Tomorrow’s News Today

“Thy Kingdom Come” – on Earth…

This series concerns the earth-shattering impact of Christ’s return to establish that Kingdom promised Him by His father (Psalm 2, Luke 1:32, Daniel 7, Revelations 11, etc.) upon the Earth – the kingdoms of THIS world are become the Kingdoms of Our Lord and of His Christ.

The struggle with the nations, and the subsequent wars are detailed in many passages of the Bible such as Zechariah 14, Revelations 10, etc.  It will be Zion vs. Babylon (Europa). The stone cut without hands will smite the latter day Goliath and grind all rule and authority of Man to powder.  This stone rejected – the Messiah – will fill the whole world.  (Daniel 2:35)

The events will be portrayed in dramatic newspaper format, hence the title “Read Tomorrow’s News Today”.  These have been gleaned from many years of careful study of prophetic passages and insight from the Spirit concerning the meanings of those passages and their application to real political future events.  One world – one people – one ruler.

Hail victory!  And all hail our glorious Leader – Jesus, Son of God and our Messiah!

 Glory to God!


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