Open Door List

1.  Idolatry

List all areas of idolatry.  What stands between you and God. Examples: spouse, home, job/position, money, children, things you like to do more than the things of God.

2.  Unforgiveness

List by name if possible, all people (dead or alive) from childhood to the present whom you now have or have ever had any unforgiveness or resentment. Examples: Yourself; natural, step, or adoptive parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents, brothers/sisters, cousins, nieces/nephews, aunts/uncles; spouse or ex-spouses, their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents, brothers/ sisters, cousins, nieces/nephews, aunts/uncles; your children; childhood friends; students, teachers, principles, you went to school with; teammates, coaches; coworkers, bosses, customers; anyone you dated or lived with; anyone you participated in sexual activities with, anyone that abused you sexual, verbal, physically; anyone you bought or used drugs and alcohol from or with; anyone you committed a crime with; cellmates, corrections officers, wardens, judges, lawyers; any doctors, nurses, surgeons whose care you were under; if you had an abortion, any person, doctor, nurse, that participated with the procedure and the other parent of the aborted baby; any person you participated in occult activities with; people in any club or group you were in.

3.  Unconfessed Sin

List any unconfessed sin. Any unconfessed sin will hinder your deliverance. Examples: you may have been born again ten years ago, but today you told a lie, gossiped, or cheated.

4.  Sexual Sin

List all people you have been sexually involved with outside of marriage. Examples: rape, molestation, incest, homosexual/lesbianism, bestiality, oral sex, anyone you had sex with, participated in sexual activities with, used sexual objects or toys with; anyone you lusted or fantasized over, even your spouse if you came together sexually prior to marriage

5.  Soul Ties

List all people (dead or alive) or things that you have had an emotional attachment to or that have had an ungodly control over you. Examples: Yourself; natural, step, or adoptive parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents, brothers/sisters, cousins, nieces/nephews, aunts/uncles; spouse or ex-spouses, their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents, brothers/ sisters, cousins, nieces/nephews, aunts/uncles; your children; childhood friends; students, teachers, principles, you went to school with; teammates, coaches; coworkers7 bosses, customers; anyone you dated or lived with; anyone that abused you verbal or physically; anyone you bought or used drugs and alcohol from or with; anyone you committed a crime with; cellmates, corrections officers, wardens, judges, lawyers; any doctors, nurses, surgeons whose care you were under; if you had an abortion, any person, doctor, nurse, that participated with the procedure, the aborted baby and the other parent of the aborted baby; psychiatrists; pets or animals; music bands, idols, singers, songs; actors, actresses, characters, movies; people in any club or group you were in, Masons; Elk Lodge, Moose Lodge, KKK; etc.

6.  Covenant, Vows

List the names of individuals or companies that you have ever broken covenants and vows with. Examples: marriages, church membership, bills, foreclosures, bankruptcy, etc

7.  Pride

List everything you are prideful of. Examples: do you feel you have a better marriage than others, a better ministry, a better profession, know more Bible than others, more athletic, more knowledgable, more attractive, etc.

8.  Occult

Prayer to Renounce The Occult and False Religion

[Only necessary to say this prayer once – best read aloud]

Lord Jesus Christ, I confess seeking from Satan the help that should only come from God.  I confess occultism and false religions as sin.  I repent and renounce these sins and ask you to forgive me.  I renounce Satan and his works:  I hate his demons; I count them my enemies.  I close the door on occult practices, and I command such spirits to leave me.

Father forgive me for all indulgences in the occult, both for what I did, and my family.  I renounce it and cover myself with the blood of Jesus.  I command all associated demons to leave me now in the name of Jesus Christ.

I renounce, break and loose myself and my children from psychic powers, bondages, and bonds of physical and mental illness, upon me and my family line, as the results of parents and other ancestors.

I renounce, break and loose myself from demonic subjection to my mother, father, grandparents, and other human beings, living and dead, that have dominated me.

I forgive my ancestors and ask that you would forgive me for participating in occult and false religion. I renounce fortune telling, magic practices and spiritism, cults and false teachings, and Satan worship.

