Grandma’s Bible

Grandma loved her King James Bible
And she read it every day
No revisions or translations
Told her what it had to say
She just prayed the Holy Spirit
Would teach her as she read
And with each daily reading
Her faithful soul was fed.

She was not an educated woman
But she could write and she could read
And the King James Authorized Edition
Satisfied her need.
Now men with higher education
Say it is too hard to understand
And revised and amplified editions
Have been published through the land.

I have read many of these versions
And I came to this conclusion
The changes that these men have made
Have simply caused confusion.
It isn’t changes to God’s Word we need
It’s hearts that need the changing
So pray for guidance as you read
And stop this rearranging!

by Linda Dallis

About Truth in Reality
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