Tried By Fire

So often things will happen we do not understand
But we must turn to Jesus and tightly hold His hand
When the road gets dark and bumpy
And We stumble in the path
It seems as if God unleashed on us the fullness of His wrath
We turn to friends and neighbors and ask them to explain
Why we must bear this burden and suffer all this pain
They cannot give an answer
They cannot share our load
And so we wonder aimlessly along life’s weary road

But Christ has promised comfort and no load too great to bear
He is always standing near you
He will your burden share
“All things work for good for those who love the Lord”
So till the trial is over just take Him at His word
And when the load is lifted and the pain has died away
We find we’ve added inches to our faith along the way

by Linda B. Dallis

About Truth in Reality
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