I break any and all curses and soul ties brought about by psychic heredity, occult contacts and religious cults.  I break demonic holds on my family line due to supernatural experiences apart from God including the following forbidden items and practices:

A Course in Miracles, Abductions (UFOs), Absent healing, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Addictions, Adept, Affirmations, African masks and other native/ethnic items, Age of Aquarius, Air therapy, Akashic records, Alexander method, Aliens – anything, Almanac, Amma, Amulets, Ananda Marga, Ancient artefacts, relics, antiques used in idol worship, Angel worship, Animalism , Animals Fantasy – dragons, unicorns, satyrs, phoenix, winged horse, minotaur, Animals Real – serpents, frogs, owls, Animation (strictly speaking), Ankh, Anthroposophy – books / products – anything, Apparitions, Applied kinesiology, Aquarian gospel/Aquarian age, Aromatherapy (some aspects), Artwork – occult symbols, Asanas, Ascended masters, Ashtar Command, Astral projection, Astral travel, Astrological medicine, Astrology, Atlantis, Augury, Aura reading, Aura Soma, Auriculotherapy, Autogenic training, Automatic writing or drawing, Auto-suggestion, Avatar, Aversion therapy, Ayurveda / Ayurvedic medicine, Babaji, Bach Flower Remedies, Bahaism, Ban the Bomb symbol (broken inverted cross), Bates eyesight training, Behavioural kinesiology, Belief systems any non-Christian, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Biochemic System – tissue salts (Dr Schussler), Bio-energetics, Biofeedback, Biopathy, Biorhythms, Birth signs, Birth stones, Black and white checks or squares (Masonic), Black arts, Black magic, Black mass, Blood pacts, Bodywork, Bowen Therapy, Boy Scouts, Breathing therapy, Buddhas, Buddhism, Buffaloes, Cabbage Patch Dolls (all birthdays are 31st October!), Cabbala, Candle staring, Candles – many are dedicated to idols, Card cutting, Card playing sets, Card reading, Care Bears, Cartomancy, Carvings Pagan, Catholicism, Celestial sees, Celestine Prophecy, Centaurs, Centering, Chain letters, Chakras – healing anything to do with, Channelling – any, Chanting, Charms/charming, Chess board – black & white checks (Masonic), Chess sets carved onyx or other demonic figures, Children of God, Chinese astrology, Chironic healing, Chiropractic, Christadelphianism, Christian Family Fellowship, Christian Identity Movement, Christian Science, Christmas – some things/pagan festival, Chromotherapy, Chronicles of Narnia, Church of Armageddon, Church pagan connections, Circle in a square, Circle with a dot in the centre, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clinical theology, Clowns, Co-counselling, Colour therapy, Comics – superheroes / paranormal / violence / horror etc., Communism, Company logos – many – check, Concept therapy, Conceptology, Confucianism, Conjuration, Contactee (UFO) Cults, Contemplative prayer, Conversations with God, Cooneyites, Copper bracelets, Cornucopia, Cosmic consciousness, Coueism, Country music – most (lyrics and music), Cranio-sacral therapy, Creation myths, Creative imagery, Creativity enhancement, Crop circles, Crosses – esp. bent / broken / Celtic / Maltese etc., Crucifixes (in France would have been guillotines), Crystal ball/gazing, Crystal healing, Crystal woman, Curses – by you or on you or your family, Death magic, Deja vu, Demon worship, Demonised souvenirs, Demons or devils pictures figures etc., Devas – nature spirits / fairies / elves / etc. – actually Demons, Dharma, Dianetics, Diasporic, Disembodied spirits, Divination, Divine Counterpart, Divine flame holder, Divine Light Mission, Djwal Khul, Do-in, Dolls – many (some would say all), Dove ‘kamikaze’ (flying downwards), Dowsing, Dr Peebles, Dr Who, Dragons, Dream work, Dreamcatchers, Drugs, Druidism, Dungeons and dragons, Earth therapy, Easter – eggs – anything (pagan), Eastern ceremonial dances, Eastern philosophies, Eastern religions, Eckankar, Ectoplasm, Egyptology – figures etc., Eight Ball, El Moyrya, Electric shock treatment, Elephants – figures / pictures etc. – Hinduism, Eleutheria, Elves – fairies / goblins / gnomes / imps / pixies, Emmanuel, Enchanting, Enchantment, Encounter therapy, Enlightened master, Enlightenment, Erhard Seminars Training, ESP, EST, ET – Extra-terrestrial, Etherion, Ethnic – cursed or dedicated to gods, Ethnic items – often dedicated to heathen gods, Evil eye, Exorcism, Extra-sensory Perception, Fables, Fairies – elves / goblins / gnomes / imps / pixies, Faith healing, Familiar spirits, Family of Love, Fantasy, Fantasy role-playing games, Fatima and others similar, Feldenkrais technique, Feminism, Feng shui, Fertility symbols, Fetishes, Financial bondage to the Occult, Findhorn community etc. and similar, Firewalking, Fish (Nimrod), Fleur de lys symbol, Floating trumpets, Flower remedies – any, Folklore – stories / music / dancing etc., , Fortune telling, Foundation of Human Understanding, Freemasons, Freud, Frogs / toads – pictures or figures, Gaia – goddess worship, Games – many, Geisha, Gemstone therapy, Genies or Djinns, Geomancy, Gestalt, Ghosts, Gipsy – curses etc., Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, Glass moving, Global – unity / oneness / gaia etc., Global Dreamer, Gnosticism, Goblins – elves / fairies / gnomes / imps / pixies, Goddess, Goddess worship – any, Gods and goddesses, Good luck symbols (horseshoe / cloverleaf etc.), Gothic rock music / clothes etc., Graphology, Great White Brotherhood, Greek key pattern, Gremlins, Group dynamics, Group psychotherapy, Guided imagery, Guided meditation, Gurus, Hakims, Halloween, Hallucinogenic drugs, Halos – pictures or figures with (Catholic), Hand healers, Hand reading, Handwriting analysis, Hard rock music, Hare Krishna, Hawaiian Leis (originally pacified idol demon gods), Healer, Heavy metal music, Herbal concoctions, Hex signs, Hexagrams, High priest, Hilarion, Hindu gods (330 million!) eg. Shiva / Shakti / Kali etc., Hinduism, Hobgoblins, Holonomic Integration, Holy objects or relics – many, Holy One, Homeopathy, Horn of Plenty (cornucopia), Horoscopes, Horror  / vampires / zombies / werewolves etc., Horseshoes (other ‘lucky’ symbols), Human potential movement, Humanism, Hydromancy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, I Am, I Ching, Icons, Idols, Imagery, Images – symbols (check,  Imps – elves / fairies / gnomes / goblins / pixies, Incantations, Incense, Incubus, Indian – any – arrowheads – anything, Inherited powers, Initiate, Inner healing, Inner medium, Inner Peace Movement, Intergalactic Space Federation, Intuitive arts counselling, Iridology, Islam, Israeli flag – ‘Star of David’  or ‘Shield of David’ – hexagram, Italian Horn (long gently twisting amulet), Jaguar woman, Jainism, Japanese flower arranging (sun worship), Jason, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jesuits, Jesus – pictures / figures – any (idols), Jewellery – check all symbols / origins, etc., Jin Shin Do, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (Hindu basis), Juggling, Jung, Kabbalah (occult lore), Karma, Karma Sutra, Kinesiology, Kirlian photography, Kissing idols, KKK, Konar, Krishna, Krishnamurti, Kristos, Kundalini, Kuthumi, Labyrinths, Lanto, Law of attraction, Lazaris and any other channelling such as Seth, Legends, Lemuria, Leprachaun, Levitation, Leylines, Liberalism, Life Spring, Light worker, Lilly Maat, Logos (icons) – many especially those used today, Lord of the Rings, Lotus position (Baphomet portrayed sitting), Lourdes, Luck anything – word derived from “Lucifer”, Lucky charms or anything, Macrobiotics, Madonna and Child, Mafu, Magic any – black and white, Magic lamps, magic carpets, Magician – magic, Magnetic healing, Mahjong, Mantras, Martial Arts – all and anything connected, Marxism, Mary worship, Mascots, Masks – many, Masons, Mass unbiblical, Master or other similar title, Masters of the Universe Toys and similar, Medicine