One Hour Intensive Deliverance, Witchcraft and Curse Breaking Prayer by Brother Carlos Oliveira

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5 Responses to One Hour Intensive Deliverance, Witchcraft and Curse Breaking Prayer by Brother Carlos Oliveira

  1. Bode Johnson says:

    I need help.
    I had a dream in one afternoon I saw a parrot flying up and down and at one time it flew towards me and bit me on the left side of my neck twice. I woke up from my sleep immediately and I felt a sharp pain at that side of my neck. That night I felt silk. Since then I been feeling unwell. My left arm down to my hand is numb. Something is moving in my head or brain.
    I need deliverance from this spiritual attack. Help me please help.

  2. Tammy says:

    Please help me in deliverance prayer. I recently met a woman I cut out of my life completely,my step mum, am made to believe she is involved I witchcraft I woke up n in the dream I fought with her, it felt so real. I just need her grip out of me n my son’s life.. She was even forcing me to eat some green sour fruit. I’ve prayed your deliverance prayer n am a believer. Hope you can help me in special prayer. It’s such a long story.

  3. Carol says:

    I spent $8000.00 trying to have withcraft remove from me for two whole year of which my co-worker placed on me because she asked me to pick up a box of product which was turn over and fell to the floor, I said no, and she started night and day she and her husband. I have been suffering so badly until of recent I found Brother Carlos thank you God for Brother Carlos. This my second week listening to your videos, I am expierencing change, and I am thankful. Almighty God keep is all in your focus, Amen

  4. diana says:

    good day. im a thirty eight year old mother of three kids. i have separated with my first two kids with their father and got involved with a guy i met for three years at my workplace. unfortunately it didnt work as he volunterily left his job and all that happened after i came back from my maternity leave. i stayed and raised all of my kids and they are all doing great by the grace of the Almight GOD, the thing is in 2013 20 september i met this kind caring man whom i love so dearly it been almost four years now and everytime he brings up the topic of coming to my family to ask for my hand in marriage somthing always comes up. he doesnt have a child and he wanted us to hae our own blessing from God , yes we got pregnant last and unfortunately i lost the baby due to complications that were found with my pregnancy, the doctors told us that the baby wasnt deeloping well , all this time i was pregnant i used to dream of haing miscarriages even though by the time i wasnt pregnant i would dream of being pregnant and having a miscarriage while fighting with him becos of he was being unfaithful to me, until one day the 19 august 2016 at04h30 am all my world crumbled and miscarry the baby,i was near four months. now things are becoming more complicated things arent the same anymore ,onthe 09 may 2017 at 17h20 pm i took my things and walked out even thou my heart didnt want me to do that but becos of anger and emotions i walked out. i still love him with all of my heart, some months i do feel like m pregnant then all of sudden nothing except seeing my periods, like last month i was so sure that i was pregnant due to the fact that i didnt see my periods and then out of the blue they came on the first of may. they only lasted for two days , so now my aunt told me rather some disturbing news about my late grandma(from my father’s side) she told me that my grandmother gave me something that i had to eat when i was still young and that thing is a cause of all the bad things that has been happening in my life, im so sure that it was even the cause that i lost my unborn child and i have lost another one aparently a month ago, i was so sure that this time we were blessed and somehow i lost her/him again.please do pray for me to break this curse in my stomach as it really pains im even in pain as im writing this message to u. i really need strong prayers to live a normal life, get married, be financially independent, my family and i need prayers to break alll the curses that were cast on us not to prosper in life as whole. i want to go back to my boyfriend, he has been a caring , loving , humble and very understanding man ive ever been with. i dont want to lose him and can u please pray for us to be blessed with a child . in the name of Father the Son and the Holy spirit amen
    Mmafusi Diana

  5. These kinds of things can happen due to family curses of one sort or another, or your side or on his, and they do go back ten generations. I would definitely recommend that you go through all the renunciation prayers, whethere you know they apply or not. They are a form of repentanbce and they do give deliverance. Things such as catholicism, occultism and freemasonry, etc. were often kept secret even from close family it is next to impossible to know which apply. I would also check your home, garden, garage, transport and office carefully against the cursed object list. It is often necessary to go through this list three or more times to find everything that is cursed. Check carefully especially for hidden 666 symbols, paisley and Greek key patterns are often missed, and a jewellery box needs to be checked carefully for celtic patterns, charms and so on, Italian horns and anything related to luck which is superstition and therefore cursed according to Deuteronomy 28. I do recommend you read Deuteronomy 28 (an AKJV Bible is best) and Derek Prince’s book “Blessing or Curse – You Can Choose”.

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