Prayer to Dedicate Self to Deliverance Ministry

I open my heart to You, Jesus.  I ask You to come and do a work in me/us.

Put me/us through God’s BOOT CAMP regardless of the cost.

Burn out the pride and embarrassment in me/us.

I/We do not want to be ashamed of God, nor Him of me/us.

Satan has NO authority over me/us.

Satan, I command you, in Jesus’ name, to take your hands off my/our mind.

Go from me/us in Jesus’ name.

Jesus, I am willing to be trained.  I am willing to go through God’s boot camp.

I want to see people healed and set free by the authority in me, as I speak in Your name and believe in my heart that You will perform Your works through me/us.

I claim that I/we will be made a warrior for God.

I/We will go forth with holy boldness to obey the Gospel.

I/We will search scripture and be diligent as the Bereans, not to teach false doctrine.

I/We will not play games or play church.

I/We will work for God.

God, change me/us into another person, so that Your Spirit can go forth from me/us to a world of darkness and set the captives free, in the name of Jesus.


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