man, Medicine man sorcerer, Medicine woman, Meditation – any (leads to passive mind/demonic influence), Mediumship, Medurgorje, Mensa, Mental suggestion, Mental telepathy, Mental therapy, Mentor mystic, Mermaids (Greek pagan origin), Mesmerism, Messages from Michael Entity – or other such ‘messages’, Metamorphic technique, Metaphysics, Michael Entity, Mind control – The New Age is mind control – a devised deception, Mind dynamics, Mind mediumship, Mind reading, Mirror mantic, Modernism, Monism, Monsters, Moon – crescent, Moonies, Moonmancy, Mora therapy, Moral Rearmament, Mormonism, Morris dancing and other folklore, Mother Earth, Mother Meera, Motorskopua, Movies – violence / horror / superheroes  / mythology / sex etc., Moxibustion, Music – some incl Christian rock/punk/pop, Mystical traveler, Mysticism, Mythological Gods – any – demon gods/idols, Myths, Nanbudo, Narnia Chronicles of, Nature worship, Naturopathy, Necromancy, Neopaganism, New Age – anything, New Thought, New World Order, Ninja, Nirvana, NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, Numerical symbolism, Numerology, Obelisks – phallic – usually 666ft high but some is hidden underground!, Occult letters of protection, Occult music / books etc., Occultic games, Odinism, Old Chinese, Old Moores, Old Religions, Omens, One World whatever, Oneness Pentecostal, Opus Dei, Oracle, Orgonomy, Oriental ornaments, Orion, Orthobionomy, Osiris, Osteopathy, Ouija boards, Owls picture or figures, Pagan – anything, Pagan artefacts, Pagan celebrations or days, Pagan customs, Pagan fetishes, Pagan religious objects or relics, souvenirs, Pagan rites, Pagan tourist places, Pagodas – pictures / figures  – temples for demon gods, Paisley (eye of Horus or Shiva), Palmistry, Pan – faun or satyr, Panentheism, Pantheism , Parakineses, Paramahansa Yogananda, Paranormal, Parapsychology, Passivity – vulnerable to demonic control, Past lives regression or therapy – anything, Pattern therapy, Peace sign (broken inverted cross), Pegasus, Pendulum divination, Pentagrams, Personal growth movement, Personal transformation, Phallic symbols, Pharmacopoeia, Philosophies, Phoenix, Phrenology, Pictures – any fantasy eg. phoenix, dragons / unicorns / satyrs / winged horse etc., Pictures of Jesus* please see explanation of this, Pictures of owls  / frogs / snakes – unclean animals, Pictures of pop / rock / movie stars – idols!, Pictures of saints or anyone with halos, holy people, gurus, etc., Pierrots, Pirates, Pixies – elves / fairies / gnomes / goblins / imps / pixies, Planchette, Playing cards, Pokemon, Polarity Therapy, Poltergeists, Pop stars – idols, Positive confession, Positive mental attitude, Positive thinking – as a therapy, Post-Modernism, Power objects, Power Ranger toys and similar, Power woman, Prayer beads, Prayer flags, Prayer wheels, Precognition, Primal therapy, Prophet, Prosperity consciousness, Psionic medicine, Psychiatry, Psychic diagnosis, Psychic healing, Psychic healing, Psychic portraits, Psychic powers, Psychic readings, Psychic sight, Psychic surgery, Psychic unfoldment, Psychoanalysis, Psychocybernetics, Psychodrama, Psychography, Psychokinesis, Psychology, Psychometry, Psychosynthesis, Psychotherapy, Public house signs and paraphernalia – some, Punk rock music, Puppets, Pyramid healing, Pyramidology, Qabbalah, Qigong, Chi Kung, Chi Gung, Quakers, Quan Yin, Queen of Heaven (in all forms), Quieting Reflex, Ra, Rabbit’s foot, Radiesthesia, Radionics, Raelism, Rainbow warrior, Rainbows – as New Age symbols – Rainbow Brite toys, Ramtha, Rastafarianism, Realisation, Rebirthing, Reflexology, Reichian therapy, Reiki, Reincarnation, Religions, Religious idols, Remote viewing, Rhabdomancy, Rock music most including Christian, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rod divination, Rogerian therapy, Rolfing, Roman Catholicism, Rosary beads, Rosicrucianism, Runes, Russian dolls (one inside another), Sai Baba, Saints – pictures holy people / books / statues – any – anything (Catholic), Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Sand reading, Santeria, Satanism, Satyr / faun / unicorn / dragon /phoenix – any fantasy animal, Savant, Scarabs, Science fiction – anything, Scientology, Scouting movement (Boy Scouts), Scrying, Seances, Secret societies, Seer, Self – just about anything, Self awareness, Self Realization Fellowship, Self-help psychology, Self-hypnosis, Self-improvement, Serpents (cursed by God), Seth – any other channelling, Seven Rays, Seventh Day Adventism, Shamanism, Shambhala, Shepherd, She-Ra toys – and similar, Shiatsu, Shinto, Shriners, Shrines –to heathen/pagan/demon gods, Sikhism, Silva Method, Skin markings, Skin piercings, Smurfs, Snakes (cursed by God), Social Gospel, Society of  Friends, Soli, Somatism, Soothsayers, Sorcery, Soul projection, Soul travel, Soulmates, Sound therapy, Souvenirs (often dedicated to local demon gods), Spells, Sphinx, Spiders – as toys etc., Spirals, Spirit guides, Spirit knockings or rappings, Spiritism, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, Spiritual healing, Spiritual unfoldment, Spiritualism, Spoon bending, Square in circle – and many other geometric shapes, St Christopher – amulet / anything – saints any, St. Germain, Star of David – actually the seal of Solomon – a hexagram, Star signs, Star Wars, Stargazing, Starseed, Statues – religious / saints / esp. ‘bleeding’ / moving / weeping, Statues – certain, Statues of Jesus, Steiner, Stichomancy, Stigmata, Stonehenge, Stones standing, Stress management, Stuffed animals esp. frogs / owls / snakes / dragons / etc., Subliminal, Subud, Success and motivation (some), Succubus, Sufism, Sundials, Superheroes, Superman in particular / Batman, Superstitions any, Swastikas any, Swedenborgianism, Symbols many – check – and check for hidden 666, Table tipping, Taboos, Tai Chi, Talismans, Tantra, Taoism, Tarot cards, Tattoos, Tealeaf reading, Teddy bears, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Temples – heathen/pagan/demon gods, Tenrikyo, Teraphims, The Farm, The Lord of the Rings, The Plain Truth, The Seven Rays, The Venus Project, The Way International, The White Brotherhood, Theosophy, Therapeutic touch, Third eye, Thought projection, Thought transference, Three wise monkeys Hanuman ‘see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil’, Thundercats, Tibetan singing bowls, Tick (Nike symbol), Tissue salts – Biochemic system (homeopathic), TM, Toad, Tongue protruding, Tongues counterfeit, Totems and totem poles, Touch For Health, Trances, Transactional analysis, Transcendental Meditation, Transformers toys – and similar, Transmigration, Transpersonal psychology, Trapezoid (pyramid with flat top), Travel of the soul, Treasures certain, Tribal – dancing /figures /most (idols/demon gods), Trident (pitchfork), Tulips, TV and movie stars or pop, rock stars – idols, Twin Flames, Two by Two’s, UFOs, Ultimate reconciliation, Unicorns, Unification Church, Unitarian Universalist, Unitarianism, Universal Life Church Monastery – ordained 20 million ministers, Universalism, Urantia, Vampires, Violence – reality or films and books etc., Vipassana, Visionary, Visualisation, Voices in the mind, Voodoo, Walsingham, Warlock, Wart charming, Water divining, Weather vane, Werewolves, Wheel symbol, White Eagle, White Feather, White magic, Wiccan, Wikka – witchcraft, Willow pattern – such as on china – any (esp. pagoda), Wind chimes, Winged horses / Pegasus, Wink – all-seeing eye / evil eye, Witch, Witch doctor, Witch doctors – markings – any, Witchcraft Black White, Wizard, X-Files, Yin yang symbol and anything connected, Yoga and anything connected including any meditation, Zen Buddhism, Zodiac signs, forecasts, birthstones, charms, books, anything, Zombies, Zone Therapy, Zoroastrianism

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Living God.

Thank you for delivering me.  Amen.

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