me and ill explain more. Thank u and god bless. Brother Mark

  6. Joy says:

    Shalom Brother Carlos , thank you and love in ‘JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR’ **

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